Well today Danielle dumped her whole bowl of cereal with milk on her dress. I guess she didn't like wearing that dress. I also discovered that the graco swing we bought for Danielle really is the best purchase I've ever made. We got it after we burned out the motor of 3 different Fisher Price swings. - They were the plug in kind. This one is a black toile so it is OK for a boy- and it has a lift off bouncer. Danielle pretty much lived in the swing- she loved the most powerful setting and it was one of the only ways she would sleep. People have all these ideas about the right way for babies to sleep but when you haven't slept for two weeks you could care less what they say and will do anything that gets your baby to sleep. Danielle needed a swing- Mark doesn't really care for it. Pretty much he just wants to be held- and he fakes being asleep. He cuddles up and the second you put him down the eyes fly open and you realize he was just being cuddly. Since my last baby wasn't cuddly it is an adjustment. Today I discovered that while he doesn't like the swing he does like the bouncy chair. He sat in it for 30 minutes today when he was awake- which is pretty much a record for him.

I don't know how people have two children- Danielle is awake all day and Mark is awake all night. Although last night Danielle was also up for a few hours. Why did she decide as soon as we moved to stop sleeping? After he was up and awake for so many hours I just gave up and the three of us went downstairs and watched Yo Gabba Gabba.

Just a few weeks ago five days before I had Mark we decided to go hiking. We looked up a hike and drove there- it was just ten minutes away. Unfortunately after 20 minutes of searching through endless parking lots next to the park we found the trailhead. What are people hunting right now- and why didn't I remember that everywhere is Pennsylvania is full of hunters and NO hikers? I will figure it out eventually I guess.
Danielle fell asleep in protest.

kathryn (October 1, 2009 at 9:45 PM)  

Amen about the sleep thing. As long as they slept I was happy, no matter how they got to that point. That is a really cute picture of Danielle asleep in the backpack. Did hiking where there was hunting going on make you nervous? I hope for your own sanity everyone sleeps tonight.

The Blind Spot (October 2, 2009 at 4:43 AM)  

That reminds me of that Sex & the City episode where Miranda's baby wouldn't stop crying until she put it in an "oscillating chair" as they called it. I guess I'll definitely get one of those or a swing when I have a baby one day.

DC Diva (October 3, 2009 at 10:43 PM)  

I LOVE your swing. Where did you buy it? I looked for it for my sister and couldn't find yours anywhere. Graco? Email me your secret.

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