Positive Post #16

Positive Post #16

I have been looking at paypal and did you realize you can make a "buy it now" button on paypal? So if you are blogging about stuff you sell you can link to your paypal. Maybe. So here goes for fame and fortune on my blog.

I think I might but a button on every post I make, if it actually works.
I think it's hilarious- what would you sell?
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Positive Post #15

I got my tooth fixed. They didn't even ask if I wanted another color- they just glued the sucker back on. They cleaned it- maybe because it was stored in the change section of my wallet. My kids put money in their mouths though, so it probably would have been fine either way.
for those of you (denise) who wonder- I actually didn't start dental Hygeine. I finally realized that maybe piles and piles of educational debt were a bad plan. John knows this too, so he plans to work after school. Since I can't commit to that I decided to wait on school.

Other good news: Mark wakes up twice a night now- that is less than ever before and he is darling at night. Danielle likes to feed him yogurt and she is really good at it. After a few weeks she is officially a preschool drop out- and her school backpack came in the mail the next day. luckily she has a lot of important ponies to carry around the house and now she can do it.

I am about to die in anticipation of Halloween- one of the most glorious holidays EVER.

Long live Candy!
except milk duds, because it turns out I wasn't supposed to be eating milk duds at all anyway since I popped my crown off on one. and all other sticky candy.
I'm usually so careful to only eat them on the other side of my mouth.
I don't know if I can think about never eating milk duds again. They keep looking at me from the candy bin. They love me. They want to make me feel better about going to the dentist. They don't think my gold crown is a mercury filling.
Totally worth the very insignificant copay since I have much coveted dental insurance that I have a crush on.
Did I mention I'm one of the reasons everyone has such expensive dental insurance?
true story.
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Positive Post #14

I have the opportunity to undo one of the worst mistakes of my life. What is it? that's right- getting the wrong color gold in my crown. Now my dentist (who really was NOT very good) recommended that I get a porcelain crown. Since I've been to a few jaw specialists who disagree and I cracked my tooth by clenching I asked for a gold crown. Porcelain can crack so if you clench or grind your teeth you shouldn't get it. You should get gold.
So once I had convinced my dentist that even though my porcelain crown would be guaranteed for two years I was going to get the less attractive gold they grudgingly asked me what color I wanted. Color? I didn't know that gold came in colors.
Then I realized what an idiot I am- of course it comes in colors, my wedding ring is white gold. I thought- well maybe I should match my wedding ring.

I don't know if you know this but a white gold crown looks a lot like those cheap-o metal fillings you used to get as a kid that I don't even know if they make anymore. Why didn't I get yellow gold? I could spit every time someone sees my crown and tells me they used to get fillings like that when they were kids. NO YOU DIDN'T.

not that it makes me frustrated because I am always happy.
and I would never be so vain about my teeth to care if people think my crown is gold or just a super big cavity.
One year after the first mistake I did it again. I got another crown and even though I knew it was a mistake I wanted it to match so I got white gold again. At first they ordered me a porcelain crown and I was a little upset that I had to call back two days after my fitting and remind them that I wanted white gold like the last one. They seemed to think it was unusual. Apparently they have never dealt with anyone that clenches. Why did I trust these people to make me a crown in the first place.

Just yesterday a miracle happened- while I was eating my crown fell out of my mouth. Now if I can get my other crown to fall out by tomorrow morning I can get it replaced with a yellow gold crown. I guess crowns just fall out sometimes since mine did. Maybe I can count on the other one falling out eventually- I could just get them to make me a yellow gold one. This one only lasted about 17 months after all. How about when my slowly and painfully dying root next to the newest crown finally dies- maybe I won't just need a root canal like the other surrounding teeth- maybe I can get another crown. Luckily I still had three pain killers left over from after I had a baby so I should be able to make it until tomorrow morning. Should I be worried that my crown stump hurts so bad? Can that get infected or is there even tooth left there?
Man I wish I was a dentist.

