Mark likes Monte.
Monte likes Mark.
I am glad because mark misses Danielle, who entertained him all day every day before.
Monte comes from a family with pets, so he is really careful around the baby.
Like every dog, Monte knows baby vomit is a tasty treat. He also likes baby food and the smell of diapers. Monte plays with his ball and grouchy Mark laughs.


Bathroom Ideas

So I want to re-do some of our bathrooms (read: all of our bathrooms.) The house is in such good condition but really- having an all yellow bathroom is an eyesore. With original Mustard Yellow Toilet! We have proof that they never broke a toilet seat since you can't buy that color anymore. Since all the homes in this neighborhood sell for way more than we got our home for I thought we had a great opportunity on our hands.
I read somewhere that the easiest way to increase the value of your home is to re-do the bathrooms or kitchen. Then I read that it was to keep your lawn looking nice. Then I read that it was to put in hardwood. Or put in a new front door and garage door to increase the curb appeal. Too much reading...

When we bought this house I was excited at the prospect of picking new things for a bathroom and personalizing it a little. Our bathrooms are TINY though. One of the bathrooms needs a new cabinet since I accidentally spilled bleach toilet bowl cleaner all over it and burned a HOLE in the cabinet. No wonder those things can clean toilets.

I like the Harrison Magazine Rack from Pottery Barn but it's not really a need. OK but wouldn't this be cool to hang fabric on too? Maybe not in the bathroom... I want one. and they are on clearance. They also have a shelf and a towel rack. A while ago a train rack was on clearance but I didn't get it. sigh.
I love the idea of white subway tile on the bottom half of the bathroom and a painted blue wall. This is my plan for the sink in my bathroom. and I'm thinking about getting a pedestal sink. OK honestly I'm thinking about not spending money on anything because I don't have any but that's no fun and who wants to blog about how they have no money? boring. We already have a medicine cabinet we just need to mount it. I thought I could do this but then realized it is an option to put them IN the wall- I LOVE that. so it is still in our basement.

I like this shower curtain from Viva Terra. I got their catalog in the mail one day and I love it. They also have a butterfly pillow that I would die to have for my bedroom. I like it so much I still have the catalog and I look at it every now and then and plan to get it for my bedroom.

Peter and Kathryn had the most beautiful octagonal white bathroom tile on their floor. I would love that. and I would love heated tile in the bathroom because that would be so fun. Rambling Renovators has a really classy white palate and it looks like they might have floor heat. I have a dream of learning how to put in floor heat. Then I could put it in my bathroom and my kitchen.

maybe I should start this once the wall isn't plastered with potty posters...



My sister in law has china. My siblings have china. jealous. John said i could pick a pattern.
I love the kate Spade "June Lane Gold" China. You can get it a Macy's.

I also like blue and white china. They have nice patterns at

The blue and white dinnerware is nice for my house and had lots of patterns. The Porcelain blue dishes are on sale now.
Picking china is difficult. I feel peace now that I have a pattern- but I don't know that I will ever get any. China is expensive.


Sunday Thoughts

image from I WANT THIS CHAIR. but I want the 350 dollars it costs more. especially since I don't have it.

Today I dropped my baby girl off at Mark and Sara's and we drove back home. I made it in time for the church meeting I needed to go to. So what did I think about making? A list of things that I want for mother's day/my birthday.
I think it has been interesting thinking about how we come to marriage with different expectations. My first memory of Christmas with John's family was everyone getting an over sized gift bag with no tissue paper in it. The bags were identical with red poinsettias. John's oldest sister opened up the present and showed everyone and then John's dad asked for all the bags back so he could use them again the next year.
I had only been married for four days. Probably we should have just spent Christmas with each other. I will never forget the shocking impression- what the heck was this? Not the heavily steeped in tradition Christmas that I was used to. We all had our own colored wrapping paper for the presents under the tree and a coordinating print for our stockings.

