Positive Post #9

Danielle and I planted flowers today in the garden.
We were wearing coats though because it was freezing outside.
we are going to live with aunt Paul and Brooke in Florida for the winter.

So Today was awesome. You know that was awesome about it? My sister sent me a link to THIS blog. I've never been so inspired to whip out the Paint program again. After a little practice I am pretty sure of a few things: You have to be pretty cool to have over 28,000 blog followers- and I don't think she actually uses paint. Paint rocks though.
You might ask yourself why our clothing looks so great? Actually that wasn't what we wore today- but you could imagine how good we would look if we had. I was wearing THIS set of hairpins from my sister Rachelle's etsy shop. and I was wearing high contrast colors. You see I am supposed to wear high contrast colors because I am a type 4. My mom helped me find this out. These pictures are Danielle and I dressed in our "types" Danielle is a type 1. Whenever I talk about it with my mom I always call it a color even though they are numbers. Even though I don't know if I totally believe in the almost mystical devotion my mom has to this system, I did get a haircut from them and it was a FANTASTIC haircut. I was way happy. My mom got in trouble for making me the appointment because you are only supposed to be able to make an appointment with them if you are in the "club" I'm not in the club but they looked the other way just once. You can find more information about them HERE. I am totally for image consulting- I've even watched several episodes of the Rachel Zoe Project. Right after Mark was born. I don't know if it is possible but I think I watched 22 hours of television a day after mark was born. Thanks to DVR. Our DVR is broken right now.

Here is a description of my "type"
Type 4 — The bold, striking woman
You are reflective, concise, and clear. You have a natural gift for perfecting things and showing others how something can be made better.
My mom really likes dressing her truth and Carol likes it too. Unfortunately for me I already liked wearing black and white so go figure, I won't look ten billion pounds thinner by changing the way I dress.
Less excited about? no one commenting on my phony candy giveaway. Actually you really get candy but that's not the most fantastic giveaway ever. Just the funniest. ever. literally. Go HERE and comment, or I'll be forced to write something inflammatory about something just to get a response from all you people out there.

What's the most inflammatory thing you've ever read on a blog recently? mine was a recent debate where an anti-circumcision post wrote about how a babies circumcision lead to his death. They took pictures from a blog and quoted the story without the woman's permission. The family was horrified at the invasion of privacy.

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