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Well future friends, it is time for you to invite us over to your house for a wonderful meal. Or just drop by some muffins. If you are always complaining about your spouse or talking about how you have a new get rich scheme I am not interested. But I will participate in your child's fund raiser. Especially if they are a girl scout or selling world's finest chocolates- does anyone do that anymore? I could literally cry about the lack of mint meltaways in my life. the one's from World's Finest Chocolates. YUMMY.
I was happy to see comments from my last post- but did Brooke just say she was a right wing nut job? I don't know how to respond. maybe with more questions.

Here are some more important questions.
1. How many pairs of shoes do you own? What do you think about "comfort shoes?" Just yesterday I was looking online and saw what looked like the perfect pair of brown closed toed high heeled pumps. but they are $365.00 so I decided not to buy them. Just like the shoes I fell in love with in New Jersey that were $700.00. and pink.
2. How often would you say that you shop online?
3. How do you feel about dogs?
4. What type of pizza do you like to eat?
6. Ice cream?
7. What is your favorite board game?
8. Do you like to work on projects? Name five things on your project list right now.
9. Do you live in superlatives? That can be quite amusing. We have a friend with the BEST AND BIGGEST LIFE EVER! Of course our other friend with the HARDEST AND WORST life ever doesn't like them. Strange how that works out.
10. Will you make me muffins or cookies? When?

Stay tuned for the third and final installment of questions....

Brooke (September 5, 2009 at 1:09 AM)  

I bought a pair of shoes yesterday as a weight loss prize but they are so cute I think that they alone will solidify my place in your heart.

NaDell (September 5, 2009 at 2:28 AM)  

1. I'm all for comfort shoes. I have two pairs of uncomfortable shoes. Most of the rest of them are cute though and I have probably close to 20 pairs.
2. Online shopping-I do a little. I love Kohl's. And I order my pictures online. Does that count? I shop at Amazon too for Christmas.
3. I'm not a dog lover.
4. Any pizza without mushrooms or weird fish stuff is yummy to me.
6. Any ice cream, again without fish and mushrooms, obviously...
7. So many board games! Power Grid, Settlers and Cities and Knights too, Farming Game, Construction Game, Acquire, etc.
8.a.Cross-stitch for weddings b.Cross-stitch for babies (by the way I need to know colors, theme, etc for your baby). c.recover dining chairs
d.scrapbooking 2008
e.stain toy box
9. I don't think I do that. Although I DID have the best baby ever, but he has now become a busy BOY! And not the best boy ever anymore....
10. I'm pretty sure this one is covered. Muffins, cookies, pizza, bread. I'm your girl. Too bad I'm in Washington (the State.)

mablebrown (September 6, 2009 at 12:57 AM)  

1. I'm worried that if I answer this question honestly, you'll unfriend me. I mean I'm all about quality and expensive shoes, I just don't have that many. I once spent $600 on a dress for a party.
2. I always shop online. Always.
3. Dogs are fine, as long as they're not jumping on me.
4. I like all pizza, especially if it is in front of me.
6. Ice cream? Yes, please.
7. I don't really know?!
8. a. finishing my Europe scrapbook
b. hanging up pictures in my apartment
c.reorganizing my apartment
d. selling sterling silver charms on ebay
e. hanging curtains
9. Do you live in superlatives? Probably, especially lately. Everything is horrible and the worst ever.
10. Will you make me muffins or cookies? When? Sure, eventually.

The Blind Spot (September 10, 2009 at 9:33 AM)  

1. About 20 pairs. I'd have more if I had more money and a taller boyfriend ;) By "comfort shoes" do you just mean comfortable, yet stylish, shoes or do you mean those really comfy ones but which look like unfashionable old granny shoes?
2. Every two or three months I buy something online, mainly books or clothes.
3. I like dogs, though not all kinds.
4. Hm, almost any kind without tuna or anchovis. I like average Pepperoni or Hawaiian style pizza. Just make sure there are lots of toppings and a thin base/crust.
6. I love ice cream! Favourite flavors: anything that's not fruity (vanilla, roasted almonds, cookie dough etc.) but basically I'll eat almost any flavor of ice cream.
7. That's tough. It always depends on the people you play with. I always loved playing Scrabble with my Mom, cause we made up hilarious words (that didn't exist, of course). If you play Scrabble with uncreative people, it can get boring. We have a board game called TIKAL, I love that. It's a strategy game. I never liked "Activity" b/c of the acting part. I once had to "act" the word "aphrodisiac" in front of a bunch of people (mostly guys that I didn't even know) at a student party. I couldn't do it. I'm always up for new games though. Why do we live so far apart?
8. Depends on the project. My major project right now is finishing my thesis (I do not like this project). New projects would be buying new furniture, saving money for a trip to the East Coast, living my life.
9. Maybe, never thought about it. Right now, I'd probably befriend the HARDEST and WORST LIFE-person ;) cause these are TOTALLY THE MOST HORRIBLE and MOST BORING days of my ENTIRE(ST) life.
10. Yes. They just won't be fresh any more when they arrive :( I could trade them in for a little Christmas package with Kinderüberraschungseiern ;)

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