Early on John and I realized we would need to plan our own traditions and meet somewhere in the middle. Or maybe even more detailed than anything we've ever known before.
Traditions for Mother's day and my birthday are also still in development. Part of me wants some grand gesture- like a fancy chair I've always wanted or some fancy jewelry.
Then I think about all the progress we've made with our budget.
Guess I'll just have to live out my dreams on out little blog.
Some fun Birthday Ideas and mother's day ideas. I hate that my first mother's day ever fell on my birthday. YUCK.
  • I like it when John make's me Red Velvet Cake. I love Red Velvet cake- my grandma makes it, my aunt Michelle makes it. wouldn't a mini cake look great on a little cake plate from
  • a fancy anything from
  • a massage- there is a great girl at alexander's spa that I like. Wow they have some terrible reviews online. I like that girl though. Doesn't that seems like something that should happen on mother's day? I still have bad back pain from after Mark was born. sigh. today Diane showed me something that will probably help- it's awesome to have friends that do physical therapy.
  • My family used to let you pick what food mom made you on your birthday- how cool. Too bad it's TONS of work. I think my mom was trying to make these holidays impossible to live up to.
  • Fabric- oh how I love fabric. If i love it too much I can't sew with it because I have to keep it. I like the orange minky from and I always do a google search for good coupon codes. also always has great deals and coupon codes. I am also totally in love with Echino Japanese fabric and little Japanese ribbons. Mountain of the Dragon is a great place to get the fabric. I had some Echino Damask fabric but it is out of print. and so, so many others....but fabric is a difficult present for a birthday- and would it offend people if I just kept it in a box on my desk? Maybe...
  • my sister in law made a turquoise serving bowl I want- I have a similar one and would die to have two. her little etsy shop needs tons of support. I love the idea of supporting family and giving things to each other- like buying my sister in laws hair things from my sister for their birthdays. (so tell me what you like guys.)
  • I love shoes- I am size 8 and a half.
  • I love photography- I would like to take a class and learn how to really do it someday. Wouldn't it be nice to sign someone up for a photography class? Or a dental hygienist program? I would love that.
  • I would love to have a room in the house painted.
  • I would love ANYTHING from How cool is that place. also they have greek key bedding- which makes me die a little from happiness.
  • how about a Jade bird bowl from Jonathan Adler. Or any of his white pieces. ZGallerie has some cheaper ones too. I would love a rhino on my mantle- or even a ceramic deer. I don't know if John would go for that- and my funkiness might decrease with time... it's so nice to collect the things I want and write them down- what a nice row of happiness.
well this idea list will have to be continued tomorrow. I am crazy tired.


The Cleaning Crew

Do you ever dream of paying someone to clean your house? Do you ever wonder if they will do a good job or not? Once I thought of hiring our babysitter to clean our house and making a checklist. Then I realized that my mom checking off our bathroom chores as a child has ruined my appreciation of when John does chores. He may have done the dishes on my turn but he forgot to clear and wipe off the table.
I am honestly a little happy about being critical. Even though I live in constant fear and shame when people are coming to visit, I know HOW to clean my house.
and now I have a rotating checklist to prove it.
Today I Did a few chore lists
Danielle's Room
Living Room
Piano Room
I didn't do the bathrooms. That would have been a catch up since it is on Monday's list. This week is a little different since we were out of town and I am tired.
tomorrow is technically Etsy day where I focus on the office and try to make lots of stuff. That might mean I get to work in the basement. Or I play outside with my kids and try to mow the lawn. Or catch up from being out of town on the day I was supposed to deep clean my bedroom- I tried to do that today and missed laundry day. Yesterday I missed the bathrooms. I started them today and got a little distracted. I will be re-finishing the sink and cabinet and painting the walls. Also maybe replacing the sink and faucet. I tried a stone spray paint for funsies for the counter top. It looks great so far. At least all of Danielle' drawers are folded and her closet only has clothes that fit her. My room can just be messy until Saturday I guess. Does anyone want to donate money for new light fixtures, toilet, sink, and wall tile? I didn't think so- so this no money but I have some paint lying around renovation might not be the most impressive thing you've ever seen. I am convinced it will be a little bit of an improvement though.
right after I did the piano room I had a picnic with my kids on the floor in there. smart. very smart.


I have two kids

I guess I felt guilty about only having a blog for Mark...


