That's my Name

Sara was nice enough to invite us to visit before the baby was born. So we got to go to the Jersey Shore for labor day. I wanted to go while I still could, whatever that means. Someone told me that and even though I don't think having a baby is a prison I was like- yes I have to go while I still can. Sara gave Danielle a really nice Melissa and Doug sign for her door and you can personalize them. As I added Danielle's name every five seconds she asked for a sticker for herself. It was for her so I gave Danielle a wonderful name of her own. It reminds me of her constant nagging when I am doing things.
Eddy also wanted some pink stickers so I got him a name too. I thought it was super funny and laughed and laughed and made Sara take pictures. We used it as a teaching moment- both of them can read their names and were happy to run around the house announcing their new names.

I wonder if Sara regretted that gift.

Claire (September 24, 2009 at 10:26 AM)  

I love the names! I'm glad that you don't think it's prison. . . .

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