Tales from the Toy Bin

Today our toy bin got some new additions: The water bottles. I told Danielle we had to pick up the front room because I was losing it over my house. So all the toys she wanted to keep went into the toy bins/ottomans. Storage Ottomans are the best thing that ever happened to children's toys in my opinion. She kept all the water bottles.
And she gets to keep her "boat." Danielle loves boats and floating around the sea that is the downstairs. I got her a new boat from the basement. She and baby Mark sat in it for about 15 minutes and played with water bottles.

Another favorite toy- the fishing pole. Danielle has chores like picking up her toys and cleaning her room. Also being good on trips with mom. She gets some money for her chores which she stores mostly in various socks in her room. I try to hide it but that girl really thinks money goes in a sock. Maybe someday she will be a good saver. So a little while ago we went next door with some of her hard earned money and bought some toys at the neighbors yard sale. we had a 7 dollar budget and came home with a playhouse, ponies, and a fishing pole.
I bought her ponies out of my own pocket. The fishing pole was really the only thing she wanted and it cost 50 cents. Every day Danielle and Mark go fishing. The little plastic fish go to the store with us sometimes.

The last best toy ever is probably the stick. The stick is closely related to the rock but is more exciting and possibly more dangerous. The stick can be a magic wand or anything you want it to be. Austin the dog understands the importance of the stick and Danielle loves to play fetch with that dog.

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