My Expensive Hobbies

I want to be able to sew my quilts together myself. there I said it.

I want to be able to have a serger. This one is cheap at but I really want the on from pfaff I saw for 2,000.00 blah.

beautiful. I always need loads of threads and the joann by my house doesn't even carry 100% cotton thread.

I try to make things every day. but sometimes I have ideas that I don't actually have the things for. I borrowed Sara's cricut for a while and now that I returned it my heart is breaking. I want to cut out about 75 butterflies in bright colors SO BAD! it kills me. also I want to make a quilt but I don't have a machine quilter. I guess I could try to quilt it together on my machine but that isn't the best idea ever. I dream of owning one of those giant quilting machines.

Did I mention that this month I'm trying to make at least one thing a day? well I am. You should too. you could make food or sew something or finish one scrapbook page a day or whatever floats your boat. Check out my post HERE
my etsy shop blog needs more comments. I wanted to thank my fantastic sisters in law who comment on it. smiles.

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