So my advice to you is to plan what color your crowns will be someday. Think of the repercussions of the color gold you get. I might be stuck- or have non matching teeth. On the bright side I could get white gold yellow gold white gold yellow gold. Then I could wear any color jewelry and match.

Totally worth the 2,000.00 dollars. Twice.

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Positive Post #13

You know what I want for my babies?
well lots of things. but also these flashcards for geek babies. I'm surpised they haven't been bought up and made fancy and sold on Thinkgeek.com
I really like the site ThinkGeek.com. Presents from there seem to go over pretty good in the Madsen household. I also want to buy like everything on the site for Harley King. he seems like he would like that stuff. and he is hilarious.
Will my child be Geeky enough for the geek alphabet? I don't know. But I do know that it brings joy to my heart that Danielle likes my little ponies.


Marriage Excellence: Good Reads Positive Post #12

Have you ever read the book His Needs Her Needs? I like it. It talks about people's top ten emotional needs. You can rate what yours are- then it talks about how your needs will be different than your spouse's needs. For example Recreational Companionship, Familial Support, Communication, Admiration, Sex, Financial Support, Attractiveness, etc. I just realized I know they guy ones more than the girl ones. hmm... Anyway it has quizzes- which is super desirable in a relationship book.
I actually think it is one of my favorite relationship books. I like how it has so many ideas. I recommend it to people- but not without a warning that it isn't perfect.

What isn't perfect about it? The title. I've been working on some other ideas:

Each chapter of this beauty starts with an example story. That story? Why a couple had an affair. It must be mind blowing to be a therapist. So many different ways people screw over the people they used to love. Who can keep up? Therapists must live in constant fear that they are doing something wrong in their relationships.

You think you know how to love the opposite sex and make them happy. You are a fool. A huge fool. Every instinct you have will lead to their unhappiness. If you follow your gut, your spouse will have an affair.

Have you ever tried to be the perfect spouse? There are not enough hours in the day. Your spouse could doubtless do better. Or maybe you could. Good luck avoiding the affairs we describe!

Read anything that's improved your marriage lately?

End Positive Post #12


Positive Post #11

Today I got to take a nap. So I'm Up late now. and we are on day three of no Halloween candy.
I can't tell you the joy that is filling my heart.
I am so joyous that I have only a candy apple covered with caramel and chocolate in my fridge that is for Nichole who I visit teach and is sick right now. I don't want to eat it at all.
I also want to put all the laundry away. a lot. I love laundry. it is so wonderful to have clean clothes. I need to find my camera. I can blog about my children- that is positive. They are sharing a room right now which is part of my attempt to save money in heating.

Here are some things that make me happy. As in I was looking at them and I want to buy them. Or more specifically I want someone else to buy them and give them to me so I have them. I would love them. I would give them names. Like George and Harry. The only two names any stuffed animal in my life ever had.

Porter Cable Band Saw

I guess I would have to name this tool Porter. Maybe John would buy me some pink enamel paint and I could own a pink Band saw. That would be the coolest thing in the world. It makes me giddy just thinking about it. Available at Lowes for a mere 399.00! Much cheaper than the several thousand dollar one I was looking at earlier. Makes you wonder why I don't just buy it- right? oh wait...

Troy-Bilt 250cc Gas Chipper Shredder

Goodbye yard debris! Hello compost... Now I know what to do with those sticks that are falling on my roof. This one is only 799.00 which is totally cheaper than the ones I saw at the Hardware store the other day. and they were on special.
Name: Charles. I know- charles the chipper sounds stupid to you. You know what sounds stupid to me? Not eating Halloween candy. but it is happening, just like naming my chipper Charles.

Cedar Shed Gardener 8 by 16
My uncle Mark built a hidden shed which is pretty exciting.
I don't have that kind of skill. I get tired just thinking about it. A shed can be quite expensive- this one is over 3,000.00. I guess those houses we looked at with sheds should have impressed me more. How was I to know?
Name: Albert

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Positive Post #10

A Story from Danielle and the Dog:
in one non creative part.

