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image from I WANT THIS CHAIR. but I want the 350 dollars it costs more. especially since I don't have it.

Today I dropped my baby girl off at Mark and Sara's and we drove back home. I made it in time for the church meeting I needed to go to. So what did I think about making? A list of things that I want for mother's day/my birthday.
I think it has been interesting thinking about how we come to marriage with different expectations. My first memory of Christmas with John's family was everyone getting an over sized gift bag with no tissue paper in it. The bags were identical with red poinsettias. John's oldest sister opened up the present and showed everyone and then John's dad asked for all the bags back so he could use them again the next year.
I had only been married for four days. Probably we should have just spent Christmas with each other. I will never forget the shocking impression- what the heck was this? Not the heavily steeped in tradition Christmas that I was used to. We all had our own colored wrapping paper for the presents under the tree and a coordinating print for our stockings.

Early on John and I realized we would need to plan our own traditions and meet somewhere in the middle. Or maybe even more detailed than anything we've ever known before.
Traditions for Mother's day and my birthday are also still in development. Part of me wants some grand gesture- like a fancy chair I've always wanted or some fancy jewelry.
Then I think about all the progress we've made with our budget.
Guess I'll just have to live out my dreams on out little blog.
Some fun Birthday Ideas and mother's day ideas. I hate that my first mother's day ever fell on my birthday. YUCK.
  • I like it when John make's me Red Velvet Cake. I love Red Velvet cake- my grandma makes it, my aunt Michelle makes it. wouldn't a mini cake look great on a little cake plate from
  • a fancy anything from
  • a massage- there is a great girl at alexander's spa that I like. Wow they have some terrible reviews online. I like that girl though. Doesn't that seems like something that should happen on mother's day? I still have bad back pain from after Mark was born. sigh. today Diane showed me something that will probably help- it's awesome to have friends that do physical therapy.
  • My family used to let you pick what food mom made you on your birthday- how cool. Too bad it's TONS of work. I think my mom was trying to make these holidays impossible to live up to.
  • Fabric- oh how I love fabric. If i love it too much I can't sew with it because I have to keep it. I like the orange minky from and I always do a google search for good coupon codes. also always has great deals and coupon codes. I am also totally in love with Echino Japanese fabric and little Japanese ribbons. Mountain of the Dragon is a great place to get the fabric. I had some Echino Damask fabric but it is out of print. and so, so many others....but fabric is a difficult present for a birthday- and would it offend people if I just kept it in a box on my desk? Maybe...
  • my sister in law made a turquoise serving bowl I want- I have a similar one and would die to have two. her little etsy shop needs tons of support. I love the idea of supporting family and giving things to each other- like buying my sister in laws hair things from my sister for their birthdays. (so tell me what you like guys.)
  • I love shoes- I am size 8 and a half.
  • I love photography- I would like to take a class and learn how to really do it someday. Wouldn't it be nice to sign someone up for a photography class? Or a dental hygienist program? I would love that.
  • I would love to have a room in the house painted.
  • I would love ANYTHING from How cool is that place. also they have greek key bedding- which makes me die a little from happiness.
  • how about a Jade bird bowl from Jonathan Adler. Or any of his white pieces. ZGallerie has some cheaper ones too. I would love a rhino on my mantle- or even a ceramic deer. I don't know if John would go for that- and my funkiness might decrease with time... it's so nice to collect the things I want and write them down- what a nice row of happiness.
well this idea list will have to be continued tomorrow. I am crazy tired.

Carlie Madsen (April 26, 2010 at 9:26 AM)  

Mother's Day is giving me mini anxiety attacks. Mostly my ward building doesn't have a nice mother's room, so I'm not sure I can really listen to the mothers being honored. I've decided I need to deflect the mother's day cheer and celebrate it with my mom. Do you want to become a dental hygienists? They make more than teachers do...but that isn't hard. Gotta love teaching. I think you should get that bowl from Brooke that would rock!

kathryn (April 26, 2010 at 10:52 AM)  

It's always fun looking at your lists. They always give me ideas on what I want too. Your first Christmas with John's family was my first Christmas with Pete's family. I was really surprised you guys came--it reminded me of when my brother and his new wife spent part of their honeymoon at my parent's house--and they stayed in my room--YUCK! (I was only a teenager and they did have the courtesy of kicking me out while they were there) At least at Erik's house you had your own room. I felt sorry for you though, because I could tell everything was disappointing you. I was shocked that you were coming for Christmas more than because it was just a few days after you were married. The funny thing is, Pete said that year was the biggest Christmas celebration he remembered his family doing. I really like that cake stand. I have an obsession of cake stands--especially cute ones.

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