Sunday Thoughts: Family Vacations

Simply Blueberries print from Raceytay on Etsy you could go pick blueberries as a family.
Then have a blueberry crumble making contest.

Once I went to a timeshare presentation. They were calculating the cost of different vacations and "showing" how expensive big cities are. As the middle aged father leaned over his desk and said, you don't want a crazy vacation every year. You don't want to go non stop and see things, you want to spend quality time with your family. Talk to each other. Catch up and be away from the hustle and bustle of life.
His vision of a perfect vacation was my idea of the hugest waste of time ever. Why not combine my desire to see great works of art with quality family time?

My favorite vacation activities: projects and shopping. Maybe both.
Also Eating Out for just about every meal: ideal. What says family more than food?
So the Madsen's have a family camp each year which actually involves no camping (thankfully) and have had heated debate about how it should be run. As heated as debate can get in a family where no conflict is acknowledged.
My ideas for family camp are fantastic and I don't know why we can't do them. I will fight for them, and I don't care who gets more votes because they have more children.

Family Reunion Survivor.
We would start at the individual immunity round and have physical challenges and vote people out. It could be at Erik's house and with all the saved money the winner would get 3000.00 dollars.
In Law Bake Off
We all make five different baked goods- categories cookies, pies, bread, your choice and casserole.
crock pots would be banned, because they are disgusting.

Family Child Olympics
You think you are good at running? Try running carrying a child. I am excited for the parallel bar event.

Disneyworld in Paris.
I love Disney and I love Europe. Why can't we combine the two?

Family Feeling Share.
We all sit down with a mediator and discuss, maybe the divorce. Both Parents come. That would be sweet. We could get to the bottom of some claims. Also discuss graduation presents. I might plant that question. Who doesn't love group therapy?

Family Camp Biggest Loser
I think I could totally win this- can we have family camp at that Biggest Loser Resort in St. George? That is the vacation I am the most interested in.

I don't know why they don't love my plans. Boo on voting and boo on resorts where you don't go to plays and shopping and crazy events.
Just get me to a big city with a Macy's and we'll be set.

kathryn (July 7, 2010 at 2:24 PM)  

I really like the family bake off idea and the group therapy. I think we would all bond by that. You really should have come to this year's family camp. It was a lot of fun--mostly because we voted a lot. Also I like the idea of the families with the most children deciding everything. That is a great idea!

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