Good Morning Insomnia

seriously I don't know who thought of spin class, but it is awful.
and awesome.
bruises. that's all i can say.
I'm totally going back tomorrow.

I don't know if I just didn't hold my stomach in quite enough but I have some evil bruises. I used to do this a lot more. Plus then I just went home and discovered I was starving so I ate a bowl of cereal. and a handi snacks.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who feels like Handi Snacks are like crack addictive. I asked John to get them for the children but now I realize I just wanted them for myself.
I bet spin class would make me lose tons of weight- if it didn't make me crazy crazy hungry.

also- am I the only one who wakes up at 5 in the morning and has lots of energy- then goes back to sleep and wakes up at 7:30 totally exhausted? Twice this week I decided to just stay up and do the dishes or laundry (or blog and make lists of all the things I need to do to finish every home project in the world) then go back to sleep around six. It's super nice to have some quiet time. I think I should start going to bed earlier.

baby Mark is currently in love with my special K protein shakes. I got them in the morning so John would eat something before school because there isn't a lot of time. Then I started having them since the mornings are a bit of a whirlwind train wreak with the kids. and now they are Mark's favorite food.

My darling boy is inheriting my expensive tastes, just like that.

Have a great morning today. If I leave right now I can make it to the morning spin class.



Austin has lost his bone. we suspect that it was the evil snow that stole it. Austin is willing to dig many holes to retrieve his bone. He want to bring it in the house and spread it all over the carpet like his last bone. Austin has found it impossible to go to the bathroom from the grief over losing his bone. He just wants it back.
or maybe he is just sniffing around for something else...

Also lost: spring.
I hate the cold. hate.


Sunday Thoughts on Tuesday

Well today I went to church for an activity. I even wore a bonnet. The activity talked about remembering the pioneers and making sure we took the time to take care of our spiritual development. I liked it.
I know- it's amazing that I went. there was a fantastic cake though, and I worked out enough to get points for that cake. I was a little appalled by the song about the nine year old freezing to death (I guess maybe that gets the emotions going but I thought it was in poor taste) but I like the idea of remember the important things in life.
Do you think maybe it is exploiting religion to write about a girl freezing to death from the perspective of that girl? Or just really creepy?
OK I should really let it go, but I felt like I must be an alien since no one else gasped in shock when it started. and I was narrating a part so I was sitting in the front of the church trying not to make faces. Some ladies cried, which I can also understand. Overall I'm not in any danger of going out and buying the CD of "inspirational" music. Maybe I'm just not the right target for "Mormon" music.
Or Mormon art, but at the risk of getting a little too crazy sounding I won't talk about that.
Instead I think I should mention that I'm trying to be healthy and lose weight.
so that's all I get to do. I got an OMRON pedometer and I try to take 10,000 steps a day (which contrary to what someone told me today you DO NOT get just from chasing kids- unless you also happen to go on two 1.5 mile walks with those kids each day in addition to cleaning up after the kids and cleaning your house. then again her house is REALLY clean so maybe...) and I also have been tracking my food with weight watchers (except when I went to the wedding because HELLO that's no fun). and I've been working on the Jillian Michaels Winning by Losing book. She has some really great circuit training routines. You might think to yourself- gosh I haven't seen Janae in a while. Because this is literally all I can do. I eat healthy and work out like a maniac and lose very little weight. I still love you guys. and I still think about lemon bars a lot. if you ever want to come over and walk around my neighborhood or work in my yard for more steps that would be fun. Or we could watch dancing with the stars. or if any of you would ever join the gym I go to we could go ever day. OK realistically only 5-6 times a week. Some days I walk on my treadmill with the options of a 10% and 20% incline. It makes my legs sore.

Some things just don't work out quite how we would wish- like my dream that Michelle would be the next bachelorette. Now I will look forward to watching boring ashley H or whatever her name was but I hope they don't get as many douche-bag guys as they sometimes do. It seems like they are having a hard time casting good people- celebrity apprentice has a way cooler cast than dancing with the stars.

p.s. today my omron pedometer dropped an entire day somehow- they claim I took 0 steps today. I am so mad I want to spit. Maybe I will get 20,000 tomorrow. it's just a problem with the management software not the actual pedometer... I hope it works itself out.


Weekend Trip

here I am with my crazy eye. did you notice that Claire squints in some photos? I had to search for one but here she is- doing the same squint I do. Now THAT is what family is all about- searching through photos to find one where you look related.

I went to Portland last weekend. I saw the beautiful Sarah Pond get married to Joe Cotton. They are adorable. I could just put them in my pocket.
Except I couldn't actually do that because these people are part of the tall club that I wasn't invited to. It was awesome to see people from the area and also eat loads of unhealthy local food I probably should have abstained from. It was so fun to see Claire and Jen and I've decided girl trips RULE. any time John wants to watch the kiddos for a weekend in the right time- but girl trips to weddings- my brain explodes with the possibilities.

I am in love with weddings. Claire is a super good gym partner because she wakes up at the crack of dawn to work out. that is some seriously awesome dedication. Jen is an awesome partner in late night going out because she is there until the end of it all. and she is a good mixer.

not in love with: not having a flash that works- but check out these tall beautiful people. I think they are probably talking about it- oh isn't it nice to be super tall? yes of course and think of the giant basketball player children we will have... I'm glad that even though I'm taller than average I can wear heels and dance with you, and also tower over all of our less beautiful, common, short friends. I could have been a model if I had wanted to, how about you? There is always the next generation I guess...

I think that's how tall people talk.

10 hours on a plane each way with no kids = just a good time to read a book or two.


Danielle the Destroyer: The Best Day of My Mom's Life

Danielle likes using paint cans as a drum set. Don't you?

There is a certain website which features things children ruin. I can't in good conscience link to it but you could find it- with the power of the internet. It features a lot of horrible photos of poo covered children which remind me Danielle's naps a few years ago, only different worse. Like just playing in the poo, not trying to change their own diaper. Does anyone else remember that Post? because it makes me want to cry. but also it makes me REALLY HAPPY Danielle is potty trained.

Today I just wanted to think about a few things Danielle has destroyed in the past few weeks.
also she peed her bed somehow this morning after she woke up. Thank goodness for waterproof mattress covers and my awesome washer.

  1. The kitchen floor- marker
  2. Chairs- also marker
  3. her light cover- marker
  4. the bed- marker
  5. the carpet in mark's room- paint
  6. the wall in mark's room- also paint
  7. the carpet in the living room- nutella
  8. My adorable pottery barn rabbit tablecloth- jam and nutella
  9. Some of my fabric- nutella
  10. My Necklace- unintended child use
  11. my primary name sticks- theft
  12. My sewing machine cover- marker
  13. All My Spices- child related "cooking"
  14. All the food in the freezer downstairs- searching for ice cream
  15. the rug in the bathroom- sickness/poo (Danielle had a little bit of the flu)
  16. Her panties- see above
  17. my sanity- figuring out how to get out of a locked room during "quiet time."
I think it is horrible to lock your child in their room. I think it is worse for your child to sneak out of their room and dump all the spices out before you wake up. and even worse when they find a permanent marker in your purse and color all over the kitchen floor WHILE YOU ARE IN THE ROOM WITH THEM. also new rule- No more nutella. ever. which goes quite nicely with my newly healthy lifestyle.

I called my mom about it. She laughed.

So I will keep searching for this endless supply of markers- until the perfect day.
when a grown mother Danielle calls me on the phone with good news...
involving markers.