Insomnia and Fall Down Tree

Turns out that I can't really stay asleep for very long these days. I really hate it when people tell me that even though I want to have the baby now in a few weeks I will be wishing the baby was still inside of me because I will be so tired. I don't know many new moms who wish themselves 38 weeks pregnant, especially when they don't sleep anyway. So I do what anyone would do if they knew they should be asleep and will be VERY tired soon... I get a water bottle and a bowl of cereal and shop online. then I think about crying when I am ready to go back to bed and Danielle wakes up. Can this house be causing insomnia? A few mornings I've woken up only to find Danielle at some point in the night has climbed into our bed and is now kicking me in the face or has a big wet diaper in my face. Why am I the only one who wakes up to the smell of a diaper across the bed from me?

Here is something I love.
Well I found some really cute prints for the nursery. makes the cutest little animal prints. this set of six prints is only 75 dollars. they measure 10 by 10 and I think the beaver is surprisingly silly and fun. If you look at you can see more of their work.
Daniele really loves animals right now, especially frogs it turns out. She looks at the prints and talks about the new baby, then shows me her frogs. Her frogs go to visit the other animals in the babies room, and sometimes the animals come to visit the frogs or just generally go missing.

Falldowntree also has some really cute robot prints and one about monster friends. If you go to their website they have printable coloring pages. I printed out the Giraffe which is a standard 8 by 10 size. I really like it when they have pages that print on only one page instead of that extra blank page that always seems to come out as a bonus when I print things.
I was going to post about the artist but I can't find much. His name is Adam and he likes to draw and he sent my prints in a record album cover. That seemed really smart because it arrived unscathed. I guess they really don't try to bed records, which is different for the Postal Service.
Like many cute things in my life, I am pretty sure that Rachelle found this artist. Looking through her favorites on etsy is one of the best ways that I've found to shop.

Carlie Madsen (September 13, 2009 at 7:33 AM)  

I'm awake too, but it is 5:30 am here...blah! I feel like I can't sleep for stupid reasons like my arm is numb. I wish I couldn't sleep on the other end of the night. Facebook is a much more interesting place to waste time when other people are awake.

NaDell (September 13, 2009 at 12:07 PM)  

Yep. Being awake until kids wake up is the worst. I usually try to go to sleep again moments before they wake up.
I think if you can print out coloring pages, you should color them and then frame those ones. :) But that's because I'm cheap.

sivab (September 13, 2009 at 2:10 PM)  

wait a minute-wasn't I the one that said you would want to stuff the baby back in? You should have told me how much you hated it then-now I just feel....silly.

kathryn (September 13, 2009 at 4:43 PM)  

I am one of those moms who feel that they would rather still be pregnant. As much as I look forward to having a baby, even when I'm 42 weeks pregnant it is a lot easier to take care of my pregant body than a new unpredictable infant. Good luck with the sleep though. I really love those prints too. I have found so many cute things on etsy. I think it was genius for whoever invented it. Also I REALY want to see your nursery. Sometime when you have time (and energy) you should blog about it.

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