Sunday Thoughts

I slept during church this Sunday. First I got up early and got ready for church. I had the children ready- (we were at the Bergs). Then Mark fell asleep. I did too. It was HEAVENLY- he slept almost the whole time everyone was at church. Danielle loved Nursery.
Mark has once again decided that eating at night is just much more efficient than eating during the day. He likes to nurse four times in the middle of the night. Luckily now he will go back to bed or I would be literally having a nervous breakdown. Sundays are always the hardest because I usually put on a show for Danielle and take a nap in the morning while Mark takes a nap. She seems to like it because that's the only time I let her watch shows- and I stay alive. It's funny how I've contemplated if you could literally die from not sleeping. I think you can- John read about some disease. I definitely don't have it so I am just grouchy and wondering about why Mormon's aren't supposed to drink coffee. How do all these moms do it?
The Perfect Mom has energy.
The perfect mom actually takes their children to do physically active activities. It isn't enough to just go to the gym- you need to actually be outside with your children. I am pretty sure that the perfect mom likes to camp with their family. and take their children on bike rides. I knew this girl that went jogging every morning and took her daughter in the stroller. that is close to right- I think kids need to see you exercising and it has to be part of your life. Seeing is good but doing it together is also an essential part of the perfect mom. Like a walk in the park or Bike rides as the whole family. Maybe it starts as mommy and me dance classes or you go skiing as a family. Maybe you play ball with your kids or hike the grand Tetons with your 10 year old.
The perfect mom would get their child involved, take them on a ride and then show them how to ride.


Two Kiddos and Medical School

Lists Solve Everything
Since John started medical school I often find myself wishing I had a housekeeper, yard worker and maybe a personal assistant with a fantastic car.
I like getting things and I don't know what it is but two kids and a house is way more expensive than renting with one kid. I thought about getting a baby food maker so I could make Mark's food. Then I realized I don't really cook that often for us and if I had one more appliance I really would have to install that last shelf in the pantry myself.
and then how would I be able to look at it and think "John is going to put that up" at my leisure?
My house is like another baby. The yard wants to cost more than baby Mark.
I want to do all these things but then when I wake up in the morning I really just want to take a nap.
I asked other moms about it seems bleak.
One mom told me she was just in survival mode for the first year of her second child's life. She said she just dropped everything except for taking care of her kids.
Another mom said it wasn't hard with two- she had a hard time once it got to five.
Another mom said she swore she would never have another kids and now she hasn't been able to get pregnant and feels like God is punishing her.
Another friend said I am just trying to do too much.
Another friend said I might never have a really clean house.
Another said she has never mowed a lawn in her life.
I just wonder if it would be rude to ask these moms if they want to trade off one morning a week watching each others' kids just so we can sleep or clean. I don't think they are offering to help, but maybe they really want to. I'm not exactly in need but it sure would be nice to have someone come visit and help me. again. since that already happened. oh dear, I guess it shouldn't become a pattern.
Some wives with husbands in school seem proud of how hard it was- like I was a martyr and now the world owes me something. I don't want to be like that Also John gets more and more educated and I feel myself staying the same. He is drowning in a sea of homework and I am drowning in a sea of laundry and my big sacrifice is trying to tell John to keep going when he gets stressed and wants to quit- yes of course we can make it. I think. See you in two days when your weekly test is over. I guess our ideals change as do our interests- I want to look at window coverings on the internet and John wants to show me this really cool video online about a SKINNED HAND where you can see all the muscles.
Of course here is my strategy so far:
Goal I threw away:
I want to be actively working at home the entire time that John is working on school
New Goal: I want to have a clean living room floor every night.
Goal I threw away: I will work out for at least 30 minutes a day every day
New Goal: I will leave the house at least once a week.
Idea I've abandoned: Being a mom is just as busy as medical school
New Idea: Being a mom is more mind-numbing than medical school.
Thing I struggle with: Danielle seems to need LOTS of attention now that we have two. Never wanted to be fed before... I get frustrated with her
Solution: we signed her up for piano lessons. and soon I suspect gymnastics and dance will be added. Or mixed martial arts. And of course preschool.
Old Idea: there is no point in pre-school. If you have one kid you might as well have many home and you can teach the kid things faster anyway.
New Idea: Preschool is a fantastic mental break. One kid is easier than two. and maybe she will get some exercise. I wonder if she will need to talk to me less if she gets to talk to lots of other kids.
Problem: It seems like John has so many important things to do. I just want to have an important board game night every week.
Coping Method: John has a calender so full of classes it seems like there is no time left for studying. My response? I wrote out all the things that I think I need to do to have a truly clean house (yard not included) and scheduled them all on a google doc. Now my day looks a little more important.

