Sunday Thoughts

Well today I went to church with two kids. While John was out of town. I had my hair back in a ponytail and wore flats. I almost put on under eye concealer. and I didn't even change Mark's outfit, which I realized halfway through sacrament meeting had food on it. Since I'm such a contentious parent I fed my kids girl scout cookies and pop tarts during the meeting. I also fed Mark an entire container of pomegranate Greek yogurt.
You can imagine I was not happy about how I looked. Or the fact that I probably seemed a little harried, which blows my graceful mom image.
At least my knee high nylons didn't have holes in them.
I thought I had a child that was afraid of people and wouldn't wander off but today he proved that even if you don't necessarily like other people you can still run away. I wish he understood that it is not a fun game to run away. and I just wish I had worn a fantastic necklace and high heels but I still can't scrub that nasty band aid sticky off my foot and I don't want to make it bleed.
Worst of all: I forgot my pedometer so even though I chased Mark all over I still won't have very many steps. as in I had no recorded steps as of 1:00 P.M. Today.

But you could imagine if I was the perfect mom, the day would have gone differently.
I would have woken up early and made my children and omelet for breakfast, with egg whites and lots of vegetables. They would happily eat it and not beg for shows.
I would have given Danielle a bath when I realized I couldn't comb the snarls out of her hair- which would be fine because I would have laid out my outfit the day before.
We would read scriptures together and head off for church, arriving 15 minutes early. My children would sit quietly and color in their coloring books. Mark would sit on my lap and cuddle with me as we listened to the talks. Then Danielle and Mark would head to primary where everything would go well. I think Mark would be wearing his Nordstrom suit. (he has one but I never manage to get it on him) I would have made him a matching tie with fun colors. I wouldn't have been tempted to just post a picture of the children sulking in the corner that didn't want their photo taken.
My toenails would be painted, and I would have straightened my hair.
I think I would have been wearing my red Kate Spade Dress.

I think this Kate Spade Dress is Darling. Perfect with her tights and a coat.

maybe I would wear my brown boots from Fluevog today.
I think I would bring my purse from Eight Seasons on Etsy.

I've worked with Threadrare before to make great hair things, and i would get her to make a perfectly matching red flower for my hair. I do love red.
I would keep the jewelry simple with a Louis Hill Pendant Necklace

and of course wear my Chanel makeup, which my children have not destroyed.

I always find myself drawn to black eyeliner and a light colored eyeshadow- but what if I branched out a little bit and wore eyeshadow more like the colors my sister Claire wears? I could go for the classic red lip and lined eyes but that might be overkill with my red mom dress.

It was a little sunny outside even though it was cold so the perfect mom would wear a pair of sunglasses.

ah, isn't being the perfect mom nice?



It's been over a week since Valentine's day- are you still feeling loved?
This year our anniversary and Valentine's day have been a little more laid back than before. No chocolates since I'm trying hard to eat healthier and we didn't go anywhere since I didn't feel awesome. Why did I get married in the middle of winter? I seem to always have some kind of cold. Also no thanks on any more colds.
We were going to celebrate another day with just us but it just didn't seem like a big deal- which makes me think- Did something break inside of me? Since when do I not want a huge celebration. I might have to get a therapist and talk about my huge change of values. How can I know who I am? I didn't even think about getting my children matching Valentine outfits. I only just managed to put up my heart garland from Sara and my Valentine banner from Kathryn.
I think I did my hair and put makeup on but honestly I can't remember.
We purchased no valentine candy except the sweethearts for Danielle's ballet class- and it was a good thing we did because everyone had valentine's. everyone.
I can't even remember what I got John.
Danielle Loved Valentine's Day.
We had french toast with homemade bread.
She got a pony. She was not amused to wait for pictures to open the pony. Plus she's entered the age of phony smiles.
We had pink Valentine Milk.

She has been asking for pink milk a lot since then.