The lady prepares her subjects for the journey ahead. She vanquishes every foe with her sword of truth and justice. The rocks as well as the bulbs she buries deep in the holes her help digs her. And what will the rocks grow, indeed, now that they have roofs over their heads?

I am the noblest of all the hounds. You call me a hound! I am the humblest of all men. Violence awaits my every move. I listen to your feelings. I shall prevail against the squirrel and other dangerous imaginations.

No foul beast shall conquer the mighty girl and her weapon. The noble hound feels himself young again. Does she not truly want to share her game with him? Flitting through the air with the foolish confidence of age, he does not know his smallest master.
She sees him just in time.

Her victory lies not in strength, but in power.

The princess/wizard/mommy/teacher/robot/puppy/kitty/pillow pet/GIRL!/baby/fireman wishes a picture to celebrate her power.

It is Complete.

what in the world do people write blogs for? I'm bored out of my mind.
I guess so are you. I would like to stay up all night tonight and read a book.
It's sad when your husband is in medical school and all the people you know see their husbands just as little, if not less than you do.
On the other hand I know some stunningly capable women.
It's quite intimidating, and inspirational.

End Positive Post #10


Positive Post #9

Danielle and I planted flowers today in the garden.
We were wearing coats though because it was freezing outside.
we are going to live with aunt Paul and Brooke in Florida for the winter.

So Today was awesome. You know that was awesome about it? My sister sent me a link to THIS blog. I've never been so inspired to whip out the Paint program again. After a little practice I am pretty sure of a few things: You have to be pretty cool to have over 28,000 blog followers- and I don't think she actually uses paint. Paint rocks though.
You might ask yourself why our clothing looks so great? Actually that wasn't what we wore today- but you could imagine how good we would look if we had. I was wearing THIS set of hairpins from my sister Rachelle's etsy shop. and I was wearing high contrast colors. You see I am supposed to wear high contrast colors because I am a type 4. My mom helped me find this out. These pictures are Danielle and I dressed in our "types" Danielle is a type 1. Whenever I talk about it with my mom I always call it a color even though they are numbers. Even though I don't know if I totally believe in the almost mystical devotion my mom has to this system, I did get a haircut from them and it was a FANTASTIC haircut. I was way happy. My mom got in trouble for making me the appointment because you are only supposed to be able to make an appointment with them if you are in the "club" I'm not in the club but they looked the other way just once. You can find more information about them HERE. I am totally for image consulting- I've even watched several episodes of the Rachel Zoe Project. Right after Mark was born. I don't know if it is possible but I think I watched 22 hours of television a day after mark was born. Thanks to DVR. Our DVR is broken right now.

Here is a description of my "type"
Type 4 — The bold, striking woman
You are reflective, concise, and clear. You have a natural gift for perfecting things and showing others how something can be made better.
My mom really likes dressing her truth and Carol likes it too. Unfortunately for me I already liked wearing black and white so go figure, I won't look ten billion pounds thinner by changing the way I dress.
Less excited about? no one commenting on my phony candy giveaway. Actually you really get candy but that's not the most fantastic giveaway ever. Just the funniest. ever. literally. Go HERE and comment, or I'll be forced to write something inflammatory about something just to get a response from all you people out there.

What's the most inflammatory thing you've ever read on a blog recently? mine was a recent debate where an anti-circumcision post wrote about how a babies circumcision lead to his death. They took pictures from a blog and quoted the story without the woman's permission. The family was horrified at the invasion of privacy.

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Positive Post #8 Check out the KraftMaid Define Your Style $50,000 Dream Kitchen Contest

Check out the KraftMaid Define Your Style $50,000 Dream Kitchen Contest

I am pretty excited about my inspiration board. You should look at it because it is fantastic.
I don't feel good. but it is the weekend so I will just sleep a lot. I didn't want to drive anywhere today so I ended up sleeping from 5 to 9 in the evening. seriously. That's a long nap.
I refuse to turn on the heat in any rooms except the children's bedrooms- which means I would be happy to come visit other people who are willing to pay their heating bills. and I'm glad we have so many cuddly blankets for our bedroom.

