Cloth Diapering Thoughts

So we've been doing cloth diapers for a while now. I always want Mark's diaper to match his outfit. I like how they have solid colors so you don't have some stupid little animal or character on them showing through their clothing and making it look dirty.

Sold all the G diapers online. I feel like they are everything wrong with a disposable combined with everything wrong with a cloth diaper. The cloth inserts are a little too small for him so he frequently had leaks. ALSO they have snap in liners and I just about lost it when one of the snaps RIPPED OUT of the diaper. I repaired it right away but listed them for sale on ebay that day.
One of my favorite things about cloth diapers is that Mark doesn't have as many blow outs- he would have one EVERY DAY when wearing disposables. I don't know how he does it- maybe he has the rocket poos (like his sister who one day pooed on the wall from across the room- I asked the pediatrician and she explained it but it's gross) ANYWAY G Diapers do not have the blow out avoidance that other diapers do. BUT if you are going to get flushable inserts the Gdiapers insert is the way to go- they are bigger than other options and break up better. Seriously using a swish stick to break up diapers is one of the grossest things ever. Also gross? using a diaper sprayer to spray poo off of diapers.
I have never gone through so much soap. and I love some of the new bath and body works flavors.
LOVE: Rumparooz G2 Snap Diapers. I only have two and it makes me so sad. I want more of them. they have a double gusset so they hold a lot and they are easier to clean because the mess doesn't get on the outside layer of the diaper. they are a pocket diaper which I actually really like and they come in great colors.
Also Love: FuzziBunz Perfect Size Diapers. I feel like "one size fits all" diapers a a little bit of a myth. Mark is in the Medium of the FuzziBunz diapers. They are one of the first cloth diaper companies. I LOVE SNAPS. Snaps are the best because the velcro really tears things up in the wash- it has to be pretty strong. It is also easier for children to get off later- so you might find your toddler running around with no diaper. Fuzzibunz also has a pocket at the very back of the diaper so you don't have to reach into what I call the "poo zone" to pull out the insert which is very desirable.
and Lastly: Flip Diapers. Thirsties are like these but I have more flip diapers- they are like a cover and you just lay the cotton insert on them. the shell is REUSABLE so there isn't as much laundry. I combine these with the Gdiapers inserts for a peaceful cloth diaper experience at church. The Thirsties have the double leg thing so they would probably also be good.

confusing design: Bottom Bumpers- a huge disappointment for me. I guess I expected an "all in one diaper" to have only one piece, not a snap in liner.
cheap seeming: econobum is like a less sturdy version of the flip diaper- but that could work for some people.
ok but I don't like velcro: Bumgenius 3.0 (which should be on clearance everywhere because they are discontinued so maybe the cheap cost would make them more appealing)

Those are my strong feelings so far. When I got a sinus infection I switched back to disposables for a couple days because it really is more work. people who tell you otherwise are probably not cleaning their diapers properly.
Mark never gets diaper rashes though, which is shocking and wonderful. Why didn't I do this when my doctor recommended it the first time for Danielle? It may be more work but it is WAY easier than it was to leave her free range for a few weeks so her terrible diaper rash and sores could heal. Also she seems to always pee out of the toilet. I thought you only had to worry about aim with boys. It happens mostly at church. I think the split in the seat cover confuses her.
and it totally grosses me out.

NaDell (July 13, 2010 at 4:23 AM)  

I don't know much about cloth diapers, but you are teaching me. I really like disposables and my kids only blew out when they were tiny or when the diaper started getting too small for them or when they were wearing a Winnie the Pooh onsies (That seemed to trigger it the most, so I threw them away.)
See if Danielle will watch herself pee or something on the toilet, so she'll be bending her parts to point down into the toilet. Or maybe see if she'll touch her knees? Does that make sense? I understand the problem.

Carlie Madsen (July 13, 2010 at 8:56 AM)  

Great reviews Janae! I'm glad you like the diapers. I guess if you only know cloth, then you don't think they are much work because you don't know the difference like me :) I'm going to get some FLIP diapers soon, a bumgenius 4.0, and a Katydid pocket diaper. I've been eyeing the Katydid diapers for some time now, and I keep reading good reviews. I don't really need them...except, Elijah can already take off his bumgenius diapers w/velcro if he! So, I might end up with a few more snap diapers for the upcoming toddler years :)

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