Top Ten and Bottom Ten of a Tired Day

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Some days just seem off somehow. Today was one of those days. I didn't know quite what wasn't working but nothing seemed to go exactly right. I didn't even shower until 7:30. At night- not in the morning. and I needed to shower. But the whole day I had the vague sense of unease and then tried to think of positive things. For each negative thought I try to have one positive thought- is that like talking to yourself?
I don't know. But I do know that I am ready for a better day tomorrow.

Bottom 10 for the day:
1. Stupid Facebook Status Updates. Seriously this is not the best place to brag- and stop with the overshares. STOP NOW. and stop playing games- oh wait I don't care about that I don't get those updates anymore.
2. Almost running out of gas.
3. Being stuck in traffic when my gas light went on for 40 minutes.
4. Feeling like I was getting a cold.
5. Being very discouraged about Etsy. Sometimes I feel like I should quit. Like today I thought that.
6. Having a headache all night.
7. being frustrated with everything and nothing. Feeling like I couldn't talk about it because then I would be whining, and I hate whining.
8. no cupcakes.
9. secret stuff that I don't talk about on my blog.
10. Did I mention I got stuck in traffic and almost ran out of gas? well that was stressful. I guess that was the most stressful thing of the day so I didn't really need a list of 10 things.

Top 10-
1. Being able to turn off the updates for a specific facebook apps- like Farmville. It seems like a waste of time and even if I was going to start it my farm would never compare.
2. not running out of gas.
3. Getting to take a nap with the kiddos when I felt like I was getting a cold, and waking up two hours later feeling much better.
4. John doing the dishes.
5. John studying a lot so I don't feel guilty about his school.
6. Finally getting the fabric I need for a custom etsy order from a repeat customer.
7. Watching the Bachelor
8. Going to ballet with Danielle
9. Selling one thing on Etsy
10. making cookies- then eating some of those cookies.

How was your day?

Carlie Madsen (January 11, 2011 at 1:03 AM)  

Janae, I've totally had those days of unease. I hate them. I really want to make cookies now. Today I washed my walls and washed my laundry. I honestly don't know why I washed my walls, but they were dirty so I did. Whenever Matt starts a new semester, there are new stresses to deal with and generally it all comes to a head...then we settle in...until the next crisis. Maybe you need to have a big fight with John and then dramatically forgive each other and then eat cookies. LOL. Or, you could watch PS I LOVE YOU (which is a movie I kind of hate because it is so button-pushy maniuplative and made me sob buckets and buckets and didn't make me feel better afterwards...except that I had cried a lot and suddenly felt euphorically happy...this was years ago by the way)
Sorry, I can't help but give advice. It makes it seem better when it is bad advice. You are great. Don't give up etsy. And, I'm happy to hear you didn't run out of gas!! And, you can whine if it makes you feel better. My friend says she "puts on her big girl" panties when she is getting over something that frustrates her...I think that is funny. Oh, and it is okay to unfriend people on facebook...except me. If you ever want to unfriend me, please, let's go to in-law therapy!

NaDell (January 11, 2011 at 2:49 AM)  

My day was pretty good. I went to Michael's and bought an awesome tape gun for crafts, to Kohl's and spent a bunch of money, but saved nearly double what I spent, picked up a kindergartner, ate lunch, put Vincent down for a nap and had one myself, then picked up my second grader, and drove to Oregon to get our hair cut from my cousin, ate at Burger King (that part kind of stunk because they had signs up for zhuzhu pets, so we bought three kid meals and instead they came with crappy Gulliver's Travels toys), home to get ready for bed, everyone went to sleep, testing out the new tape gun while watching Sense and Sensibility, and Andy just got home from a work trip. Busy day, but very nice.
Yeah, you SO don't want to read my status updates. I try not to complain on there, but I don't usually repost every stupid quote either. I'm a Pollyanna kind of girl.
I'm glad you made cookies. I need some. Maybe tomorrow...

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