Who wouldn't die to win a 50,000 dollar kitchen makeover? I know I would. Once when I was young we saved a box of frosted flakes for when Tony the Tiger came by to some houses. Turns out he didn't go just to every house in our neighborhood- a big moving van pulled up and they asked us if we had a box and my mom had saved one (for months). So I got an awesome tiger bike, which I loved. I still don't understand why Tony came to my house and not other houses, and why they weren't dressed up in a tiger costume- it was almost like Tony the Tiger morphed into the UPS man. Today the UPS man was training someone. I watched them at work. They didn't bring me any packages though.

What's the coolest thing you've ever won?

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Positive Post #7

Today wasn't a day where I felt the most positive to be honest. (cue sad music) Tuesday I didn't end up going to Utah because I didn't feel good and Danielle had a fever. Now Mark has been screaming at me all day and wanted to be held. And I'm a walking disaster. Everything I touch seems to break. For example- I over corrected to get off the curb at the bank and rammed my car into a post. I damaged the paint and two panels of my car.
I have a history of hitting poles, but I thought I moved past that stage in life in high school, where I hit stationery objects over five times my senior year. It is so hard to focus when my kids are screaming at me the whole time. Poor Nichole probably wonders what the heck is wrong with me. I could have been at a shop hop and eating Old Spaghetti Factory with my family, who loves me. I wouldn't have hurt my car if I wasn't driving it. I probably wouldn't have had a mini panic attack last night either. boo on that crap.
reflective segue
Maybe I'm being punished for promoting childhood obesity by taking my children to McDonalds and feeding them chicken nuggets. IT IS MONOPOLY TIME THOUGH! I could win. OK probably not but I love monopoly time. a lot. and Danielle had fun on the play place. Mark didn't like it. So he threw chocolate milk on the floor. and ketchup. and ranch dressing, and nuggets, and fries, and everything he could get his hands on. He practiced his screaming skills. I should never chicken out on a trip again.

cue dramatic music:

Then a miracle occured: my children took a nap. Not Child as in Mark but children. They both slept together at the same time. For Two hours. Danielle never takes a nap anymore but I knew if she didn't it would be disastrous for us. As in I shouldn't be around people when I want to curl up in a ball and die or cry. and she went to bed. I cleaned up all the kid stuff and vacuumed.

I don't remember what else I did, but I think it involved nothing productive which is perfect. Milk Duds might have been present.

Then Sister Lord invited me over for apple pie making. I was supposed to bring a young woman but she canceled and I was still invited. So I went. Right now I am eating that apple pie. Some people have told me I wouldn't get along with Sister Lord- but I'm convinced they are wrong. The woman knows how to do a lot of things I want to be able to do. I've decided we are going to be new best friends. I'm going to learn how to smock. I don't have a ton of interest in learning how to cook- if I did I would have learned it from my mom, but I do want to know about French embroidery technique.
I wonder if my mom and Sister Lord would get along... My mom's pretty neat you know, even if she doesn't really like apple pie.

End Positive Post #7


Positive Post #6 and some Candy

Watching the Biggest Loser today for the first time. They tell us that the more colorful your food is the healthier it will be. Which is why we are now only eating the colored goldfish crackers. Great now I'll have to teach Danielle that pizza is not healthy. Seriously in honor of that show we will be having another candy giveaway. leave a comment with the name of your favorite Halloween candy.

Random.org picked a winner for the last pseudo giveaway- congratulations #2 which is Carlie. Carlie I will be sending you candy.

I have to say that I love fall. we went and picked out pumpkins at the pumpkin patch. Danielle loves to play outside and I feel like the fall is the perfect time. The Fall where we are is my favorite thing ever. I love it. Also who wouldn't love the season that brings us Halloween candy.

