Dear Danielle

Dear Danielle,
I know we have had this conversation before, but when I tell you that you are complaining and you say you are just talking I think you actually know what I mean. And when you constantly ask for things over and over and over again it makes me crazy. lock myself in a room crazy. Or maybe just take up jogging again crazy.
I want to have a discussion about your sandbox. You really should cover it up.
Also when the water is super disgusting you shouldn't be so happy to play in the wet sand.
I am really glad that you like to be clean. It seems like every time you go outside you come back in wanting to shower. I have never been so glad about a purchase as I am about the fishy shower head you picked out at home depot a while back. I really didn't think it would be cool and when you caught me trying to ditch it in a later aisle I wanted to roll my eyes, but I was TOTALLY wrong.
I'm glad you take showers so well.

Also part of me was a little relieved that I can use that sand for some of the landscaping we are planning to do because now I got to go back and get that pink sand I found shortly after we bought the boring sand.
I feel like you are living all my childhood dreams. and I won't count on you to cover the box this time.
love, mom

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