Positive post # 4

Well today I realized I could post blog posts from my android phone which is pretty awesome. This post was made from my phone and photos taken on my phone. We visited Mark and Sara this weekend do which made me happy. We get to take breaks which for me means doing some kind of craft and for John means sitting on the couch and playing games on his phone.

I was heartbroken when I realized that all the recreational home improvement projects I wanted to do made my husband sad. This was a while ago and I think I already blogged about it. Why can't he get as excited about organizational products as I do? Luckily I have friends who understand that the container store turns me on a little bit but not in a sick way. How is it not exciting to have a perfectly organized closet with matching hangers and stacking sweater boxes? I don't know many people who own matching sweater boxes, but I love all the people who do. I am still surprised John doesn't think more about the perfect shoe rack design.

He also doesn't understand why I want a laminating machine. But he didn't understand the tile cutter desire at first either. I want to tile everything in my house. Also some things outside the house. I love tools. a lot.
I'm grateful for my friends. And my label machine.and of course my friends who love labelmakers. Or look at ideas for decorating their house. Sara always has good ideas with sources she's found online. If I had lots of money I am confident that Sara could help me spend it more intelligently.
And of course I am grateful my husband who will hold our grouchy and particular old man baby while sara and I work on the cricut. Seriously I am not complaining because I would never complain but sometimes I pray that baby Mark will be a little less "particular." Like not constantly crying in the car for several hours straight even though he should be falling asleep. When he gets tired sometimes he lays on his back- or sometimes that means he wants to nurse. Either way it's fun to have our newest family member also be our oldest man. Maybe I will make him a shirt labeling him as such.
Because nothing is more relaxing than making cool stuff.
What do you like to do when you get free time?
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guess I still have to learn how to get the photos to orient themselves correctly.

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"It's for fun..." (October 11, 2010 at 7:52 AM)  

what did you make with your cricut?? i love to craft in my free time, but lately, taking naps with baby ranks number one thing to do in my 'free' time :)

Carlie Madsen (October 11, 2010 at 10:04 AM)  

I want a super organized home too. Someday...I believe things are easier to clean when they have a place. Mark needs an old man shirt. I'm glad he has John to hold him all day.

Carlie Madsen (October 11, 2010 at 10:04 AM)  

Sorry, correction, I glad he had John at your Aunt's house to hold him all day. I bet Mark would like John to be available to hold him all day.

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