Dear Friend, Sunday Thoughts Edition

who hasn't been guilty of a jumper and flats?

Dear Friend,
I was just writing to talk about how glad I was to go to church today. John had a fever of 102 last night and I thought I was going to die but we came. I know it's only a virus because I'm already on a prescription decongestant and antibiotics and allergy medicine. maybe it wasn't super bright to bring our seemingly healthy kids since they slept pretty much all day after church. You will be happy to know that Mark seems better from his ear infection and even slept through the night last night, which John did not. Either way I was way more laid back than usual at church. I guess all that cold medicine helps me be more mellow. My only problem is that I think it inspired unnecessarily random thoughts. No wait- I always have those. The cold medicine just makes me more confused about things that people are trying to explain to me.

Anyway today I was reminded of my mission. You see today I thought of my plans for a second mission, where I shared the important message of a bra that fit properly. I think the properly fitting bra could almost as dear to my heart as my religion. Hello- line those bras ladies! Because seriously a bra that flattens, cuts in half and sags you all at the same time can ruin you life. Actually just one of those things is enough to ruin your day, so all three= you need an intervention.

Seriously I feel like this bra fitting mission could change someone's life for the better. That someone being you. Also: the message that no Jumper is the right kind of jumper. Now I have to admit, I was guilty of the Jumper wearing. I borrowed one from my companion and it was the most comfortable thing I put on. On a hot day the air just blows right up that jumper and cools you off. Of course the resulting billowing is not particularly flattering. When I was in Germany during the hottest summer in 140 years I was seen in two glorious jumpers and gifted one by Sister Reynolds, bless her soul. But you know a lot of things are comfortable, like the Ugg boots I wear around the house. Most of you have probably never seen my capri sweat pants with pockets and they are comfortable. We are talking about full thickness pockets here.

Anyway I was a little confused today because I saw your jumper and I'm betting you learned about their magic on a mission or in a hot place but your jumper was tight. If you take a jumper and add tightness you have destroyed the inherent beauty of the jumper, which is minimal to begin with.

I was thinking I could get together with you some time and go to the mall to a little store I like to call victorias secret. I know you think they are porn but maybe in this case you can look past that to get a decent bra. We could go to macy's, I won't judge. I'm thinking under wire could really rock your world.
almost enough to make that jumper passable.

I loved this jumper so much Sister Reynolds gave it to me. She. Was. Awesome.

NaDell (February 21, 2011 at 2:35 PM)  

Jumpers are totally comfy. I love them, but realize just how unflattering they are, so I limit their use to really skinny days, which haven't happened for a long time. I have one maxi dress (kind of a jumper) that makes me look awesome no matter my size that I wore a lot in early pregnancy.
Bras-important. I hate seeing a bra that the back is clear up to their shoulders. How is that even remotely comfortable? Ouch! Better yet, a halter top type shirt (I don't see those at church though) with regular bra straps on the outside. Don't they have any rubberbands, paperclips, safety pins, etc at their house to make their outfit not look bad? (I'm not recommending halter tops, but I saw a really gross set of bra straps with one a few weeks ago.) Who doesn't know about underwire???

HeatherandTanner (February 22, 2011 at 1:23 AM)  

Where is the best place to get a bra fitting? My problem isn't any that you said, but it is a problem, and it needs to be fixed.

karen and cameron (February 22, 2011 at 12:01 PM)  

I'm taking a guess to who this jumper convict is here...too funny, Janae!

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