Thank You

Dear Claire,
Thank you so much for that cute lip gloss color. I really liked the pink when you sent it to me. Today Danielle found it and my mascara at the same time. Funny thing- mascara wands fit right into a lip gloss container. The resulting color is really...different. It's like a grey-purple-pink. Maybe it would look better on Mom.
I think I'll send it to her.
Thanks again!


Sunday Thoughts

The baby Mullet is a rare and precious thing. As someone who grew up in the 80's I have a great respect for the mullet. I remember a special variation called the rat tail featuring just a tiny long hair in the back. Rock from first grade sported a rat tail. That was before he transferred schools after an embarrassing playground fight. Did his rat tail give Rocky an advantage? I think so.

I don't think about Mullets very much. Honestly they gross me out. But I understand that they hold an odd power over people. People in certain states just can't get away from them. I noticed this on our drive down to Georgia. I remember my sophomore year of college Brandon Dayton sold shirts about the glorious mullet. I tried to use Google to find a photo of his with a mullet. He is an illustrator. no success though. But I think he did make money with the mullet shirts.

why am I thinking of Mullets you might ask? Because I went to church this week. Not that I miss church very often but we have been out of town for a while and the distance has made me notice certain things. Like the children's Mullets. There is a child in our ward whose mullet is growing out. Or rather, the rest of her hair is catching up with her tiny braided rat tail. After many weeks of wondering finally someone explained to me that she had a condition where she pulled out all of her hair but the little hair in the back was left over. Her parents still wanted her to feel like a girl so they allowed her to keep the little bundle of femininity. Danielle rubbed and still rubs the hair off the back of her head and is mostly in danger of an oddly shaped bowl cut, but I never thought of the possibility with a rat tail. Is it wrong to thing these parents possibly hurt their child in the long run? I don't know anything about children who pull their hair out- I've heard of it and I know the girl is getting better so they probably know better than I do, but I do know about people who are bitter about childhood haircuts they were allowed to have. Like most of the kids in the 80's.

So I am heartless. I was thinking of this on Sunday when the girl (who is recovering albiet with rat-tail) was walking by. Then I noticed something else- a new haircut. One of my friends- who I like, seems to have given their child a mullet. Now I can't say for sure if it is purposeful or just one of those accidents that happsn since children tend to rub off the hair in the back. Can I ask my friend if she seriously wanted to give her child a mullet? What would my follow up comment be when the answer is yes? I kept trying to get a better look at the child but he was being fussy and left the room. Another friend just sent me this fantastic photo of her child's mullet. I love it!

There went 10 minutes of speaker, and they were well spent.


Diaper Guilt

I am pretty excited about Danielle being potty trained. I am not excited about having to potty train her myself. The blog momfessions is having a diaper carnival and you are supposed to link a post on your blog about diapers. Well I like pampers diapers. Danielle has sensitive skin and other diapers used to give her really bad rashes. Now she wears huggies overnights at night which I think is a pretty neat idea.
I wanted to want to cloth diaper my baby when she was born. The same time I was having a baby (well around the same time) Jen's neighbor was having a baby and she planned to cloth diaper. I was happy when she didn't do it the first few weeks, but then she switched over. Jen was a little grossed out since they shared a washer and dryer. When Danielle had to become a free range baby because her skin was allergic to diapers for a while I thought about cloth diapering. But I didn't do it. If I was a better person I would- or if any commercial laundry service had advertised in my area.
Just last week Danielle got excited about her diapers and said "elmo" and pointed to his picture on her diaper. Does this mean it is time for her to stop wearing diapers (seriously I am planning to start really potty training when she turns two in April) and learn that you can do more on the potty than just sit there? I hope so.


Disney- Some of days 1, 2 and 3

Here is a video of Danielle. Make sure to turn the sound on, because the fireworks scene isn't very good to watch but you can hear Danielle making excited noises. A lot of her fun moments involve hugging strangers in furry suits. You'll get the idea.


Disney Day One

Well after about 30 hours of driving (what were we thinking!) we finally had our first day at Disney. Danielle loved it so much.

Top Five things at Disney (for Danielle)

1. The Fireworks show at Epcot- she kept yelling wow and covering her face.
2. The Ball. She is really good at the word Ball.
3. The animatronic Purple Dragon figment. I finally understand why that ride isn't a complete waste of space.
4. Going down the hill in the Norway ride. The trolls are scary but I think someday Danielle will like roller coasters. And movies- so she takes after her dad.
5. Dancing with the Belly Dancer at the moroccan restaraunt.
Bottom Five.
1. Time Share presentation. Why do people go to these?
2. Having to wait an hour for the timeshare people to find us so we could even have the crappy presentation.
3. Considering purchasing one of these stupid things so we have to tell them no tomorrow before we get our prize.
4. The screaching fan of the air conditioning in our unit.
5. Realizing I didn't bring a few pairs of pants I was meaning to bring.
Danielle absolutely loved taking a swim in the big tub in our bathroom. She also loved the fountains that squirted in patterns at Epcot. Take your kid to a super fancy amusement park and they will want to look at the fountains all day.



Danielle Loves cupcakes. Every time she sees them she says "cup= cake" in her baby equivalent speech. The other day we were cleaning out her closet and she found her birthday decorations from last year. She was so excited about the Strawberry shortcake cupcake toppings that she wouldn't let me put them back. How long do those phony toppings stay good? They weren't past date and she is two in April. I asked Danielle if she wanted to make cupcakes with me. Of course the answer was yes- or rather nah which means yes. (not be confused with No)
Danielle was so excited but we only had Christmas cupcakes in the house. And green frosting with funfetti. I have cookie decorating for a small army but I was out of strawberry shortcake colored cake. And with February approaching it really is time to take down all the Christmas decorations (hint hint neighbors) and eat the last of the Christmas cupcakes. I turned the oven light on and Danielle sat by the oven. She pulled up a step stool so she could see it better.
Danielle loves cupcakes. It all started when she was one and we foolishly gave her a cake on her birthday. She knows how to say cupcake. I have no idea where she learned this work- I am hoping it was from me on the fated closet cleaning day but I suspect it was from a child. That is where she learned all her words. She learned apple from Isaac the first time he said it. Then we had to teach her that all food wasn't called apple. The other day she started saying "what the heck?" and holding up her arms. It is hilarious. I thought maybe it was from her parents until John pointed out that he cousins Fisher and Sam say what they heck- they were visiting us.
and lastly Killian taught her how to say hot dog.
Maybe, just maybe, the cupcake is mine.