our new blog.

So I started a new blog about baby Mark. It is a little over a week old. Carlie came up with the idea. Also Danielle told me today that Aunt Carlie is nice, but sometimes Aunt Carlie takes things. Whenever mark's toy can't be found Aunt Carlie is the culprit. Missing shoes? also from Aunt Carlie.
Aunt Carlie- I want my shoes back. and that candy that was lying on the counter and was left alone with Danielle.
I have posted a few things and a daily photo of baby mark. You can find the blog at babybookofdays.blogspot.com
Our little old man is getting older- soon he will fit into the hawaiian shirts I bought him for 99 cents before he was born.
Now if only I can get a pair of loafers and some baby sunglasses with one of those attachment strings, we will be ready for vacation this summer.
My dreams of going to the biggest loser resort will have to be postponed until after I am done breastfeeding. But when you kid gets a new teeth you feel sort of done so...
now i have to go start getting ready for Danielle's birthday tomorrow. She wants blue milk.
Oh the legacy of the Easter Bunny lives on.

Here is our last post on Mark's blog.

Woke up late
Played outside with daddy
got really cold.
my teeth are bleeding again.
Pooed on my outfit.
Kept waking up from my naps.
Helped mommy clean my room.
Played with My toys from Grandma.
bonked my head on my crib. I'm not as good at sitting up as I want to be.
Mommy put me in the Moses basket with my toys after that.
Celebrated Danielle's birthday early.
Pooed on my outfit and on mommy's outfit.
Went to bed around 11:00

mablebrown (April 15, 2010 at 1:15 AM)  

That is a really great idea! A little Baby Mark journal...are you going to make it into a book? I heard that you can turn your blog into a book. I should actually look to see if that's true.

Carlie Madsen (April 15, 2010 at 8:04 AM)  

Seriously made my day! I really didn't take anything :)

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