I don't know how I'm going to live through the glory that is easter candy. Just thinking about Cadbury mini eggs and robin's eggs makes me want to throw away all the weight I've worked so hard to lose.
oh mini eggs, will you be my (late) valentine?


Dear Friend, Sunday Thoughts Edition

who hasn't been guilty of a jumper and flats?

Dear Friend,
I was just writing to talk about how glad I was to go to church today. John had a fever of 102 last night and I thought I was going to die but we came. I know it's only a virus because I'm already on a prescription decongestant and antibiotics and allergy medicine. maybe it wasn't super bright to bring our seemingly healthy kids since they slept pretty much all day after church. You will be happy to know that Mark seems better from his ear infection and even slept through the night last night, which John did not. Either way I was way more laid back than usual at church. I guess all that cold medicine helps me be more mellow. My only problem is that I think it inspired unnecessarily random thoughts. No wait- I always have those. The cold medicine just makes me more confused about things that people are trying to explain to me.

Anyway today I was reminded of my mission. You see today I thought of my plans for a second mission, where I shared the important message of a bra that fit properly. I think the properly fitting bra could almost as dear to my heart as my religion. Hello- line those bras ladies! Because seriously a bra that flattens, cuts in half and sags you all at the same time can ruin you life. Actually just one of those things is enough to ruin your day, so all three= you need an intervention.

Seriously I feel like this bra fitting mission could change someone's life for the better. That someone being you. Also: the message that no Jumper is the right kind of jumper. Now I have to admit, I was guilty of the Jumper wearing. I borrowed one from my companion and it was the most comfortable thing I put on. On a hot day the air just blows right up that jumper and cools you off. Of course the resulting billowing is not particularly flattering. When I was in Germany during the hottest summer in 140 years I was seen in two glorious jumpers and gifted one by Sister Reynolds, bless her soul. But you know a lot of things are comfortable, like the Ugg boots I wear around the house. Most of you have probably never seen my capri sweat pants with pockets and they are comfortable. We are talking about full thickness pockets here.

Anyway I was a little confused today because I saw your jumper and I'm betting you learned about their magic on a mission or in a hot place but your jumper was tight. If you take a jumper and add tightness you have destroyed the inherent beauty of the jumper, which is minimal to begin with.

I was thinking I could get together with you some time and go to the mall to a little store I like to call victorias secret. I know you think they are porn but maybe in this case you can look past that to get a decent bra. We could go to macy's, I won't judge. I'm thinking under wire could really rock your world.
almost enough to make that jumper passable.

I loved this jumper so much Sister Reynolds gave it to me. She. Was. Awesome.


I will not quit I will not quit I will not quit. Plus it isn't even an option.

who doesn't want this Print? I bought it, even though i am blonde.

time it takes me to shower = ten minutes
time it takes danielle to dump all our spices on the floor in a footsteps pattern in every room= less than ten minutes.

things I learned today- while it doesn't smell as bad as other spices, cinnamon does not really vacuum up.
if my child says she wants to take her nap in my room, that means she wants to dump all the toys out after I fall asleep.
my dyson will destroy any scripture bookmark.
sometimes no amount of brownies will make it better, so why even try.
I don't know why the spice mess felt worse than the paint all over mess, but it did.

also Mark has ear infections in both ears, which explains why he hasn't been sleeping and why he has been so grouchy.

what have you been loving about parenting lately?



these are my kiddos. they are on vacation in New Jersey right now. Danielle will probably never want to go home again.

