Dear Friend

Dear friend,
I was so excited to hear about your victory of getting "back in your jeans" after the baby. I have to admit I never accomplished that with my first baby.
Until I saw the picture. I know it is really frustrating to get pregnant and gain weight and not quite be able to button up that top button anymore. Also wearing those bright red jeans with tapered legs that looked almost pegged at the bottom was quite a fashion statement.
I don't know how to say it politely, but maybe you should have waited a little longer. Maybe actually you should throw those jeans away. You have asked me many times about your clothes and if they are good and I never quite have the heart to tell you that they are, but you wear jeans that are ridiculously too small. Now the biggest jean offense is wearing tapered leg jeans with that extra room in the front for your paunchy front butt and I know that you don't have one- so I salute you there. If you just had a baby and people learn about your anatomy changes from your jeans probably you need bigger jeans. Maybe Tori Spelling could wear those jeans you picked. If you ever get a wedgie from jeans you have probably selected the wrong jeans to wear.
Please stop buying pants that fit you. Please start getting them a little baggy. What you consider baggy might just fit you. I'm sure a salesperson could help you find something called a "bootcut," or a "tunic top." I've really only had one friend that successfully pulled off the pink jeans. I am not sure but when they have fashion tips for the "pear shape" I think they should tell you to avoid super duper tight jeans.
Congratulations on the baby and being super skinny.
Good luck and hope you get lots of sleep,

sivab (September 12, 2009 at 10:08 PM)  

I don't really have any friends that commit fashion faux pas I try to only hang with people that will enhance and challenge me in stylish ways.

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