Positive Post #3

This is like a month challenge. Except the month challenge on my etsy shop blog ended up being only 28 days long. That is a month- February 75% of the time style.
Crap I bought the wrong caramel corn. This is devastating.
My sister Claire makes good caramel corn. but my husband doesn't like it.
In other news I am glad people leave comments on my blog- I like it. Even though honestly more action is happening in those than with me. I just thought I should apologize on the blog because I started the fight on the blog. not perfectly clear. You will be happy to know I think everything is worked out.

So now let's talk about some positive things- I found a hilarious website about moms!

moms are so competitive. I follow these moms on twitter that talk about breastfeeding their babies forever and ask me if I've tried herbal remedies to deal with depression.
I think part of why moms get so crazy competitive is that we don't have standard criteria. There is no board out there giving out mommy grades- you get an A and you get a c minus because you feed your child the wrong kind of fruit snacks. Sometimes it would be nice to have a set of guidelines- don't you think?

So what would your mom guidelines be? Do you feel strongly about anything?
I feel strongly about naptime. I have a crush on it.

I am also grateful that this caramel corn is too terrible to eat, because that will help me be healthy.

End Positive Post #3 of 31

NaDell (October 8, 2010 at 3:07 PM)  

I'm glad I'm not graded! Everyone has their own curve system of what's important and what isn't. Like I don't think it's important to sleep with your babies. Others think that's bonding time. I prefer to have them sleep alone, like they will until they get married. My sleeping time is for sleeping.
I think it's important for dads to be dads and not babysitters. It bugs me when people say that their husband can babysit so they can go to an activity or something. Um, it's called PARENTING!

Carlie Madsen (October 9, 2010 at 3:01 PM)  

I think that we should all return to the gold standard pound.

I didn't watch the movie yet. I promise I will. I have a hard time making friends with mom's because I find people I think I have things in common with because we both have kids, but in reality, we don't have anything in common but kids. And, friends can't talk about kids all the time. It is awesome when my real friends become mom's...then they are real mom friends too.

I making grape juice from scratch today. I think I may market it as the latest miracle food...delicious! I think of it as my family's wine...but it is not wine nor is is alchololic...I appaently just like the appearance of evil. LOL.

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