Sunday Thoughts

Just so you know there is a wrong way a correct way to mix up your hot chocolate. You might think this doesn't really matter since it is blazing hot outside. But it does. It matters so much that I am revealing to Brooke that I cheated on her with another potter. You see I bought this mug from Vegan Dish. I can't help it. It is PINK, for crying out loud! Who doesn't want a mug that says "vegan" on it and is pink. Every holiday where we are supposed to get presents I want to send one of these to Karen and TJ. TJ is actually Vegan which I wish I was cool enough to be. I started weight watchers and red meat is a lot of points so I stopped eating it and one week later started to get the mysterious bruising on my legs.
Oops. Guess I will start taking iron supplements or something. I think I actually meant to give this mug to Karen and then got a letter sent back to me from her address and just waited and kept the mug. I plan to call her and get her address again. Still really behind on birthdays this year... Just Karen and Peter and Kathryn and all their kids and TJ and several other people behind though, so no big deal. I did finally get my mother in law that birthday present yesterday. Her birthday was last month.
Anyway this weekend I took a break and ate hamburgers two days (heavenly) which I normally don't eat at all. I don't really deserve to use my vegan mug. When Erik visited he used it and I almost asked him not to but wouldn't that be rude to tell your guest that they can't use your very special mug?
Maybe I need another mug. Make that two mugs- one for Karen and one for me.

The correct way to make hot chocolate: Microwave water for 1 minute and 15 seconds.
THEN put the powder on top.
NEVER put the powder in the cup before the water- there is nothing more disgusting than this.
I like to fill my big mug up and use 1.5 chocolate packets. Today I accidentally used two.
no good.
I ate it anyway. I love the Marshmallow Lovers packets. I wait until the hot chocolate isn't scalding anymore and mix them in. I love how the marshmallows are in a separate packet so they don't just melt as soon as you put the mix in the water.
Once John made me hot chocolate and he put the powder in the bottom and there were those disgusting little packets of hot chocolate mix that weren't mixed in all the way- it is harder to get all the chocolate if it is on the bottom.
It was nice of him to make me hot chocolate though. I guess.

Carlie Madsen (July 19, 2010 at 8:43 AM)  

Hmm, I get stress bruises, but I'm not stressed any more and I'm brusing too...I'm not sure I can remember when I last ate red meat...maybe when pot roast was on sale a few weeks ago. Maybe I should add B12 to my supplement routine. I don't think supplements are really the best way to get nutrients, but they are helpful. