Junior High Jinx

Yesterday marked the beginning of an important thing in my life. A new season of the Bachelorette. I am almost as happy as I am disappointed that Shaun Johnson won Dancing with the Stars. How could she? She is just so darn bubbly. Of the 30 guys available of course she picked the weird foot guy and a guy with a horrendous crushed velvet brown suit jacket, but at least skinny tie and white socks went home.
That's not what this is about. The highlight of the show- the breakdancing. There was a dance off between professional breakdancing instructor and the short body builder guy. compensating? Anyway the dancing itself wasn't what was so fantastic of course, but a comment about the dancing is my favorite things I've heard in a long while. "Those were some of the best moves I've seen since Junior High"... or something like that. My friend Jeff was a good breakdancer but that was in High school. Junior high... I didn't actually go to Junior High, we had middle school and high school started in 9th grade.
The other day I was visiting someone and I said something the same time they did. They counted to ten and then said jinx. I don't remember everything from earlier than Junior high days but where I was from there was no counting involved in Jinxing someone. My husband explained it to me earlier tonight. According to him, you count to ten after you say jinx and if the other person says something before you get to ten they are not jinxed. For those of you who had forgotten more of those elementary days if you are jinxed you can't talk until the person releases you. I didn't honor the jinx for several reasons.

1. I realized I am over the age of ten. At this age all Jinxes expire forever.
2. They said something before they said jinx, thus nullifying the Jinx.
3. Did I mention I am no longer prepubescent? (see earlier posts about finding a car- you could totally jinx that guy)
4. I spoke before they reached ten.
5. John is wrong about the rules. I don't have to honor these new and in my opinion inferior rules. even though I don't really remember how to get out of a jinx... I thought if you could catch them and say the same word they do you get out of it.

Why are there different rules for such a basic thing? I would love to see more adults jinxing each other in professional settings. Or maybe it would just be annoying.
In English we say great minds think alike, but in German they say "Zwei Dumme Eine Gedanke" which means Two Idiots One Thought. They would rightly be too ashamed to point out saying the exact same thing someone else said. I don't know if German's ever try to jinx each other. and if they do counting to ten certainly isn't involved. Learn shame people, learn shame... like in Junior High.


Spa Delights Giveaway

My sister Rachelle is having a giveaway on a brand new blog- check it out and you can get free soap and a washcloth.

CLICK HERE for the giveaway

I included the text of the giveaway here-

To Introduce our store and generate a bit of excitement, we are having a GIVEAWAY! Hurray!The Grand Prize is shown in this post: a luxurious spa set with a hand-knitted face cloth by Dana, a hand-crafted wooden soap deck, and 3 bars of handcrafted soap from fellow Etsy sellers! (1 bar by Sagegold and 2 bars by Kelle's Kitchen - check out their excellent stores!)HOW TO WIN: There are two ways to enter. Here they are:1. Leave a comment about what color face-cloth you would like to see in the store in the future. Be sure to leave your contact info if it's not contained in your blogger info. This will get you one entry.2. FOLLOW OUR BLOG! This will get you an additional entry and prize of TWO MORE BARS OF SOAP if you are chosen. Make sure you post a comment that you are following the blog so you get your additional entry!We will randomly enter all comments (including those that say they "follow" the blog) into the random number generator on May 30, 2009 and notify the winner. Good Luck!- Rachelle and Dana


John's Baby

Danielle inherited a lot from John- and not just sneezing in the sun.

Danielle always wants to watch the my little pony show. Or any show. I think "show" was one of her first words. When she wakes up she asks for a show and it doesn't stop. Friday I also noticed her with the remote control in the menu of the on demand shows. She was watching word world at the time and had somehow managed to turn on a new word world show. If she really knows how to do that (which I doubt- it was probably just luck) she figured out the remote control faster than I did.Danielle would watch shows all day if she could. When she won't go to bed when she is sick we watch a movie and she calms down. Last night she was feeling sick and couldn't really stop crying so we went to the new star trek movie. She was pretty good and understands that if we talk to the people around us we have to leave. Also she said goodbye to the robots at the end. During scary parts she closes her eyes and holds my hand. The only danger with her and movies is that she gets so excited and wants to talk about it. We try to take her to mostly kid movies lately but any type of show is OK with Danielle. She tells us she is happy when she watches shows.John likes watching movies ANY TIME- so I have practice monitoring television and movie watching.

which brings me to a question- Why do kids want to watch the same movie over and over and over?


Janae's Baby

Here's something Danielle got from me-

She loves ponies. We organized her room with different types of toys in bins and the pony bin is always empty. But she has a pony in the diaper bag and a ton in the car, as well as at least two on her person at any given moment. She calls them po-ies and always want to watch the pony videos when we ask. When she got a stroller for her doll for her birthday she used it for the doll once or twice, and now it carries all her ponies around the neighborhood. After lunch Friday she sat with her ponies in her chair and posed for a picture as well as explaining why she didn't need her face cleaned from the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. One of the best punishments for bad behavior right now is putting the ponies in time out.

