Positive Post #15

I got my tooth fixed. They didn't even ask if I wanted another color- they just glued the sucker back on. They cleaned it- maybe because it was stored in the change section of my wallet. My kids put money in their mouths though, so it probably would have been fine either way.
for those of you (denise) who wonder- I actually didn't start dental Hygeine. I finally realized that maybe piles and piles of educational debt were a bad plan. John knows this too, so he plans to work after school. Since I can't commit to that I decided to wait on school.

Other good news: Mark wakes up twice a night now- that is less than ever before and he is darling at night. Danielle likes to feed him yogurt and she is really good at it. After a few weeks she is officially a preschool drop out- and her school backpack came in the mail the next day. luckily she has a lot of important ponies to carry around the house and now she can do it.

I am about to die in anticipation of Halloween- one of the most glorious holidays EVER.

Long live Candy!
except milk duds, because it turns out I wasn't supposed to be eating milk duds at all anyway since I popped my crown off on one. and all other sticky candy.
I'm usually so careful to only eat them on the other side of my mouth.
I don't know if I can think about never eating milk duds again. They keep looking at me from the candy bin. They love me. They want to make me feel better about going to the dentist. They don't think my gold crown is a mercury filling.
Totally worth the very insignificant copay since I have much coveted dental insurance that I have a crush on.
Did I mention I'm one of the reasons everyone has such expensive dental insurance?
true story.
End Positive Post #15

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