these are my kiddos. they are on vacation in New Jersey right now. Danielle will probably never want to go home again.

My house is quiet right now. It has been quiet all week. My aunt is watching my kiddos this week and it is fantastic. I am surprised how peaceful and energized I feel- like I can take it again.
Maybe that is the prescription pain killer and antibiotics speaking. I've had a sinus infection on and off pretty much since I've lived here. A while ago I started getting headaches so bad I would sit on the couch and just let the kids run around all over and do whatever they wanted. It hurt so much. I finally went to the doctor and they gave me drugs. I made a cocktail of over the counter and prescription drugs to try to dull the pain in my head. I just wanted to drill a hole in my face to stop the feeling.
So John made me go to the doctor. Actually I think he made the appointment. Did I ever mention that I have a phobia against doctors? I do. a huge one. It takes all my energy not to cry when a doctor walks in the room. There is nothing worse than going to the doctor. No matter what it's bad news. If you are sick the bad news is that you are sick. If you aren't then you just wasted the doctor's time. I hate finding doctors I like. Plus I'm bossy. The doctor here told me we could try antibiotics again before I get a scan of my face or go to a specialist.
I just want my headache to go away. and with allergy medicine, antibiotics and pain killer, it mostly does.

anyway in good news I have worked out three days this week. and I haven't eaten any candy.

Mark loves to yell. and scream.

sivab (February 9, 2011 at 8:09 PM)  

Don't forget how Mark loves to sing. When the hymns started he really went for the hymn book just like you said he would. The girls thought it was the cutest thing ever and now they want to keep him even more than they did before. Tomorrow Danielle and Eddie get to decorate their own V-day cakes. I am sure they will be real tidy with a nice sheen on them from all their saliva. If you are lucky Danielle will save you a piece. :) Glad you are enjoying your break.

Carlie Madsen (February 9, 2011 at 10:50 PM)  

YAY for you! I'm so glad you are getting a break. I hope you can find what is hurting your head!!! If you hadn't fully weaned Mark, then this trip will do it :) Potty training, weaning, I think your aunt could make a business :) Just kidding. I'm still feeding ELijah 2 times a day...he drinks for like 5 minutes, and then is over it. So, in another few weeks, we are dropping down to one feeding, and then...done hopefully soon :) Enjoy your break!

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