Weekend Trip

here I am with my crazy eye. did you notice that Claire squints in some photos? I had to search for one but here she is- doing the same squint I do. Now THAT is what family is all about- searching through photos to find one where you look related.

I went to Portland last weekend. I saw the beautiful Sarah Pond get married to Joe Cotton. They are adorable. I could just put them in my pocket.
Except I couldn't actually do that because these people are part of the tall club that I wasn't invited to. It was awesome to see people from the area and also eat loads of unhealthy local food I probably should have abstained from. It was so fun to see Claire and Jen and I've decided girl trips RULE. any time John wants to watch the kiddos for a weekend in the right time- but girl trips to weddings- my brain explodes with the possibilities.

I am in love with weddings. Claire is a super good gym partner because she wakes up at the crack of dawn to work out. that is some seriously awesome dedication. Jen is an awesome partner in late night going out because she is there until the end of it all. and she is a good mixer.

not in love with: not having a flash that works- but check out these tall beautiful people. I think they are probably talking about it- oh isn't it nice to be super tall? yes of course and think of the giant basketball player children we will have... I'm glad that even though I'm taller than average I can wear heels and dance with you, and also tower over all of our less beautiful, common, short friends. I could have been a model if I had wanted to, how about you? There is always the next generation I guess...

I think that's how tall people talk.

10 hours on a plane each way with no kids = just a good time to read a book or two.

Crystal Escobar (March 14, 2011 at 12:02 AM)  

Haha, loved the tall people commentary you added :) You're funny.

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