My house is quiet right now. It has been quiet all week. My aunt is watching my kiddos this week and it is fantastic. I am surprised how peaceful and energized I feel- like I can take it again.
Maybe that is the prescription pain killer and antibiotics speaking. I've had a sinus infection on and off pretty much since I've lived here. A while ago I started getting headaches so bad I would sit on the couch and just let the kids run around all over and do whatever they wanted. It hurt so much. I finally went to the doctor and they gave me drugs. I made a cocktail of over the counter and prescription drugs to try to dull the pain in my head. I just wanted to drill a hole in my face to stop the feeling.
So John made me go to the doctor. Actually I think he made the appointment. Did I ever mention that I have a phobia against doctors? I do. a huge one. It takes all my energy not to cry when a doctor walks in the room. There is nothing worse than going to the doctor. No matter what it's bad news. If you are sick the bad news is that you are sick. If you aren't then you just wasted the doctor's time. I hate finding doctors I like. Plus I'm bossy. The doctor here told me we could try antibiotics again before I get a scan of my face or go to a specialist.
I just want my headache to go away. and with allergy medicine, antibiotics and pain killer, it mostly does.

anyway in good news I have worked out three days this week. and I haven't eaten any candy.

Mark loves to yell. and scream.


Sunday Thoughts: What is Your Cause?

Sometimes I think of brand responsibility and feel guilty. because I don't like to shop at Walmart because I don't think they are a good company. but then I like shopping at Target and they aren't always good. I wonder if I am just kidding myself thinking there are any companies that don't exploit people when they can. SHould I stop buying clothes at Target? Because lately I am loving their sweaters and they aren't a million billion dollars.
THis all started when I got an email the other day about a petition. I get emails from I guess that 28 factory workers were burned alive on December 14 in Bangladesh. It took Abercrombie and Target a LONG time to respond and help. reported that their petition to get people to help was a success. You can read about it HERE. They say everyone COMMITED to help and change, but they don't always follow through.
Why did it take Target so long to commit? Almost a month? Is it common for companies to promise to fix things when the public is upset and then walk away? I don't know a lot about multi level sweatshops and I remember the Buy American movement a while ago. But I thought that had more to do with supporting our economy than making sure our retail habits weren't promoting slave like conditions.

So this Sunday I am thinking about Causes. What do people feel strong about? I feel strongly that companies should use responsible labor sources but I don't always know what I can do about it. Or if I can afford what I would like to do. I think its important to try to help with the things you care about. If you think schools should be improved you should volunteer to help. Don't just complain about something you don't try to help solve.
Am I just another one of the whiners when it comes to clothing? I don"t know. I will have to learn more.

What do you feel strongly about?
What do you do about it?


Marriage Excellence: The Disclaimer.

Now in order to have a more honest marriage I've thought of some things that we could assign blame for. What inspired this thought? Danielle waking Mark up at one in the morning. She decided to forgo sleep in favor of the much more interesting coloring. She wanted to use her paints so she did. The Blue paint was not as desirable so she took the lid off and dumped it behind the toilet. The yellow paint was only worthy of the hallway floor. But the red paint- Oh the red paint! it was good enough for the bed and the wall and her hair and the toilet and the tub, sink, and the wonderful carpet. In order to tell future generations about the fun she had Danielle drew pictures in a permanent marker she found in my purse. Smiley faces all over the twin bed- and the wall. And oddly on her feet but whatever.
I was so overwhelmed by the paint that I woke John up. Mark was screaming but I thought we should clean his room out a little- you see everything had been emptied from his closet onto the floor, including the new toy bin for his usually immaculate room. John was dumbfounded. Why would someone do such a horrible thing? She has had access to bath paint in the bathroom and markers in her room for a LONG time. Why now? What is wrong with our child?
Then me being overwhelmed by the mess turned into something else: shame.
You see, I remember getting in trouble for coloring on- well, everything. The lampshade, the bed, the wall. John does not remember being in trouble for such blatant destruction of property.
I'm pretty sure he would remember if he had done it.
very sure.

I can't help but wonder why that never came up while we were dating- by the way we are liable to have children that color on things and climb on furniture in order to get objects they should not have. Also, they will probably try to hide food under their beds and hoard our stolen possessions. Let's not talk about what they will do when they are teenagers. After a little consideration of our children I thought of how John could have let me know that out children would have food allergies and probably have acid reflux.

