The Cleaning Crew

Do you ever dream of paying someone to clean your house? Do you ever wonder if they will do a good job or not? Once I thought of hiring our babysitter to clean our house and making a checklist. Then I realized that my mom checking off our bathroom chores as a child has ruined my appreciation of when John does chores. He may have done the dishes on my turn but he forgot to clear and wipe off the table.
I am honestly a little happy about being critical. Even though I live in constant fear and shame when people are coming to visit, I know HOW to clean my house.
and now I have a rotating checklist to prove it.
Today I Did a few chore lists
Danielle's Room
Living Room
Piano Room
I didn't do the bathrooms. That would have been a catch up since it is on Monday's list. This week is a little different since we were out of town and I am tired.
tomorrow is technically Etsy day where I focus on the office and try to make lots of stuff. That might mean I get to work in the basement. Or I play outside with my kids and try to mow the lawn. Or catch up from being out of town on the day I was supposed to deep clean my bedroom- I tried to do that today and missed laundry day. Yesterday I missed the bathrooms. I started them today and got a little distracted. I will be re-finishing the sink and cabinet and painting the walls. Also maybe replacing the sink and faucet. I tried a stone spray paint for funsies for the counter top. It looks great so far. At least all of Danielle' drawers are folded and her closet only has clothes that fit her. My room can just be messy until Saturday I guess. Does anyone want to donate money for new light fixtures, toilet, sink, and wall tile? I didn't think so- so this no money but I have some paint lying around renovation might not be the most impressive thing you've ever seen. I am convinced it will be a little bit of an improvement though.
right after I did the piano room I had a picnic with my kids on the floor in there. smart. very smart.

Angie (April 21, 2010 at 2:07 AM)  

Good luck!

I had a check list for awhile but hated it. I do still stick with doing a few small things every day to keep it neater. Doesn't always work, but it makes me feel better!

Danielle (April 21, 2010 at 9:54 AM)  

I think the checklist is a great idea. I should try that. I think to myself everyday how clean I want my house to be, and it never gets that way!!

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