Ideas for later:
  • going on trips to visit people so John can study a ton for a week or so while I am with family.
  • paint the house and do all the yard work myself. If I think of it as a contest maybe I will do it. Or I can keep a log of it and charge John when he has a job for all the yard work- I bet I could save up enough in my phony log to earn a car.
  • Keep A Journal of ridiculous expectations I have and try to schedule them all. This can go on the shelf next to the broken promises journal and times I was right journal. Do you think people would buy these things? I have to write all this stuff down before i forget it. So I guess before I die...
and suddenly I feel much better. I hope I will be able to help my kids and husband and feel like I am not just a support character but a happy individual that accomplishes a lot. And I think I will be able to forgive myself for being human and falling short of my expectations.
now if only I could also get that yard worker...



I love my kiddos.


Dear Yard,

Dear Yard,
I hate you.
I hate you so, so much.
I guess it isn't enough that I found the carcasses of about 10,000 meal worms in the flower bed last fall when I was planting bulbs. You decided to also reveal that the shrubs had carpenter ants. Then I noticed some funny white things on the ground cover. Fungus? Thanks for getting that. And the holes all over the grass? Are those from the chipmunks I see running all over or from voles? Lucky for me I imported over 8 bags of dirt for our garden. Only one of them had a cloud of mosquitoes fly out when I dumped it. One of those mosquitoes bit my poor little baby.
Why are there huge patches of grass dying? Could that be the rodents? I see rabbits and squirrels and chipmunks, but maybe there is something else.
Dear ivy, thanks for trying to take over our ground cover and growing over our back window.
I am also glad to know that the ground bees have survived the cold winter.

At least the tree didn't fall on our house. Or rather, only one more branch fell on our house after we pack 2000.00 to get them trimmed. A week later I found out one of our friends from church actually trims trees for a living and would have done it for much less.
I am happy that John decided to cut down some trees in the winter and then discovered the quickest way to make a rabbits den- just leave them under the snow when it snows two feet the day after you trim your shrubs. I am so excited that rabbit poop is a good fertilizer since our lawn is littered with it.
I am also glad that you froze like two days before our fence was going to go in and now we have to wait until June. I am so excited that whatever mystery neighborhood dog is crapping in our back yard will still have that opportunity.
I am glad that the people who lived here before us probably spend 3 hours in their yard every day and I can't keep up. I am super grateful to my grass that died all winter and now wants me to mow it every other day. I am excited about the overgrown rhododendron and the dead one.
Thank goodness that I could spend so much money on seed and insect control.
Thanks for having spider nests in all your bushes and letting me spot just a tiny little termite the other day.
You must know that I am allergic to cats and might not be able to get a mouser. I might try though.
I just wanted to share a little "halfway through the project" flower bed from the backyard. Thank goodness for homeowners who planted an evergreen tree on their property line. And put a 500 lb rock right where a fence could go.
I was just wondering if you think I should try to maintain you or just re-sod before we move out. Also what color rocks do you think I should replace all the ground cover with- and how toxic is that insecticide- should I wait a few years on my garden?
You are sucking my life and money away.
You are lucky Danielle loves you and we have to dog to chase out the squirrels.

Just one more question- what the hell is this mound?
Have a great day


our new blog.

So I started a new blog about baby Mark. It is a little over a week old. Carlie came up with the idea. Also Danielle told me today that Aunt Carlie is nice, but sometimes Aunt Carlie takes things. Whenever mark's toy can't be found Aunt Carlie is the culprit. Missing shoes? also from Aunt Carlie.
Aunt Carlie- I want my shoes back. and that candy that was lying on the counter and was left alone with Danielle.
I have posted a few things and a daily photo of baby mark. You can find the blog at
Our little old man is getting older- soon he will fit into the hawaiian shirts I bought him for 99 cents before he was born.
Now if only I can get a pair of loafers and some baby sunglasses with one of those attachment strings, we will be ready for vacation this summer.
My dreams of going to the biggest loser resort will have to be postponed until after I am done breastfeeding. But when you kid gets a new teeth you feel sort of done so...
now i have to go start getting ready for Danielle's birthday tomorrow. She wants blue milk.
Oh the legacy of the Easter Bunny lives on.

Here is our last post on Mark's blog.

Woke up late
Played outside with daddy
got really cold.
my teeth are bleeding again.
Pooed on my outfit.
Kept waking up from my naps.
Helped mommy clean my room.
Played with My toys from Grandma.
bonked my head on my crib. I'm not as good at sitting up as I want to be.
Mommy put me in the Moses basket with my toys after that.
Celebrated Danielle's birthday early.
Pooed on my outfit and on mommy's outfit.
Went to bed around 11:00


Sunday Thoughts

Went to church today.
In our church people give a lesson and ask people questions about what they think about the scriptures and if they have had personal insight. It is a great way to learn from other people and Also a great way to hear some CRAZY opinions from your neighbors at church. What might otherwise be a perfectly normal individual may suddenly reveal themselves as a crazy church commenter.
it makes people like me fear. fear for what they will say next, and of course, fear to say anything. because there are people listening and thinking you are strange. people like me.

