Yummy Yummy.

On yo gabba gabba Danielle learns that "there is a party in my tummy." Carrots and green beans want to go to the party. Whenever she sees the song she wants to food in the song- too bad we didn't have any more bananas this morning. There are literally hundreds of foods that want to go to the party in my tummy every day. On Saturday we went to someone's house and they made the best ziti pasta I've ever had. They offered to give it to us and I was shameless enough to say I did want their food. Which is what we ate Sunday and Monday. I would love to be part of that group that is getting the zucchini from people who have too much in their garden- or better yet more of their zucchini bread. Unfortunately Zucchini Bread can be very dry.
What can make Zucchini bread tasty? Chocolate frosting. And even better, get a mini loaf from someone else who has already added chocolate frosting and mix it with pink vanilla funfetti frosting.
Frosting is like ranch dressing that way- you always need just a little more.

Now if only someone would make me more bread for my leftover frosting...

sivab (September 29, 2009 at 3:54 PM)  

I used to make a bread called "ride the wave zucchini bread" You take half of the batter and mix melted chocolate or cocoa or something into it and put that on the bottom and then you put the rest on the top so when you cut into it looks like a wave. The big thing here is that you were on the right track-chocolate does make zucchini bread taste a lot better. As to a problem you mentioned in an earlier post here is a solution for you. http://www.sozousa.com/products.aspx?CategoryID=5 I think you can find one to match Mark's room.

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