Positive Post #14

I have the opportunity to undo one of the worst mistakes of my life. What is it? that's right- getting the wrong color gold in my crown. Now my dentist (who really was NOT very good) recommended that I get a porcelain crown. Since I've been to a few jaw specialists who disagree and I cracked my tooth by clenching I asked for a gold crown. Porcelain can crack so if you clench or grind your teeth you shouldn't get it. You should get gold.
So once I had convinced my dentist that even though my porcelain crown would be guaranteed for two years I was going to get the less attractive gold they grudgingly asked me what color I wanted. Color? I didn't know that gold came in colors.
Then I realized what an idiot I am- of course it comes in colors, my wedding ring is white gold. I thought- well maybe I should match my wedding ring.

I don't know if you know this but a white gold crown looks a lot like those cheap-o metal fillings you used to get as a kid that I don't even know if they make anymore. Why didn't I get yellow gold? I could spit every time someone sees my crown and tells me they used to get fillings like that when they were kids. NO YOU DIDN'T.

not that it makes me frustrated because I am always happy.
and I would never be so vain about my teeth to care if people think my crown is gold or just a super big cavity.
One year after the first mistake I did it again. I got another crown and even though I knew it was a mistake I wanted it to match so I got white gold again. At first they ordered me a porcelain crown and I was a little upset that I had to call back two days after my fitting and remind them that I wanted white gold like the last one. They seemed to think it was unusual. Apparently they have never dealt with anyone that clenches. Why did I trust these people to make me a crown in the first place.

Just yesterday a miracle happened- while I was eating my crown fell out of my mouth. Now if I can get my other crown to fall out by tomorrow morning I can get it replaced with a yellow gold crown. I guess crowns just fall out sometimes since mine did. Maybe I can count on the other one falling out eventually- I could just get them to make me a yellow gold one. This one only lasted about 17 months after all. How about when my slowly and painfully dying root next to the newest crown finally dies- maybe I won't just need a root canal like the other surrounding teeth- maybe I can get another crown. Luckily I still had three pain killers left over from after I had a baby so I should be able to make it until tomorrow morning. Should I be worried that my crown stump hurts so bad? Can that get infected or is there even tooth left there?
Man I wish I was a dentist.

So my advice to you is to plan what color your crowns will be someday. Think of the repercussions of the color gold you get. I might be stuck- or have non matching teeth. On the bright side I could get white gold yellow gold white gold yellow gold. Then I could wear any color jewelry and match.

Totally worth the 2,000.00 dollars. Twice.

end positive post #14

Carlie Madsen (October 29, 2010 at 1:23 AM)  

Janae, one of my reoccurring nightmares is me losing teeth. I only felt the sensation in life once when my temporary crown feel out. It still gives me the willies. I feel you've experienced much deeper pain...a tooth per child. And, now once again, the crown. I liked how your post made me squirm a little bit. we should talk soon. I want to hear about your life. Soon, we will be practically neighbors.

The Blind Spot (October 29, 2010 at 5:12 PM)  

Have you ever thought of getting red gold? ;) I have a gold crown with a porcelain or ceramic veneer on the outside, so nobody sees the color ;) I'm sorry to hear about your tooth problems. During my "thesis" (which was all about dental stuff) I learned that the quality of your teeth is mostly genetic. I have bad teeth, so that's a good excuse, huh? I can understand that your crown stump hurts b/c the dentinal tubules are exposed and yes, I think it can get infected (but only if you don't clean your teeth). I think it won't if you go to the dentist straight away to have it fixed. Do you still study to be a dental hygienist?

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