Perfect mom series can't be on Sunday this week.
Why? because-
We had a lesson on Adam and Eve.
They read the scripture where it said that Eve was happy about eating the fruit because then they could have children. Some lady in church was commenting on how great that was and how it is women who know what is going on.
I thought about this one time that my grandma and aunt were over an hour late to meet us for lunch. They sat down and told us where they were without apologizing. Then they told each other how good it was that they went to costco and sees candy first because they couldn't have done it any later.
So today I learned something in church. Justifying your behavior has such a strong historical precedent. Good thing because the next time I try to think of why not doing the dishes felt so right I will know that I am fulfilling my destiny. I was born to say what I did was the correct thing to do!

Then some church lady talked about how now that they were out of the garden they have the right to work. Right to work?
I think Eve was a republican as well. I didn't get to ask that lady what she thought. Would Eve be a working mom now? They really must not have been making an informed decision.
Eve looked beyond the awesomeness and saw that she could have children.

Just like that I was distracted- thinking about how lots of people want to have children- like that pregnant couple where the "man" was pregnant. But the man was actually a woman who had a sex change but no hysterectomy and lived with a woman.
Which made me think of how gay couples could fulfill existence according to this woman's comment.
Which made me realize they probably used a sperm donor.
Next- artificial insemination.
Which made me think about if it was possible to extract the DNA of two people and combine them to make a child.
Next- cloning-
Which made me think about that one preview I saw about the people cloning humans and using Bat? DNA to make a human thing that kills people in what looks like a strange horror movie.
I guess if they tried to put your DNA together with another person's you would somehow need to have a bat involved.
Maybe I'm not very good at staying on topic. Somewhere when I was thinking about bat boy they moved on to a new topic. I don't know what it was- Mark needed to be fed so I went to the mother's lounge. then the lesson was over.
I never got to ask what people thought about how this related to gay marriage, human cloning and most importantly, bats.
maybe that is a good thing.

noteworthy comment: "so when Adam named Eve the mother of all living what was she thinking- that she was the mother of the animals! (insert a small laugh after this word, said mockingly) she had to have kids- it was her name"
Thanks that one lady who made all the funny comments. You are outspoken, and the teacher doesn't really know how to respond to what you say.
and that is what church is all about.


It has Finally Arrived

The Candy Purge

Well Everyone- It has finally arrived. It started Tuesday when we had to put Danielle to bed at 6:30 and she wouldn't eat her dinner. Of course I think a few days after Easter every parent laments their lives, but I am sick of Danielle not eating. We lock her in her seat, she makes aliens with her peas.
It is so hit and miss with her- she will eat all sorts of healthy foods sometimes. Other days I am wondering when she will wake up in the middle of the night to eat.
When we moved to Scranton she lost five pounds. I took a child development class that said you shouldn't really force kids to eat- you should give them healthy options. I have always tried to have healthy food available for her- I've never seen a kid that liked peppers as much as Danielle. But five pounds is way too much for a toddler to lose. We started forcing her to eat. Then I found out she was anemic. She has gained weight though, and is back up to the original weight. I guess moving was really stressful for her.
The first day after the candy purge- Danielle found Daddy's candy on his desk from Easter
Day two- Danielle got the Nutella off the counter.
Day three- Danielle found leftover starburst from the diaper bag.
Day Four- She climbed on the desk and found some chocolates I had from Valentine's day. Really- I still had chocolate?

If I ever want candy I will ask Danielle where to find some.
I think all of our candy is gone.
I don't know who misses it more- me or Danielle.
probably me.


