Tupperware giveaway

Well here is another giveaway- just visit my tupperware site and say what you would buy to be entered to win the shape O toy- I had one as a child and I loved it- who knew it was tupperware? I like their products so much and I can feel good about reusing what I have rather than using plastic bags or foil in the fridge- good for the environment!

I am also giving away some mystery tupperware pieces- maybe you will get one of your favorites- I will give a total of 150 dollars of merchandise away and contact you to get your address. This is limited to US bloggers. If you don't leave me a way to contact me then I won't contact you so don't forget that!

Maybe you Don't think you can afford tupperware- but if you have a party you can earn free pieces- that's how I got into it. I wanted so much and invited my friends over and got over 270 dollars worth of free items! If you have an online party you can get free credit for the tupperware you want- just ask people if they want anything- most people do! (well I think so because I always do)

Want more entries? Here are some ways
1. Start an online party at my site and invite at least 6 people = 5 entries.
2. Buy anything from the site! = 3 entries
3. Blog about this giveaway= 1 entry
4. Add my tupperware button to your sidebar = 1 entry

This is part of Bloggy Giveaways! Literally over a thousand giveaways!
Contest Ends November 5th.


$20 Challenge 4 Charity!: My first Giveaway - $125 Lodis Ballet Wallet! Let's make it great!

$20 Challenge 4 Charity!: My first Giveaway - $125 Lodis Ballet Wallet! Let's make it great!


My sister Rachelle

Well I always buy things at my sister Rachelle's etsy shop so I thought everyone else should. I help Rachelle with her shop and post everything online so whenever I need a hair thing I just go get one out of the bin. That gets pretty spendy you know. Seriously though I decided to do a giveaway with Rachelle. You should check her blog for my giveaway. Then you should go over to her shop and tell me what your favorite thing in the shop is. I have never done a giveaway before. The Contest is over November 5th so better get to it. If you buy anything at her shop then you get another entry and if you blog about her shop you get another entry. If you "follow" my blog you can also get one. Each time you do another thing post another comment! I am obsessed with entering blog contests and I won one the other day. Good luck to everyone. Maybe I will start a blog dedicated to this type of thing. Make sure if you aren't my family I have a way to reach you!
The prize- 2 sets of your choice for 2 lucky readers.
check out http://www.donttrythisathome.typepad.com/bloggy_giveaways/ for lots of giveaways

1. Follow my blog
2. Buy something from Rachelle's shop- 5 entries!


My Naptime

One of the best things I learned about living with my Grandma was that naptime is a sacred time. She told me that she took a nap every day no matter what age her children were. In addition to a funny picture of my dad being forced to sit on his bed every afternoon after high school I realized how deep this familial need was. I love taking naps.
When Danielle was born the barrage of mommy competition questions started. Many mothers proudly asked me when Danielle took a nap and told me how important it was to establish a solid schedule with children. According to them, without a set in stone schedule your life, child, and the very fabric of time would implode. They were, of course, a bunch of nut faces.
Last week my baby decided she no longer needed a nap. According to the What to Expect the Toddler Years that Eliza Magland kindly lent me this is an age appropriate behavior, even though your child still needs naps.
More importantly I still need a nap, or at least a few minutes to clean up the morning explosion of toys. Danielle helps sometimes but to her it is really just part of the joy of throwing things. She is just as happy to throw the toys in the bin as she is to carry the bin onto the highest piece of furniture she can manage and dump it.
So I've been trying to figure out what her sleepy signs are. At the first sign of sleepiness she gets to go down. Unfortunately by toddler has grown to love playing in her crib. It started when she one day reached down and got her duplos out of her toy bin. This has evolved into sneaking favorite toys into the crib. The other day I kept trying to put her down for a nap. After an hour she would cry and I would go get her, mostly to discover she wanted a diaper change or something to eat or a toy. She didn't seem very rested. I was skeptical but not clever enough to notice what was covered by the blankets. First it was a toy covered with black marks, then her bed and all the toys and the sheets I had finally put back on the bed after the vomited sunscreen incident.
Danielle had outsmarted me again. I left the monitor on louder and heard her delight. It was unpleasant to clean up the vomit adventure but the sharpie marker adventure is just insulting. When I was a child I remember waking up before it was light outside to find my mother's Sharpie markers. We stripped down naked and put on out "war paint." You see we were Indians. I also have vague memories about coloring all over the wall, our beds, our dressers, and most specifically a lampshade in green and red Sharpie. In those baby proofing classes they really should tell you to just get rid of every permanent writing implement in your life until your children are out of the house.
My attempts to enforce a nap time have left me feeling a little neglectful. I understand why I need a nap but maybe I should just wait it out and Danielle will go back to her naturally good sleep schedule. I felt a little bad about Danielle wanting to play in her crib all day only to be shocked at a 5:00 P.M. nap. According to what to expect that is much too late for an effective nap. Such a late nap is a real mommy failure. I suppose they would also be unhappy that my baby frequently stays up past 9:30 and even 10 or 11.
Maybe those "nut face" moms were really just talking to me about toddlers. Danielle now has an enforced nap time as well as a crib sweep every day. I've found lotion, pens, a package of envelopes, Austin's toys and a few pair of shoes so far. I asked my friend what type of mom has a child that would rather sit in her crib all day than play with her mother. "One with a Sharpie Marker" was the response. I guess part of motherhood is accepting that you are just not as compelling as a Sharpie. A valuable life lesson for all.


