Positive Post #5

I love this family tree and the other designs from My Tree and Me. Once I entered a giveaway to win one but then I didn't and then I didn't want to buy one because really I'd just have to ask my mom for all the names anyway. I know I have the programs to make something like this but not the knowledge. or maybe not. If you wanted to spend money on me now you know a way. Just call my mom first for our family history please.
I don't have a thing to say. Except that I realized that I am just a normal mom- I don't have a powerful cause- my two children are relatively healthy. I am pretty average. So I will never have a famous blog. I don't even know if I would read it. But I love butterflies and flowers and someone helped me pull weeds in my yard today. awesome. People are awesome.
My new blog idea: "Go to Hell A Bad Place Medical School! Love, your family xoxo" What do you think? My friends who have husbands who work all the time tell me to get over it. Or the more loving martyr style wife that just loves to serve in this trying time. Ok they don't tell me to get over it because I don't know any really, but I bet I could find some if you give me some time. Maybe you could find one for me to read and feel guilty about.
see you in a month.
or tomorrow.

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The Merrell Family (October 12, 2010 at 12:33 AM)  

I am not sure that a post that says, "Go to hell" in it can actually count as a positive post. Just sayin. :)

sivab (October 12, 2010 at 9:23 AM)  

Did you know that I actually saw this same "tree" in a magazine a few months ago. I started to copy it when I realized two things 1)it was taking way to much time to copy it and 2)in the process I realized I would have to stem it all from one person so I couldn't put Mark or the kids on there-unless I started it all from one of my lovelies but I am sure that would cause problems. Anyway it was then that I was able to make myself feel better about not being able to buy it because then I didn't want it anymore. Now I am going to make the one that I showed you that you hate and why you decided to subtly post a picture of one that looks super more awesome.

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