Dear Pets,

Dear Pets,
I thought we should talk about some things. Today we ran out of batteries and I think maybe you should be able to run a little faster. you are just a little bit lazy. Did your parents strike up a bargain with Duracel? Are your parents named Energizer? Somehow Danielle knows that you eat batteries.
Maybe you really are a hamster. Yet you make cow noises. Did you know that most animals don't squeek and beep and make car noises. Actually birds make great car noises and beeps just like you do. At least our African Grey Parrot used to. People were convinced that we had an alarm on our apartment from the wonderful beeping that accompanied the opening door. Also it took him so long to learn words but that fire alarm took about 2 seconds to learn.
You claim to have a "cuddle" setting. I have never experienced this setting and there doesn't seem to be an instruction manual in your box.
Also, your warning not to bring you in bed is very smart. and I can totally understand that you warn children to avoid getting you close to their hair. Do Hamsters eat hair?
You should know that most children don't read.
For example my daughter does not read.

Danielle was very sad and happy that I helped cut her pet from her hair. I think she understands the warning without even reading it.

now her bangs have a few more layers. We're glad you are new additions to our family. Now stop trying to eat your loving owner.



I love peeps. Even the special Ones. And I love my new counter tops.



Some days I want to quit. Then I realize that I am not dramatic enough to quit. Someone would ask me "why" and I wouldn't have a reason and I would be behind and feel silly about my melodramatic fit.
In February I made a goal to pay for my power bill with stuff from my etsy shop. I joined twitter. My goal: 400.00 dollars. The cost of my power bill for that month. I discovered a window that had been open for probably most of the winter. I cried a little about it. My goal was going well at first but I don't really know how to sell things, much less set goals about sales.
Probably 400 dollars was lofty considering I usually average less than 50 a month. I tweeted links all the time. I actually let twitter update my facebook status. I think I annoyed myself. My mom bought stuff. My sister Claire bought stuff. My aunt Sara's sister bought stuff (which was some of my favorite stuff. I kind of want it back.) To my astonishment, I met my goal. So I decided to keep it steady for the next month. Well on March 31st I realized if I did over 300 dollars in sales I would meet it. Not quite as good this month. I like how some people make loads of money on etsy, but I have always considered it more of a hobby.
March was full of hard changes. I didn't like March. Historically I spend much more in February than any other month of the year (thanks spending reports- what a great feature!) I just don't like it when the world turns dark and cold and happy paper and fabric seems to brighten it a little. Really I could probably save money by going tanning or getting one of those light boxes.
It snowed a lot and I wondered if spring would ever come. I realized that running outside is a whole lot harder than on the treadmill. I still might have to move my half marathon back a few months. We decided to be better with our budget and money. My mom bought me a financial peace university course. I shredded all of my credit cards (our shredder has this cute little slot.) My etsy shop paid for all of my sewing supplies for custom orders and a new set of cards.
Our power bill went up 100 dollars. Last month our power bill actually topped 500 dollars for a combined gas and power bill over 800 dollars. I realized how many people complain constantly about not being featured on etsy enough. I have never been on the front page. I decided I needed to make cooler stuff.
Realizing how much I like things and success has made me think of different ways to work. Paul and Brooke always talk about using the cash method and we tried it. Turns out I am very stingy with my cash. I don't want you to touch it. It's mine. Like the time we found Sam under the kitchen table stroking a quarter and murmuring "mine" under his breath. I am a little Gollum with cash money. I still spend my cash money but it stays a little longer.
I also got some beautiful things for decorating (one of my weaknesses) by trading. Pomlove asked me to trade for a baby tie. I died a little of happiness. Seriously I couldn't believe it- her poms were in a shoot for Anthropologie. Who doesn't love something called "Happy. Floating. Paper."? My little businessman is popular it turns out. and I had to let him wear his tie to church on the day I was speaking. It went well until he had a blowout all over his Sunday clothes. Guess we only had one set of those- huh.

I don't always know if I should make things- does it take away from my kids? Am I wasting my time? I didn't even know how to sew before I was pregnant with Danielle and sometimes I still question my skills. I know I could make better things- all the fabric was just in the freezing cold basement and I lacked inspiration. I thought about closing up shop.
Then Carlie visited and Mark started sleeping through the night and I realized I don't want to. Even if I don't make the coolest things on earth and I am not paying for Danielle's college, I am happy about it. I pay fast offering with etsy money. I paid a power bill with etsy money. I paid for lunch yesterday with etsy money. It is something that brings me happiness, even when I am depressed. I read a lot about postpartum depression. I know I have had it with both kids but it's never as exciting or bad as some people get it. It's a mediocre problem, just like my lackluster etsy shop.
That's all right though, because it is mine. I'm not going to be sitting under the table anytime soon (especially with that yucky laminate) but I appreciate what I have a little more.