It's been over a week since Valentine's day- are you still feeling loved?
This year our anniversary and Valentine's day have been a little more laid back than before. No chocolates since I'm trying hard to eat healthier and we didn't go anywhere since I didn't feel awesome. Why did I get married in the middle of winter? I seem to always have some kind of cold. Also no thanks on any more colds.
We were going to celebrate another day with just us but it just didn't seem like a big deal- which makes me think- Did something break inside of me? Since when do I not want a huge celebration. I might have to get a therapist and talk about my huge change of values. How can I know who I am? I didn't even think about getting my children matching Valentine outfits. I only just managed to put up my heart garland from Sara and my Valentine banner from Kathryn.
I think I did my hair and put makeup on but honestly I can't remember.
We purchased no valentine candy except the sweethearts for Danielle's ballet class- and it was a good thing we did because everyone had valentine's. everyone.
I can't even remember what I got John.
Danielle Loved Valentine's Day.
We had french toast with homemade bread.
She got a pony. She was not amused to wait for pictures to open the pony. Plus she's entered the age of phony smiles.
We had pink Valentine Milk.

She has been asking for pink milk a lot since then.

I don't know how I'm going to live through the glory that is easter candy. Just thinking about Cadbury mini eggs and robin's eggs makes me want to throw away all the weight I've worked so hard to lose.
oh mini eggs, will you be my (late) valentine?

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