Hello Good Night.

here's my adorable model Bronson

today was one of those days. And when I say that- I don't mean one of those good days.
It makes me want to eat lots of candy. And sleep. And call my mom.
OK I am just sick of fighting with a three year old about bedtime.

So here are some things that are fantastic about today:
1. I went to the gym. (OK we got kicked out after not very long because Mark wouldn't stop screaming in the childcare- but I was happy we went).
2. I am not on muscle relaxants as of today - I'm on arthritis medicine (because I've been having headaches so I'm taking anti-inflammatory drugs for my jaw which I like to clench.)
3. I got to take an awesome nap.
4. I still got over 11,000 steps even with my nap and short workout.
5. My sink has no dishes in it.
6. I bought myself a sweater. A nice one.
7. My kids give each other hugs. I could die it is so adorable.
8. I found out from my friend Nichole that I can take my broken dyson to a store and they will fix it- I guess they are guaranteed for life! Now I won't die from dog hair inhalation.
9. I made biscuits and put Nutella on them = happiness.
10. I have great friends. Nichole came to visit me yesterday and Claire let me use her baby as a model for my etsy shop. I also got to see Suzy's adorable new baby. I love babies.

I've found that whenever I am feeling really bad about life working hard on something makes me feel better. and if that doesn't work, I try to do something for someone else. I remember hearing as a child that if you are ever feeling sorry for yourself you aren't serving other people enough. So if you feel down, do something for someone else. I think it works. There is nothing more magical than work.

The Bunny Ninjas have arrived. what could be better?

So what was awesome about your day?



We have been making great strides in our family home evening practices. Today Danielle and I planted some flowers. OK John was there too and we called it family home evening. whatev.
Did I mention Danielle had planted these flowers by herself? We tried for a while to have mandatory Sunday naps. This happened after we visited Mark and Sara. They do it and their lives seem wonderful so I wanted to copy them. Who doesn't want a Sunday nap? Well we kept falling asleep and waking up to a Danielle adventure. Like Danielle leaves the freezer open day or Danielle spreads all the cookie cutters around on the floor or Danielle eats an entire jar of nutella day. Now the nutella lives on the fridge and we don't have mandatory naps anymore. One day she opened the Disney Princess seed kit we bought her at home depot and put the entire thing together. I thought she had planted the seeds with John but she did it herself. Unlike all the seeds I plant the Disney seeds are flourishing. So today we put them in larger pots and planted some herbs for an herb garden.
if anyone needs seeds for their herb garden they should let me know because those seed packets have a lot of seeds in them. also looking around for seeds has helped me get more steps. I have been trying to get at least 10,000 steps a day with a secret goal of 15,000 steps a day that I usually don't get. I take Sunday's off which doesn't matter a ton because I get lots of steps at church since I am the copy girl- I mean secretary. It seems like I'm the only one who has never been a primary secretary before because everyone knows how to do it. I like making copies and walking around but it can be hard to work with some people. Children for instance.
Anyway I like getting my steps and I have a little system- every day I try to go somewhere since it is cold outside. I like walking down all the aisles in target. That is a lot of steps. I straighten the house for at least an hour. I also try to take the dog on walks- and when I say walks I mean one walk if I need the steps. seriously it's freezing outside. Also part of my step plan- I try not to take any naps. So I have more time to do fun projects with my little Danielle. She's getting so much bigger. I am a little nostalgic for her being a tiny baby. She was always in about the 10th percentile for height so it was adorable when she learned to walk at 10 months. a little fat midget baby running around. My little man skipped slow walking and loves to run. I guess that's what happens when you start walking around 14 months.
Both of my kids can walk, and one can plant flowers by herself and water them without even waking me up. adorable.


Chores for Children

Mark has many baby chores. Most of them involve buttons.
2. Press all the buttons on the washing machine and turn the knob.
3. Turn off the computer.
4. Steal the computer mouse.
5. Take dad's computer mouse.
6. Empty the cabinet with no child lock.
7. Use the kid laptop.
8. Change the language of the laptop on the floor.
9. Throw things in the tub.
10. Turn on the computer.
11. Get the remotes and sit in my car using them.
12. Move a chair to get the remote off the table.
13. Also get the scissors on the table.
14. Climb up to see dad's sleep mask.
15. Take mom's pedometer. Throw it in the trash.
16. Throw my sippy cup in the trash.
17. Scream really loud.
18. laugh at how loud I can scream
19. Turn off the baby monitor in my room. Break a piece off.
20. Unlock the cell phone. Call people.
21. Pull out chair. Climb on chair. Change settings on the sewing machine.
22. Scream.
23. turn on the dishwasher. Or turn it off if mom forgot to turn on the child lock.
24. Play with the buttons on the area heater.
25. Empty the cabinets in the bathroom.
26. Take the toys out of the bin. put the toys back in the bin.
27. Sit in my car.
28. Play basketball.
29. Screech. then scream.
30. Play fetch with myself.

what are your chores?


