Bathroom Ideas

So I want to re-do some of our bathrooms (read: all of our bathrooms.) The house is in such good condition but really- having an all yellow bathroom is an eyesore. With original Mustard Yellow Toilet! We have proof that they never broke a toilet seat since you can't buy that color anymore. Since all the homes in this neighborhood sell for way more than we got our home for I thought we had a great opportunity on our hands.
I read somewhere that the easiest way to increase the value of your home is to re-do the bathrooms or kitchen. Then I read that it was to keep your lawn looking nice. Then I read that it was to put in hardwood. Or put in a new front door and garage door to increase the curb appeal. Too much reading...

When we bought this house I was excited at the prospect of picking new things for a bathroom and personalizing it a little. Our bathrooms are TINY though. One of the bathrooms needs a new cabinet since I accidentally spilled bleach toilet bowl cleaner all over it and burned a HOLE in the cabinet. No wonder those things can clean toilets.

I like the Harrison Magazine Rack from Pottery Barn but it's not really a need. OK but wouldn't this be cool to hang fabric on too? Maybe not in the bathroom... I want one. and they are on clearance. They also have a shelf and a towel rack. A while ago a train rack was on clearance but I didn't get it. sigh.
I love the idea of white subway tile on the bottom half of the bathroom and a painted blue wall. This is my plan for the sink in my bathroom. and I'm thinking about getting a pedestal sink. OK honestly I'm thinking about not spending money on anything because I don't have any but that's no fun and who wants to blog about how they have no money? boring. We already have a medicine cabinet we just need to mount it. I thought I could do this but then realized it is an option to put them IN the wall- I LOVE that. so it is still in our basement.

I like this shower curtain from Viva Terra. I got their catalog in the mail one day and I love it. They also have a butterfly pillow that I would die to have for my bedroom. I like it so much I still have the catalog and I look at it every now and then and plan to get it for my bedroom.

Peter and Kathryn had the most beautiful octagonal white bathroom tile on their floor. I would love that. and I would love heated tile in the bathroom because that would be so fun. Rambling Renovators has a really classy white palate and it looks like they might have floor heat. I have a dream of learning how to put in floor heat. Then I could put it in my bathroom and my kitchen.

maybe I should start this once the wall isn't plastered with potty posters...

C (April 29, 2010 at 2:15 PM)  

You have good taste.
I get depressed thinking of all the things I want but can't have.
But if I were to make a list of my 3 top faves it would be:
the Zumba total body transformation DVD set

Guitar lessons

and a new wardrobe.

So....tell my husband.

Miss ya. Come visit.

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