Sunday Thoughts

Well today I went to church with two kids. While John was out of town. I had my hair back in a ponytail and wore flats. I almost put on under eye concealer. and I didn't even change Mark's outfit, which I realized halfway through sacrament meeting had food on it. Since I'm such a contentious parent I fed my kids girl scout cookies and pop tarts during the meeting. I also fed Mark an entire container of pomegranate Greek yogurt.
You can imagine I was not happy about how I looked. Or the fact that I probably seemed a little harried, which blows my graceful mom image.
At least my knee high nylons didn't have holes in them.
I thought I had a child that was afraid of people and wouldn't wander off but today he proved that even if you don't necessarily like other people you can still run away. I wish he understood that it is not a fun game to run away. and I just wish I had worn a fantastic necklace and high heels but I still can't scrub that nasty band aid sticky off my foot and I don't want to make it bleed.
Worst of all: I forgot my pedometer so even though I chased Mark all over I still won't have very many steps. as in I had no recorded steps as of 1:00 P.M. Today.

But you could imagine if I was the perfect mom, the day would have gone differently.
I would have woken up early and made my children and omelet for breakfast, with egg whites and lots of vegetables. They would happily eat it and not beg for shows.
I would have given Danielle a bath when I realized I couldn't comb the snarls out of her hair- which would be fine because I would have laid out my outfit the day before.
We would read scriptures together and head off for church, arriving 15 minutes early. My children would sit quietly and color in their coloring books. Mark would sit on my lap and cuddle with me as we listened to the talks. Then Danielle and Mark would head to primary where everything would go well. I think Mark would be wearing his Nordstrom suit. (he has one but I never manage to get it on him) I would have made him a matching tie with fun colors. I wouldn't have been tempted to just post a picture of the children sulking in the corner that didn't want their photo taken.
My toenails would be painted, and I would have straightened my hair.
I think I would have been wearing my red Kate Spade Dress.

I think this Kate Spade Dress is Darling. Perfect with her tights and a coat.

maybe I would wear my brown boots from Fluevog today.
I think I would bring my purse from Eight Seasons on Etsy.

I've worked with Threadrare before to make great hair things, and i would get her to make a perfectly matching red flower for my hair. I do love red.
I would keep the jewelry simple with a Louis Hill Pendant Necklace

and of course wear my Chanel makeup, which my children have not destroyed.

I always find myself drawn to black eyeliner and a light colored eyeshadow- but what if I branched out a little bit and wore eyeshadow more like the colors my sister Claire wears? I could go for the classic red lip and lined eyes but that might be overkill with my red mom dress.

It was a little sunny outside even though it was cold so the perfect mom would wear a pair of sunglasses.

ah, isn't being the perfect mom nice?

Carlie Madsen (February 27, 2011 at 10:08 PM)  

Wow. I totally wore that outfit, and ELijah totally cuddled me during sacrament. I guess I am that perfect mom. Sorry Janae. just kidding. I actually wore brown boots with my black shirt...I didn't really care because i was wearing my ankle length jean skirt that makes me feel like a cowgirl or Michelle Duggar. We were wondering where John is because we are nosy :) LOL. Matt and I went shopping yesterday. I bought new bras in honor of weaning my child. Hmm, I'm volunteering a lot on a public forum. Good night.

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