So I thought of a way to make every marriage better. At least if you are planning to reproduce during that marriage. Or even other relationships where children will result- it is a helpful disclaimer to help your spouse know what they are getting into.
Here are some questions that would be helpful as an extension of normal illnesses that would be helpful to know, like epilepsy or diabetes:

During your infancy/childhood did you/ were you

  1. have a serious illness
  2. described as "colicky"
  3. Have an allergy. Describe___
  4. Have irregular growth
  5. Bite other children
  6. Hit other children
  7. get kicked out of preschool/daycare/primary
  8. Hurt animals (OK side note maybe don't marry the person if this is true)
  9. Color on your walls
  10. Color on other furniture
  11. Color on other people
  12. Steal things from your family
  13. steal things from school
  14. steal things from friends
  15. break other kids' toys
  16. hoard food under your bed
  17. never go to bed
  18. purposefully disobey your parents
  19. throw temper tantrums
  20. Break windows on purpose
  21. sneak around while your parents were asleep to do things you knew you shouldn't do.
  22. wake your siblings up.
  23. try to hide the sheets you painted on.
  24. lie about wetting the bed.
  25. Lie about other things. Describe_____

Not all those things apply to me, but I would like to take this moment to say that my mom has a photo of me after we colored all over our bodies. Not to be confused with the time we colored all over the walls. Also we did it in the morning- not like when we colored on our bedroom furniture when we were staying up late. Like we did every night.
and I hoarded food under my bed. and stole all my dad's quarters. and some other stuff. Like the time I tried to steal my cousin's toys.

And all this before I even started Kindergarten.

sorry love.

I'm pretty optimistic about the way we cleaned everything out of Danielle's room so fast. No more toys, no more bookshelves. No more pillow pets. She was so exhausted during the process she fell asleep. at 1:30 in the morning. I know you thought that was a good idea earlier, and I'm glad we finally did it.
Less optimistic about: the carpet....

What should you have told your spouse about?


Food on Thought

source I took the image from another blog. Sorry but no Lemon Bars were around long enough to be photographed so beautifully.

Kate Moss is supposedly the one who coined the phrase "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels." I want to give her a little hug. A squishy one with lots of padding. Lots of people have criticized this as promoting anorexia, and I know people who have used it for motivation to work out and have a healthier lifestyle.
Whatever works for you personally, sometimes I like to think of foods that do in fact, taste better. I would theorize that Kate Moss has never eaten lemon bars made by Jutta Olivetti. Maybe you haven't either. Lucky for me I can't ask her to make them for me every day without a great deal of shame. Also she would probably just say no and stop talking to me. They are AMAZING.
My sister Claire would understand- she had FANTASTIC lime bars at her wedding. I would even YELL ABOUT THEM THEY WERE SO GOOD!!!! I don't know if you can imagine me shaking with enthusiasm. Shaking my jiggly parts. I think I ate about 1000 calories in lime bars that day. and that is a conservative estimate.

Anyway I've been thinking a lot about food today for two reasons.
1. I haven't eaten any junk food. So it is all I can really logically think about.
2. John doesn't like most of the junk food I like. For example, he doesn't appreciate the beauty that is the Panera Bread valentine sugar cookie. He doesn't like Caramel corn. He also doesn't like Lemon bars.
who did I marry here? I think deep down in his soul he loves eating healthy food. It would probably be his dream to eat a healthy Tofu meal every night. Seriously he likes Tofu but not grape tomatoes. He claims they aren't good.
It feels good to know that I'm right about something. again.

Do you think I would have more willpower if I had this fantastic Photo from HoneyandJamPhotos on Etsy?
I Love this etsy shop- it has a bunch of food stuff in it. It reminds me of my sister in law Brooke who has a country style that is ADORABLE. She can totally pull of shabby chic and make it look more chick than shabby (unlike the person writing this post for example).

I couldn't stop thinking about Lemon Bars so I had to stop what I was doing and make a little poster about them. Nom Nom Nom.

So what have you been thinking about today? and I mean what have you been thinking about food...