Public Transit

The most convenient staircase for me to get from track 1, section B of Suburban Station to the building where I go to class often smells like a toilet. I don't just mean it smells like urine; it smells a great deal like a public restroom. Apparently SEPTA tries to subdue the offensive odor of pee through use of some powerful cleaner. The result is a mix of human elimination and chlorine-bubble-gum. Each time the smell hits me, a kind of mild itching moves from my nostrils and through my cheecks, culminating in an electric plucking in the front teeth of my lower jaw. I don't know what is in the masking cleanser smell, but I don't doubt its deletirious health effects. Maybe one day, when I'm having a nose-hair transfusion, I'll recall those days when I smelled the unusual odor and the doctor will enroll me in a case-control study that, though it won't be big news to the average American, will be featured in a highly regarded occupational health journal.
Also, while travelling in Washington DC last weekend, I noted how fast the Metro trains go when they first arrive at a station. A sudden image of someone bumping me from behind made me widen my stance a little, hoping for stability in the event of an untoward event. Do people ever push other people? I know that suicides often occurred on the tracks of the elevated trains in Berlin. It seems so dangerous to have no gate or security webbing to prevent falling to the tracks. But I'm sure it happens. Sort of morbid, I suppose, but it came to mind. Maybe it's all this Halloween business.


Money Mondays Stuffed Animals Edition.

I still really love the little stuffed animals from http://www.curlyqcuties.com/ They have a new site where you can go and design your own stuffed animal. I love it. They are $25.00 I always want to get them for people and the other day I was wasting time on their website and I realized I really just want them for myself. I don't know if it is normal for a grown adult to want piles and piles of stuffed animals but Danielle seems quite happy to throw herself in piles of pillows and stuffed animals. I still don't have a pile big enough. Don't you think John would feel really loved if I designed him his very own stuffed animal monster?
Well I taught Relief Society this Sunday. I was super nervous which is surprising- I just don't know these women as well and it makes teaching scarier than usual. Claire came to visit earlier in the week (she left before Sunday) We have no photo Evidence. (at least not on my camera) I used my mad paintbrush skills to prove that we spent some time together. Claire got a green shirt and I got a blue one and Danielle got a cute pink dress she wore to church. She is in nursery and she really likes it- it is weird to have her go to a class and be happy and not really know what she did. She seems to really like it but the new feeling will take some getting used to. (don't get me wrong- it is a super good feeling). Claire and I worked on some really cool designed baby onesies. Claire and I were a pretty formidable baby onesie decorating team. I also wanted to make one with a little tie on it but Claire doesn't like those. I have never had a boy so maybe she is right. Overall it was a great week, despite baby Danielle gets sick and throws up all over her crib time. It's pretty shocking when you are going about your life and then your baby wakes up early from her nap with a stinky diaper and throw up all over her and all her crib stuffed animals and everywhere. I guess that just wasn't really in my picture of mommyhood- and who do you tell that at first you just wanted to walk back out and wish it all never happened. I would never do that of course but I realized how much I have come to expect certain things of the baby routine and unpleasant surprises are not welcome. Poor baby Danielle- she threw up a few times and I was so worried! Turns out she had pulled a little sunscreen stick from a toy bin by her bed and eaten it. Throwing up was good so she didn't get really sick but I didn't know that. I don't know if the lion will ever look the same after his visit to the washer, but Danielle is better now. Hopefully.


