This blog will end soon I think. Or just become about the three kids Janae and John had together. John left me in his third year of med school.  Our third baby was three months old. classic infidelity and he is angry that I didn't keep his secrets.
In my mind, he chose secrets over our relationship and killed us with lies.
We still have three kids together so it's a shame we never worked on our relationship problems together.
In a way I'm lucky because John won't do the work do I don't have to choose if I can or not.

No woman should become an object in her relationship, and I hope to teach my sons that women are real people and not interchangeable.  I hope to teach my daughter to never tolerate being thrown away like garbage. I hope to teach my children that no matter what we love people because we are all imperfect. Parents too.
There is a cost for all of our choices, and part of this choice is costing me.