Baby Mark

Well we officially turned in the papers so the baby will be named Mark David Madsen. My uncle Mark came and visited with Sara and their kids- Danielle is visiting them this week. I am super excited that they are watching her- She is excited about her baby (a doll we bought from Target) but still wants to hold Mark all the time and tells him not to cry. I can't believe people came from New Jersey to visit me in the hospital- I wish I had more family in the area but I was also surprised how well rested I was today. It was nice to sit in the hospital and pretty much sleep most the day while John and Mark put together the office at home. Why didn't I just sleep last time I had a baby? Are second babies usually easier? That's what everyone tells me. The nursing staff seems way more laid back here and I wonder if it is Pennsylvania or that I already have a daugheter. Sadly I didn't get one of those massive water bottles with the bendy straws. I really wanted one of those. I cried when I realized I left it at the hospital with Danielle.
Little Mark loves John. He smiles for John. I liked this photo of John and the baby- John looks cute. Little Mark also seemed to like big Mark.
Today John brought me flowers. I guess the first shop he went to burned down. Then the second shop was closed. I watched a movie about shaken baby syndrome and then cried. I'm not sure if it was about the video or just a surge of hormones.
Jen asked about Danielle's haircut. I gave her that haircut- they kept messing it up at the salon and her bangs kept taking over more and more of her head so I thought I would prevent the wall of bangs from happening to her like it did to me. Little pieces from the side always end up in the front though. Maybe I will become one of those awesome ladies who cut their husband's hair. John's hair would probably look like a two year old cut it, but I have to try a few more times to make up the difference of buying the haircutting kit. Who knows, maybe I will find my true life calling. I have never really had one before.
Now you know I am tired and a little drugged up after baby- someone should make a rule about not blogging when you are so muddy headed.

kathryn (September 20, 2009 at 2:32 PM)  

That was fun! Keep up the blogging! and good job on the haircut--I wish I could do it that well.

sivab (September 20, 2009 at 6:58 PM)  

Mark is too too cute and I love Danielle's new outfit. So far Danielle is having a lot of fun-we found her and eddie hiding in the closet laughing today-then we found them in the T2 hiding and laughing with a package of graham crackers. It was good seeing you I hope you are enjoying being home. :)

Harley King (September 23, 2009 at 8:24 PM)  

Congrats, Jon and Janae; Mark is perfect.

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