Sunday Thoughts: New Years Resolutions

Lots of people make new years resolutions. Every year they look back and think about what they need to be doing better. This Sunday I've thought about writing a life changing blog post about what type of resolutions I will have.
Instead I've thought of an easy plan to make your new years resolutions- you can get a complete list in ten easy steps. Now I know it's hard for some of you to think of ways you can improve- but here is short program that I guarantee will help.

1. First ask yourself- am I fat? If so, all of your resolutions can be about this. There are lots of recent fads about dieting- sign yourself up for a program. Maybe join a gym. Preferably do something expensive because the economy could use some more consumer spending.
2. Next ask yourself- am I in debt? another freebie. Obviously weight loss purchases don't count here.
3. Third- are you lazy? well that should stop.
4. Fourth- are you dirty? Clean it up.
5. Fifth- think of some things that would be impossible to keep up on a daily basis unless you were superman- make it a goal to do all those things EVERY SINGLE DAY. Like work out and never eat candy and be kind to others or don't think bad thoughts. Also clean your house and spend at least an hour of quality time with your kids and never watch TV and have an organic garden and cook all your bread. Just one easy resolution.
6. Think of all the things your mom has criticized about you lately. make it a resolution to fix them. This brings me the resolution to vacuum my stairs every day. Oh my, and the list goes on. Don't go back too far, she doesn't bring up all the stupid stuff you said as a teenager.
7. Next- ask a friend. you could just send a quick message to all your facebook friends asking you what you could do to improve. Too bad facebook hasn't started the "enemies" section that would be so fun. I bet your enemies would be more honest with you about what you need to improve.
8. Maybe you don't have a friend? Well your resolution could be to get a friend. If any hygiene related resolutions pop up with that one, just go with it (refer to number 5).
9. Make a few intangible goals. "live life to the fullest" is a good generic intangible goal- as is "live like you are dying" which works for some people but only the pure of heart, because if I was dying I might want to rob a bank. Or just go take a nap more often than I do.
10. Write all those goals down. This could take a few days- especially as you wait for the answers from step seven to roll in.

I promise- if you follow these steps for one year- you will be a better person.

and I will leave you with the image of some cards I was going to put in my etsy shop- I took a picture of the Christ statue in Potsdam and made a card- then I thought hey- why not a card pack? I took the picture and the creepy row of Christs got to me so I just left it out.

I guess if you are sending someone a card inspiring hope you don't buy it in a multi-pack. and now I know why.
But Just in case you know a LOT of people that need prayers- here is an awesome paypal button for the cards. It could fill your resolution to be more generous and pray more.
xoxo Janae

send LOTS of hope and prayers

NaDell (January 3, 2011 at 2:26 AM)  

All great things to think about. I love how you write.
I try my best to make resolutions that I can do. Otherwise it's sad. Like when you make a goal to clean the kitchen and reward yourself with an Oreo (or five). You have to be able to do the task to get the reward, right?
Sooooo, what are YOUR real resolutions?

janaemadsen (January 3, 2011 at 10:09 AM)  

clean all the things happens to be a goal of mine. nadell- I have secret resolutions. that's how awesome they are- although I like yours :-)

MrSchmooshies (January 3, 2011 at 1:29 PM)  

1. Lose 30 pounds, minimum. Just bought running shoes online, and since Jenn's going to be spending more and more time on Step 1, I've got to find something to do with myself.
2. Get a new job. This is going to be tougher than losing the weight, which is sad.
3. Find something to do every week, no matter how small, to improve our living situation (aka house).

I posted other stuff on my blog. Lemme know if you need the link again.

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