Sunday Thoughts

Went to church today.
In our church people give a lesson and ask people questions about what they think about the scriptures and if they have had personal insight. It is a great way to learn from other people and Also a great way to hear some CRAZY opinions from your neighbors at church. What might otherwise be a perfectly normal individual may suddenly reveal themselves as a crazy church commenter.
it makes people like me fear. fear for what they will say next, and of course, fear to say anything. because there are people listening and thinking you are strange. people like me.

Perfect mom series can't be on Sunday this week.
Why? because-
We had a lesson on Adam and Eve.
They read the scripture where it said that Eve was happy about eating the fruit because then they could have children. Some lady in church was commenting on how great that was and how it is women who know what is going on.
I thought about this one time that my grandma and aunt were over an hour late to meet us for lunch. They sat down and told us where they were without apologizing. Then they told each other how good it was that they went to costco and sees candy first because they couldn't have done it any later.
So today I learned something in church. Justifying your behavior has such a strong historical precedent. Good thing because the next time I try to think of why not doing the dishes felt so right I will know that I am fulfilling my destiny. I was born to say what I did was the correct thing to do!

Then some church lady talked about how now that they were out of the garden they have the right to work. Right to work?
I think Eve was a republican as well. I didn't get to ask that lady what she thought. Would Eve be a working mom now? They really must not have been making an informed decision.
Eve looked beyond the awesomeness and saw that she could have children.

Just like that I was distracted- thinking about how lots of people want to have children- like that pregnant couple where the "man" was pregnant. But the man was actually a woman who had a sex change but no hysterectomy and lived with a woman.
Which made me think of how gay couples could fulfill existence according to this woman's comment.
Which made me realize they probably used a sperm donor.
Next- artificial insemination.
Which made me think about if it was possible to extract the DNA of two people and combine them to make a child.
Next- cloning-
Which made me think about that one preview I saw about the people cloning humans and using Bat? DNA to make a human thing that kills people in what looks like a strange horror movie.
I guess if they tried to put your DNA together with another person's you would somehow need to have a bat involved.
Maybe I'm not very good at staying on topic. Somewhere when I was thinking about bat boy they moved on to a new topic. I don't know what it was- Mark needed to be fed so I went to the mother's lounge. then the lesson was over.
I never got to ask what people thought about how this related to gay marriage, human cloning and most importantly, bats.
maybe that is a good thing.

noteworthy comment: "so when Adam named Eve the mother of all living what was she thinking- that she was the mother of the animals! (insert a small laugh after this word, said mockingly) she had to have kids- it was her name"
Thanks that one lady who made all the funny comments. You are outspoken, and the teacher doesn't really know how to respond to what you say.
and that is what church is all about.

mablebrown (April 15, 2010 at 6:02 PM)  

Hey Janae,

What do we believe about Adam and Eve and evolution? I keep getting all these questions from this boy I'm dating about what "we" believe. I thought that since you just talked about Adam and Eve you might be able to field this question for me.


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