Dear Friends,

When you look at Danielle's bangs, you might notice something. That's right- some of them are pulled back because I did her hair in this picture. I know, I'm really outdoing myself with all the grooming. I also give her regular baths. Also I've taught her to stay still for photos now that my camera is a little handicapped since Mark dumped a sippy cup of milk on it.
You also might think to yourself- oh she cut her own bangs.
but she didn't.
I did.
so don't ask.

XOXO- Janae


Top Ten and Bottom Ten of a Tired Day

wtf card available in a pack HERE

Some days just seem off somehow. Today was one of those days. I didn't know quite what wasn't working but nothing seemed to go exactly right. I didn't even shower until 7:30. At night- not in the morning. and I needed to shower. But the whole day I had the vague sense of unease and then tried to think of positive things. For each negative thought I try to have one positive thought- is that like talking to yourself?
I don't know. But I do know that I am ready for a better day tomorrow.

Bottom 10 for the day:
1. Stupid Facebook Status Updates. Seriously this is not the best place to brag- and stop with the overshares. STOP NOW. and stop playing games- oh wait I don't care about that I don't get those updates anymore.
2. Almost running out of gas.
3. Being stuck in traffic when my gas light went on for 40 minutes.
4. Feeling like I was getting a cold.
5. Being very discouraged about Etsy. Sometimes I feel like I should quit. Like today I thought that.
6. Having a headache all night.
7. being frustrated with everything and nothing. Feeling like I couldn't talk about it because then I would be whining, and I hate whining.
8. no cupcakes.
9. secret stuff that I don't talk about on my blog.
10. Did I mention I got stuck in traffic and almost ran out of gas? well that was stressful. I guess that was the most stressful thing of the day so I didn't really need a list of 10 things.

Top 10-
1. Being able to turn off the updates for a specific facebook apps- like Farmville. It seems like a waste of time and even if I was going to start it my farm would never compare.
2. not running out of gas.
3. Getting to take a nap with the kiddos when I felt like I was getting a cold, and waking up two hours later feeling much better.
4. John doing the dishes.
5. John studying a lot so I don't feel guilty about his school.
6. Finally getting the fabric I need for a custom etsy order from a repeat customer.
7. Watching the Bachelor
8. Going to ballet with Danielle
9. Selling one thing on Etsy
10. making cookies- then eating some of those cookies.

How was your day?


Sunday Thoughts: New Years Resolutions

Lots of people make new years resolutions. Every year they look back and think about what they need to be doing better. This Sunday I've thought about writing a life changing blog post about what type of resolutions I will have.
Instead I've thought of an easy plan to make your new years resolutions- you can get a complete list in ten easy steps. Now I know it's hard for some of you to think of ways you can improve- but here is short program that I guarantee will help.

1. First ask yourself- am I fat? If so, all of your resolutions can be about this. There are lots of recent fads about dieting- sign yourself up for a program. Maybe join a gym. Preferably do something expensive because the economy could use some more consumer spending.
2. Next ask yourself- am I in debt? another freebie. Obviously weight loss purchases don't count here.
3. Third- are you lazy? well that should stop.
4. Fourth- are you dirty? Clean it up.
5. Fifth- think of some things that would be impossible to keep up on a daily basis unless you were superman- make it a goal to do all those things EVERY SINGLE DAY. Like work out and never eat candy and be kind to others or don't think bad thoughts. Also clean your house and spend at least an hour of quality time with your kids and never watch TV and have an organic garden and cook all your bread. Just one easy resolution.
6. Think of all the things your mom has criticized about you lately. make it a resolution to fix them. This brings me the resolution to vacuum my stairs every day. Oh my, and the list goes on. Don't go back too far, she doesn't bring up all the stupid stuff you said as a teenager.
7. Next- ask a friend. you could just send a quick message to all your facebook friends asking you what you could do to improve. Too bad facebook hasn't started the "enemies" section that would be so fun. I bet your enemies would be more honest with you about what you need to improve.
8. Maybe you don't have a friend? Well your resolution could be to get a friend. If any hygiene related resolutions pop up with that one, just go with it (refer to number 5).
9. Make a few intangible goals. "live life to the fullest" is a good generic intangible goal- as is "live like you are dying" which works for some people but only the pure of heart, because if I was dying I might want to rob a bank. Or just go take a nap more often than I do.
10. Write all those goals down. This could take a few days- especially as you wait for the answers from step seven to roll in.

I promise- if you follow these steps for one year- you will be a better person.

and I will leave you with the image of some cards I was going to put in my etsy shop- I took a picture of the Christ statue in Potsdam and made a card- then I thought hey- why not a card pack? I took the picture and the creepy row of Christs got to me so I just left it out.

I guess if you are sending someone a card inspiring hope you don't buy it in a multi-pack. and now I know why.
But Just in case you know a LOT of people that need prayers- here is an awesome paypal button for the cards. It could fill your resolution to be more generous and pray more.
xoxo Janae

send LOTS of hope and prayers