Another reason to drive to New York

Sara told me about a great website with exciting shoes. they are called Fluevog shoes and I like them. the founder is Canadian which could turn some people off-but he is from Vancouver which I think is one of the coolest cities on earth. Maybe only one of the coolest cities I've ever been to, but still....
I think there are several pair that I really need. for example there is a pair called Berlin Mitte that would make me feel good about chasing around a toddler. the Wearever Merci shoes have a fun retro feel that I love, and the little bell heel seems really fun.

the site has a giveaway for Moby tickets which I totally entered and people were voting for either pink or purple and orange shoes. The onange ones are really great but I think there is something so wonderful about wearing pink shoes. Danielle is also partial to pink shoes (although honestly I don't know if her crocs are her favorite shoes or her butterfly boots.) Although i love the purple and orange I was sad I didn't make it in time to vote for the pink ones. Here is a copy of the Moby info. You should click here to visit their news and see what they are all about.

We have 2 tickets to give away for every North American stop of Moby's "Wait For Me" Tour from September 17th to October 23rd, 2009. If you live in or close to one of the 24 cities that Moby is playing in this Fall, you can win a pair of tickets to his show. In addition, all ticket winners will be entered to win a brand new pair of John Fluevog Shoes! (If you wonder why Moby and Fluevog chose each other for this contest, put it this way... the longest word you can make from the letters of Moby and Fluevog is 'Lovebug'...)

All of these shoes would be great on a Sunday. Or a monday. I am pretty sure I have a shirt that would match the green on the boots.

Jennifer (September 19, 2009 at 7:54 PM)  

When I was in San Francisco, we went into a store that sold a lot of these. I am in love with the Kona boot in wine. Pricey, though!

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