End Positive Post #6


Positive Post #5

I love this family tree and the other designs from My Tree and Me. Once I entered a giveaway to win one but then I didn't and then I didn't want to buy one because really I'd just have to ask my mom for all the names anyway. I know I have the programs to make something like this but not the knowledge. or maybe not. If you wanted to spend money on me now you know a way. Just call my mom first for our family history please.
I don't have a thing to say. Except that I realized that I am just a normal mom- I don't have a powerful cause- my two children are relatively healthy. I am pretty average. So I will never have a famous blog. I don't even know if I would read it. But I love butterflies and flowers and someone helped me pull weeds in my yard today. awesome. People are awesome.
My new blog idea: "Go to Hell A Bad Place Medical School! Love, your family xoxo" What do you think? My friends who have husbands who work all the time tell me to get over it. Or the more loving martyr style wife that just loves to serve in this trying time. Ok they don't tell me to get over it because I don't know any really, but I bet I could find some if you give me some time. Maybe you could find one for me to read and feel guilty about.
see you in a month.
or tomorrow.

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Positive post # 4

Well today I realized I could post blog posts from my android phone which is pretty awesome. This post was made from my phone and photos taken on my phone. We visited Mark and Sara this weekend do which made me happy. We get to take breaks which for me means doing some kind of craft and for John means sitting on the couch and playing games on his phone.

I was heartbroken when I realized that all the recreational home improvement projects I wanted to do made my husband sad. This was a while ago and I think I already blogged about it. Why can't he get as excited about organizational products as I do? Luckily I have friends who understand that the container store turns me on a little bit but not in a sick way. How is it not exciting to have a perfectly organized closet with matching hangers and stacking sweater boxes? I don't know many people who own matching sweater boxes, but I love all the people who do. I am still surprised John doesn't think more about the perfect shoe rack design.

He also doesn't understand why I want a laminating machine. But he didn't understand the tile cutter desire at first either. I want to tile everything in my house. Also some things outside the house. I love tools. a lot.
I'm grateful for my friends. And my label machine.and of course my friends who love labelmakers. Or look at ideas for decorating their house. Sara always has good ideas with sources she's found online. If I had lots of money I am confident that Sara could help me spend it more intelligently.
And of course I am grateful my husband who will hold our grouchy and particular old man baby while sara and I work on the cricut. Seriously I am not complaining because I would never complain but sometimes I pray that baby Mark will be a little less "particular." Like not constantly crying in the car for several hours straight even though he should be falling asleep. When he gets tired sometimes he lays on his back- or sometimes that means he wants to nurse. Either way it's fun to have our newest family member also be our oldest man. Maybe I will make him a shirt labeling him as such.
Because nothing is more relaxing than making cool stuff.
What do you like to do when you get free time?
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guess I still have to learn how to get the photos to orient themselves correctly.

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Positive Post #3

This is like a month challenge. Except the month challenge on my etsy shop blog ended up being only 28 days long. That is a month- February 75% of the time style.
Crap I bought the wrong caramel corn. This is devastating.
My sister Claire makes good caramel corn. but my husband doesn't like it.
In other news I am glad people leave comments on my blog- I like it. Even though honestly more action is happening in those than with me. I just thought I should apologize on the blog because I started the fight on the blog. not perfectly clear. You will be happy to know I think everything is worked out.

So now let's talk about some positive things- I found a hilarious website about moms!

moms are so competitive. I follow these moms on twitter that talk about breastfeeding their babies forever and ask me if I've tried herbal remedies to deal with depression.
I think part of why moms get so crazy competitive is that we don't have standard criteria. There is no board out there giving out mommy grades- you get an A and you get a c minus because you feed your child the wrong kind of fruit snacks. Sometimes it would be nice to have a set of guidelines- don't you think?

So what would your mom guidelines be? Do you feel strongly about anything?
I feel strongly about naptime. I have a crush on it.

I am also grateful that this caramel corn is too terrible to eat, because that will help me be healthy.

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Positive Post #2

Danielle took a picture of Bronson, our two month old darling baby friend. He makes me want to cuddle him. a lot.

