Dear Postal Carrier

Dear Postal Carrier,
I thought I would write you a quick note and say that this time I am not planning to deliver the letters you sent to the wrong address. I don't actually want Joan's Macy's bill but it is nice to know that she has a Macy's card. I noticed there is a large stack of mail that has been delivered to the wrong address- my address. Not just one person's mail either.
This is quite different from the time we got some Christmas nuts which were meant for the people who used to live here. They weren't even good nuts- Brazil nuts and some other unsavory nuts and they were all unsalted. Does anyone like unsalted nuts? Either way those weren't delivered usps.
I am just a little frustrated that you continually give us our neighbors mail. I question the security involved in that. Now do I have to bother to figure out which mail is real. I don't usually send the junk mail postcards back when they are delivered to the wrong address, but I'm pretty sure I should send the water bill back. What a waste of time- today I am going in to the post office to return all the mail that has come for other people.
Another thing- when an envelope says "photos, do not bed," that also means DO NOT PUT A RUBBER BAND AROUND THE MIDDLE THAT WILL CUT INTO THE ENVELOPE AND DESTROY THE PHOTOS. Can I complain about that? I am seriously quite annoyed. My photos are not only bent, last time they were torn. Do you think the post office would pay me back if I went in and complained?
I don't want you to lose your job I just want you to stop destroying my mail. I am sick of you being so completely incompetent. I know I am not paying millions of dollars to have my one package delivered but I don't fully understand why your organization can't work correctly. You are heavily subsidized but I still really needed those forever stamps I bought a while back. and shipping charges at the post office are so inconsistent- make up your mind about why an irregular sized envelope is. and stop acting like I want to mail things express or they will never get there.
although now that I look in my mailbox I'm starting to suspect they might actually never get there.
Here's to hoping all the people I mail things to have honest neighbors. That don't wait as long as I do to return the wrong address mail.

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