Hello Good Night.

here's my adorable model Bronson

today was one of those days. And when I say that- I don't mean one of those good days.
It makes me want to eat lots of candy. And sleep. And call my mom.
OK I am just sick of fighting with a three year old about bedtime.

So here are some things that are fantastic about today:
1. I went to the gym. (OK we got kicked out after not very long because Mark wouldn't stop screaming in the childcare- but I was happy we went).
2. I am not on muscle relaxants as of today - I'm on arthritis medicine (because I've been having headaches so I'm taking anti-inflammatory drugs for my jaw which I like to clench.)
3. I got to take an awesome nap.
4. I still got over 11,000 steps even with my nap and short workout.
5. My sink has no dishes in it.
6. I bought myself a sweater. A nice one.
7. My kids give each other hugs. I could die it is so adorable.
8. I found out from my friend Nichole that I can take my broken dyson to a store and they will fix it- I guess they are guaranteed for life! Now I won't die from dog hair inhalation.
9. I made biscuits and put Nutella on them = happiness.
10. I have great friends. Nichole came to visit me yesterday and Claire let me use her baby as a model for my etsy shop. I also got to see Suzy's adorable new baby. I love babies.

I've found that whenever I am feeling really bad about life working hard on something makes me feel better. and if that doesn't work, I try to do something for someone else. I remember hearing as a child that if you are ever feeling sorry for yourself you aren't serving other people enough. So if you feel down, do something for someone else. I think it works. There is nothing more magical than work.

The Bunny Ninjas have arrived. what could be better?

So what was awesome about your day?

NaDell (January 30, 2011 at 1:51 AM)  

I like your kissing fishes on your blog header. Cute.
What was awesome about my day? hmmm. So many things. Abigail decided to be awake from 3am-7am, which is right when Vincent decided that it was time for him to get up, which means he started talking as loud as he can. Awesome. I didn't get to nap as long as I want, but I guess that would be the whole day at this point...
The actual awesome parts were Elizabeth and Olivia loaded the washing machine and dishwasher, Andy replaced a doorknob and a showerhead, and vacuumed the whole house, and Andy's aunt and uncle brought yummy cookies over for us. More awesome is I get to go to sleep soon...assuming Abigail behaves. I hope your Sunday is better. It's pretty fabulous that you got so many steps in. =)

kathryn (January 30, 2011 at 5:02 PM)  

Your blog design is so cute!

Mrs. Dr. (January 30, 2011 at 8:33 PM)  

Not to be rude, but those aren't ninjas. They sort of look like indian bunnies. Still cute though.

Carlie Madsen (January 30, 2011 at 11:25 PM)  

I also like the blog design. I worry about your jaw. I think you should have a relaxing spa weekend stat! The baby model is very cute. Cuddling babies is fun. I'm glad you went to the gym...sorry Mark got you kicked out. Guess what! There may be "early start" opportunities for Matt, so we are exploring them which means we would be particularly neighbors in 5 months rather than 8 months. I'm trying not to set my heart on them, so I'm mentally still moving my family across the country in August...but still, awesome to think about!! Not looking forward to another DC summer, but I am looking forward to moving on with our life!!

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