Well I would really like to have a new background on my blog. I like the one I have, but I would like the columns more if they were a little wider. and I would like it if there was some pink in the title.
Oh my friends had a baby and they named her Sophie. I really love that name. When we had our first baby we made lists of all the names we liked in the baby book. Then we crossed names off that we didn't both like. Then we made a top twenty then ten then three then one. Danielle was in our top ten and was eliminated because of the nickname Dani. Then Sophie Made the top three. We finally decided on Eva. Then when she was born it didn't seem right. I never thought I would think it made a difference- but in my mind Eva had brown hair.
But Sophie really is a beautiful name.
I love a lot of photography blogs that have simple white backgrounds. Maybe they could also make me a button. Do you like blog buttons? Do you think people actually come to blogs from random blog buttons? I like a lot of blogs with buttons and they seem so fancy. My friend Ashli is really good at making them.
My aunt showed me a simple site that I use for my shop blog and kids' blogs (that are over a month behind.- I got overwhelmed and that was the thing that feel apart.) I like the idea of making the blogs about my kids into a book. But I do want some damask pattern in the background.
Have any of you had your blog done? How was it working with someone?
One thing I really like is free trials. My free trail of Adobe Lightroom just ended. I didn't want to get it because we are thinking about getting a new computer for me. Mainly because this computer occasionally claims that it is having system disk failure, and one of the drives has decided be invisible. I don't want to buy a new one though. So I won't buy lightroom for a computer that I might replace. My favorite thing to do when your computer fails? Press the power button until it turns off, then restart it. If that doesn't work? Turn it off again and wait ten to twenty minutes. This is the amount of time it takes to do the dishes, or to vacuum.

I think doing chores helps me relieve stress.

End Positive Post Two


Positive Post #1 : Please Vote

John and I are not exactly having a fight because we would never fight, but we do have heated debates. What do we talk about you ask?
Just what every married couple wonders about: What exactly is the best superpower?
Once John asked me. I thought about it for a minute or two and replied-
"popping zits with my mind control."
Don't tell me you've never thought that would be cool. If I could just squeeze them out there wouldn't be any redness afterward. Those middle of the back zits- no problem. I think you could make MILLIONS as an esthetician if you could squeeze zits with mind control. I really like squeezing zits. If I even see the beginnings of one on my face I like to squeeze it until it is gone, or replaced by bleeding which I think is better than ooze.
Then of course I thought about invisibility. That would be cool. Mainly so you could steal stuff though so maybe that one isn't that great. I like the X-man who can become anyone. I remember some sci fi thing where all the shape shifters were obese in their "real" form because they didn't have to be careful what they ate. I don't remember where that idea is from.
I like fantasy books.
Shape shifting would make me happy because then I could eat more of those really tasty looking danish rings at the grocery store. You know the cherry ones- yum.
I don't know if you know this bit of trivia- but the most common superpower that men want is flying. John, like so many other men, claims that flying is the best superpower.
I support him in his feelings. I love flying.
You know what else I love, even more? Mind Control. I think it would be awesome if you could control what people thought. You could tell them what to do- like, you don't want to talk to me creepy guy- or yes you do want to give me money.
of course you can only use this superpower if you are a good guy.
Mind control is the best.
I also like Peter Petrelli's superpower on Hero's- but of course all the superpowers is the best super power. Let's just focus on one though. Danielle wants to be able to stay up as late as she wants as her superpower- and drive the car.

What is your favorite superpower? It makes me really happy when people tell me what they think.

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I have to admit...

You might think Danielle and I work for the people who made this Halloween kit, but we don't. We are just really really good at decorating things.

I vent a lot on my blog. I assume most of the people who read it know me and what I really think. But recently a venty post blew up into a fight which still isn't over and it is my fault. I got offended about some stupid facebook post and then blogged about it. then she found out and I got more offended about other facebook comments. I had to defriend her because I couldn't stand the status updates about how unchristian I was. Sorry Erin, I shouldn't have written about you on my blog.
Thought I should say that on my blog, right?

