Missing Camera

I've been meaning to blog about Danielle's birthday and Easter and other fun stuff.
but I can't find my camera.
Which is super shocking to everyone who knows me since I never lose stuff.
Like my driver's license.
And two other cameras.
And my wedding ring.

Maybe I'll ask for a new one for my birthday.
Although I probably don't deserve one.


Dear ENT Doctor

I don't want to pay the 200 dollar bill I just got in the mail.
I am for sure going to ignore it for at least a week.
Maybe two.
I'm glad that I had some insurance so it wasn't over twice as much.
Next time I want to opt out of the 200 dollar nose spray my insurance won't cover.
Also, the four hour wait.
If you run that far behind, you suck at life.
But I guess that's the goal of every NEPA doctor.


Danielle is Four

Danielle was pretty thrilled when she got a new outfit and a package on her birthday. She decided to put it on right away and declared it a perfect princess dress. Mark was also excited about his outfit.

every princess needs a cake, so I decorated a cake for the first time for a birthday. Danielle thought the pink was very important, and the candles.
happy birthday little one.
I love you so much.

Danielle was born on her due date. She is like that.
I try not to think about that- I still haven't forgotten labor, like people say you do.

I can't believe at one she had five teeth and could walk. Mark could not walk, but he had almost all his teeth. She sure loved cake. Mostly smashing it.

When Danielle was two she wanted to feed her cupcake to dad. She loved to share.

at three we played with bubbles all day and she wore her dress I made her.


The Younger Helper.

Danielle likes to help me pick fabric and pick a few combinations. Mark has decided I shouldn't make blankets for other people. all the fuzzy blankets are his. sometimes he wants to steal blankets from other children because he knows that blankets are for cuddling and Mark is also for cuddling. he also loves to lay on the canvas board or color on it. Maybe some time we will go to the store together to buy a new one. Or some white paint.
that's my little helper.



Today I went grocery shopping without my children. OK it was the other day- but you an imagine. I missed them so much. So I decided to nag myself for everything I saw that I wanted. I compulsively added items to the cart and then decided I wanted a different flavor. I ran from the cart to another aisle. I talked to the lobsters for a few minutes and cried when I had to leave them. I ordered every single kind of cake item.
I moved around the cereal boxes. I dumped all the granola bars on the floor. Then I picked up 4 or five varieties of fruit snacks and lots of chips. I picked up the pooping chicken in the easter candy and bought myself a stuffed animal. When I got to the aisle I hugged everyone's legs and told them if they looked funny. I got a twix and one of those bottle pop suckers. I had already eaten two jelly beans from the bag I ripped open and thrown the rest on the floor. I also had to go get the contents of my wallet from where I had thrown them down in disgust. I had hot dogs and lunchables, as well as every variety of dannonino yogurt.

not quite satisfied, I decided to cut out the middle mad entirely. I decided I didn't get the right fruit on the way home and had to go back for yellow apples and handi snacks. Then I got myself some cake with a princess plate. I put it on the table and went to watch shows. Each time there was a commercial break I got a new fork to get another bite. Then I just wiped frosting in my hair and threw the rest of the food in a pile on the floor. I dumped my cool-aid on my lovely pile then brought my nectarines to the basement. I took one bite of each of them and hid them behind a toy bin to rot. I emptied the bag of goldfish crackers in my bed then jumped on it to get them nice and crumbly.

When John came home, I blamed Austin the dog.
I think it was the yogurt all over my shirt that betrayed the truth...


Dear friend

Dear costco muffins,
I love you. I miss you.
Lets go out.
I love your new packaging. I still can't decide if I like chocolate or blueberry more. I wish you lived closer so I could keep testing.
It's this kind of research that I went to college for.
And I hate sams club. I would never cheat on you.
Especially now that I am trying to track my food on weight watchers and you are more than half of my daily points.

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