Sunday Thoughts

I slept during church this Sunday. First I got up early and got ready for church. I had the children ready- (we were at the Bergs). Then Mark fell asleep. I did too. It was HEAVENLY- he slept almost the whole time everyone was at church. Danielle loved Nursery.
Mark has once again decided that eating at night is just much more efficient than eating during the day. He likes to nurse four times in the middle of the night. Luckily now he will go back to bed or I would be literally having a nervous breakdown. Sundays are always the hardest because I usually put on a show for Danielle and take a nap in the morning while Mark takes a nap. She seems to like it because that's the only time I let her watch shows- and I stay alive. It's funny how I've contemplated if you could literally die from not sleeping. I think you can- John read about some disease. I definitely don't have it so I am just grouchy and wondering about why Mormon's aren't supposed to drink coffee. How do all these moms do it?
The Perfect Mom has energy.
The perfect mom actually takes their children to do physically active activities. It isn't enough to just go to the gym- you need to actually be outside with your children. I am pretty sure that the perfect mom likes to camp with their family. and take their children on bike rides. I knew this girl that went jogging every morning and took her daughter in the stroller. that is close to right- I think kids need to see you exercising and it has to be part of your life. Seeing is good but doing it together is also an essential part of the perfect mom. Like a walk in the park or Bike rides as the whole family. Maybe it starts as mommy and me dance classes or you go skiing as a family. Maybe you play ball with your kids or hike the grand Tetons with your 10 year old.
The perfect mom would get their child involved, take them on a ride and then show them how to ride.

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