Dear Engineers

Dear Engineer Friend,
I like to think of engineers as a great religion of devout worshipers. What do you all worship: The mystical tape measure of power. Only you truly understand its ways and only you can fully harness its power. Even if you are not actually working building robots or bridges I can see it in your eyes, your faith. You are the power by which I can press a button and idle away the hours with spider solitaire, a Shaman of ingenuity. I know a few people who are engineers by profession and a few who are engineers deep in their souls. Both groups: you might not know who you are, but your loved ones do.
I want you to know that the way you see the world is unique and probably difficult to explain to someone like me. I am amazed at the precision with which you do everything in your life. Yes I cannot imagine how wonderfully perfect all of the photos are in your house. That is the three which you have been able to hang.
Like when you wanted to bake cookies. You needed to see all of the measuring cups I owned and line them up on the counter. After that came every bowl in order to find the perfect mix. Then the recipe was translated into an easy to understand flow chart. Each ingredient got a helpful code and the equation was prepared. I have never seen someone examine all the knives in my drawer to find the best one to level the flour. I am just really grateful that that 3a and 3b didn’t get switched, because that would have been WAY too much baking soda. Have you ever done that? Probably not. Next time I don’t want to wash all of my measuring cups- just the ones that we actually use.
Also thanks engineer friend for that template you made me. When you asked if you could help and then had me get rulers, paper, pencils and other basics so you could trace all the draws and find the absolute middle I was glad. That would have helped me avoid just putting the new drawer pulls in the same place the old ones had been. Except it didn't really work out that way.
I lost the template. I am so sorry. I was super scared that you would notice how some of the drawer pulls are slightly off center, which you discovered when you measured the drawers. Thanks for not mentioning it when you visited.
Oh Engineers, I love watching you, and predicting how you don't want anyone else to hang photos in your house. You really do a better job than I do- I have this mirror on my wall that drives me crazy every time I look at it but I can't bring myself to fix the nails because that would take too long.
Not all of us have the virtue of patience like you do.
Thanks again for the little you do so perfectly.

Michael (July 17, 2010 at 5:19 PM)  

Janae -

If I didn't know better, I'd have to say that I helped to inspire this wonderful blog post. Don't worry, I'm not offended that you lost my template. I am offended about the picture comment, however. I have more than 3 pictures on my wall. Granted, Diane may have hung most of them...

We miss you guys. You need to come visit us in Boston.

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