John thinks maybe I encouraged her to like ponies so much- by buying her little ponies? I don't know- maybe those toys were really for me, and now I'm just sharing.


Sunday Thoughts

My birthday is soon. This Sunday I thought about things I wanted for my birthday. Or just stuff I like. I love birthdays- and lists- what's on yours?

  1. I want flowers planted in our flower box and our front yard to be weeded. Not by me.
  2. I want pictures of people.
  3. I want a picture of Danielle with her dad.
  4. I want to wake up and the house is magically clean- meaning I have no idea how it happened.
  5. Japanese fabric-http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=23536102 http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=24732012
  6. Or Kaffe Fasset fabric.
  7. Or minky Fabric.
  8. Or the cute pencil holder my sister in law made. Or one of her colorful mugs.
  9. Shoes. I love shoes.
  10. Chanel Acapulco lipstick- it seems mine had an unfortunate accident with a baby and an eyeliner and isn't really usable anymore.
  11. A new queen sized duvet cover.
  12. A cute maternity shirt
  13. Expansions 3 and 4 to Alhambra
  14. Frames- any color
  15. Industrial Waste Board game
  16. Agricola Board Game
  17. Le Havre Board Game
  18. Stationery

lots of other things- I was going to make 28 since I am turning 28 but I ran out of steam.

Happy mother's day everyone!


Dear Austin

Dear Austin,
We are very glad to have you in our family. When we went to pick up Claire's friend in the WalMart parking lot and found you playing in the snow I thought you were sort of ugly. What was the name of that friend? I remember it was unique- maybe we will name our next baby that name if I can ever remember it. The next day when you vomited what looked like moving spaghetti onto the floor I thought you were dying. Austin I'm glad you are my first dog ever. and that I named you after that crazy kid in my class with the curly hair.
Austin, I think it's OK that you aren't good at training. Each time we took you to a class and you had to re-do it at least once it was fun to see you be so darn good at down. Like how you throw yourself on the ground. Also by the third time you catch on quick and everyone thinks we have a super dog. I honestly thought it was more than a little funny when you would jump up on Karen the dog trainer and knock treats out of her pouch to eat them. Also funny that it took her so long to notice what was going on. And we thought you were stupid.
Remember how Carol watched you for a weekend and taught you how to fetch even though we had practiced it for months? That was a little mean, pretending you couldn't fetch. Also gutting about 100 pheasant toys should get old after a while- if not too expensive to maintain.
Austin I'm glad that you let us call you big dummy. The other day when I thought you had pooed in the house I am glad it was just your stinky stinky fart. Man you smell bad sometimes- but remember when Bruce Gardner said Taylor was the dog with the bad breath? I remember that too. I also remember you trying to wrestle with everything, including our friend Mike and Lexi the dog. Thank you for not breaking Diane's nose when you jumped into her lap and blood started gushing out of her face. Thank you for finally reluctantly starting to jump into the back of the car, even if I do have to push you.
I was really sad when you yelled at Danielle that one time, until I realized that she was grabbing your private parts. It's nice that you don't knock over children. Maybe though you should speak up a little the next time Danielle is beating you on the side with her hard giggle pig ball. That is not the same as petting Austin. And it is OK to break your sit when she is pointing at your eyes and grabbing your mouth.
Most of all, thank you for never having an accident in the house (other than that worm incident) and only going out two to three times a day. Maybe work on the stinky thing though. Now get lost.


On the Road

We are driving back from Georgia. I liked visiting Paul and Brooke. Their ward on Sunday was dead silent in Sacrament meeting. Since Danielle talks continuously through church I was a little embarassed, especially when she tried to dive over a sleeping baby Lucy to get to Sam. Danielle loves Sam.
When I retired to the hall I found how the meeting was so quiet- about 3 families playing in the foyer. Danielle asked to come home that day- I didn't know she could ask to go home but it was super cute. If only she could have Sam and home.
So far today I was almost 6 feet tall at a gas station. The little tape measure on the door of the gas station never lies. I didn't realize that just sitting in the car would make me taller- maybe I just shrink more than the average person during the day.
We worked on taking photos of Brooke's Etsy shop while we are there. Brooke doesn't believe in blogs- how can you not believe in blogs? My blog is super unknown and I still believe. I totally think her stuff is blog worthy. While I was working on her photos I found some photos of Danielle- one from when she was a floppy little baby and the other from when she went to the hospital because her allergic reaction looked like some infectious disease. I still never got a picture where the rash was brown and dark purple like it really was. Danielle is so cute.