Things That Make My Life Better.

My life is awesome. One of the things that makes my life better than most is pictured here. I have been pretty involved in cutting out coupons and using them and I was pretty thrilled when I learned that part a two year supply is also cleaning supplies. Some of the shaving cream I got for less than a dollar!
Every time I use a bin it ends up on top- but this organization was from the original set up. You can't see the bathroom cleaner in this picture. I decided to have a set of cleaner in each bathroom. Does this make me more lazy that I don't want to carry the cleaner from one bathroom to another. Also how specific should the first aid bin be? Maybe I shouldn't post these things online.

Oh why is the Container Store the best place on earth? Everything in my life is organized these days.
Maybe I need more outside friends.

Maybe I just need more bins.


My disgusting little Toddler

I think little kids can be pretty dirty creatures. When they aren't trying to grab the dog's tongue or bring you a dirty diaper they are throwing food all over the world and dumping anything they can on themselves. Also Danielle likes to carry around her toilet seat. and today she dumped her yogurt drink on her plate with the ketchup and stirred it up, then put the hot dog in the container. After mashing it up she wanted to share. This is probably just bad karma for daring to feed my daughter a hot dog.
This from the child that cries if she has to walk outside without shoes on.



This summer we got to go on a lot of cool trips. Trips that I kept hidden from the world. Maybe out of fear. One of the most relaxing trips was to Bellingham WA. I love Bellingham. Some of the highlights included visiting Calhan and Liz. Ok that's about all we did but we got to go hiking and see stuff- all with Calhan and Liz. You might not know Calhan Ring and Liz Hart (fantastic names). They are my friends from high school and they live in house in Bellingham and have lots of good books and chickens in the backyard. I really liked the paint in their kitchen and I wanted to stay and read all the books. We did lots of cool things and we got to eat Rocket Donuts. I recommend the rocket donuts to everyone- especially the apple fritter that is as big as your face.
I haven't really stayed in touch with anyone from high school except for a little thing called facebook that was invented. Liz is quite good at keeping in touch with people which could be motivated by her good penmanship. I would probably be better at writing people letters if mine was that good just so I could look at my own letters. Then again I might just keep them to read again and again. It would probably be really important to write your husband love notes if you have good penmanship because then you can read them occasionally. Liz also has forgiven me for stealing her book in high school called "Please Understand Me" about the Meyers Briggs Personality test. Once in high school someone gave me a piece of steak for my birthday. Not from a cow- a ceramic one that was painted. I believe I still have it and I always attributed it to Liz but this trip she said she had no idea what I was talking about and that she never took ceramics so this trip brought mystery- who gave me that excellent present?
Liz is a social worker and Calhan is a mediator and sometimes John would recognize Calhan smoothing over conflict. I think some people are natural peacemakers. I am not one of them, but they really are fun to hang out with. Our visit made me think about the peacemakers I know in life and realize that it is quite rare to have that gift. Sometimes I wonder if I really would want to be a peacemaker- I really dislike people who are phony and some people pretend everything is OK at the expense of honesty. People who cave under pressure or just agree with you because they don't enjoy conflict are the most likely to stab you in the back. Peacemakers just naturally invite people to look outside themselves.
I am still not sure what it would mean for me to want to be more of a peacemaker. But one thing I do know- I love donuts. A lot.


Money Mondays Famous Edition

Well this Monday I bought something that was really thrilling. I bought the CD from someone I know. Kasey Anderson. You can check out his website at kaseyanderson.com and then I bought his CD on iTunes. He has two CD's that you can buy on his site and you can even get a shirt. I was pretty excited to learn that you can buy his music on iTunes. I really like iTunes and I feel like being able to buy it on iTunes means that he is pretty famous. And we went to high school together. I am friends with someone famous. You should buy his CD now. It is "country alternative" and has a slight Bob Dylan feel.
He has lots of press on his site- here is some of it.

"[The Reckoning] delivers on the promise of 2004's Eric Ambel-produced Dead Roses -- and then some. A versatile and confident songwriter and singer, Anderson nails these hard-luck tales with grit and gumption."
No Depression

"[The Reckoning] is a rough, visceral collection of songs that rip through a personal landscape of love and loss."
The Chicago Sun-Times

Cost on ITunes?: $9.90
(or get a physical CD for $15.00)