So starting today we will have one month of purely positive blogging. I can only commit to one month. Because I am that pathetic. no more funny and sarcastic posts. I can't handle the stress. Personally I feel like we have to joke about problems and humanity, but that's not how everyone deals with it.
In other news I am going to start writing a journal for my extensive venting needs, which I will burn when it is complete


Dear Friend,

Remember when you took that pregnancy test at my house? Maybe next time actually tell me that you didn't tell your husband. Because when we were at a get together at our friends house and you were making fun of me for owning so many pregnancy tests and I wanted you to shut up so I mentioned that I own so many so friends can take them I got a little confused about why you left in a huff.
Your email the next morning at 5 am made me confused for several reasons. You really think I am betraying your trust in not actually mentioning that you took a pregnancy test? WHY THE HECK DIDN'T YOU TELL YOUR HUSBAND? Who needs friends to keep their trust from their husbands- this isn't like you told me that you were cheating on him and I shouldn't tell. (but if you are don't tell me) What do you tell your husband about? Did you stop taking birth control so you could "accidentally" get pregnant.
I have a generally shameless tactic about secrets. I'm not as open as my sister in law Brooke, who is refreshing, but I don't always know what I should "know" is a secret. On a side note Brooke asks me questions that I want to tell her the answer to because she is easy to talk to and fun but I don't want my husband to find out I told. So I don't tell her. And you probably shouldn't have told me you wanted to take a pregnancy test if you didn't want him to hear about it. You could have just taken one. They are in the drawer in the bathroom. I can share my pregnancy test with you. I don't think it's a big deal to take one.
But the digital ones are terrible- you pay a million dollars and get the error sign. I have NEVER had one work and I have taken a few- even when I knew I was pregnant I only got the error sign. HUGE WASTE OF MONEY.
Also making fun of me for having pregnancy tests in the first place was weird and rude. I like to take them when I am worried that I am pregnant. You see I am sexually active. I don't think my husband will be upset when I admit that like yours was. My friend Jen says that no one wants to hear about married sex and I have to agree. This isn't high school anymore- no one talks about it. Speaking of high school I'm glad that I wasn't sexually active in high school, because I totally would have gotten pregnant. My first child was a "surprise." And I actually had to go to the store to buy a pregnancy test when I realized I had skipped a period for the first time since I was twelve. Yep- too many visiting friends took my pregnancy tests.
Thank you for inspiring me to open an esty shop with friendship breakup cards. you should have purchased one for me.

You still can.



WHY BLOG? another pseudo giveaway

I think having a blog teaches you a few things.

#1 Despair.com is an awesome website. awesome. It pretty much sums up my feelings about blogging.
#2 People say things online they would never say in person. Unless they would. For me the sarcasm gets me in trouble- because people just can't hear it.
#3 Drama Drama Drama. People need drama. If nothing exists they make up clever television shows like Gossip Girl and Glee that they can live through. and the Britney Spears Glee episode blew my mind. in a good way.
#4 People are more insecure than they look. Like way insecure. I've written lots of hatemail posts and several people have asked if it was about them. Most of the time it wasn't. Except today when someone blew up about it and it was about them. It was pretty hateful. I broke my rule not to write a post when I was angry. She says my blog is dedicated to saying how much I hate church people. But I herewith dedicate my blog officially to despair.com's poster about blogging.
#5 never write posts when you are angry.
#6 you probably don't have anything original to write.
#7 I like blogging- I feel like I am closer to one of my sister in laws from it, and that is worth it, right.

in other blogging news the wonderful milk duds are happily on their way to their new home- I had to buy several bags because the bags kept getting opened and consumed. crazy. comment number 2 you won! More Halloween Candy pseudo-giveaways to come. Starting with this post:
One bag of (wait for it) Reeces Peanut butter cups will go to the person who answers: why blog? in a comment.
I will mail it in one week on Monday, after I get back from New Jersey but before I get on the plane with my two kids and fly to Utah.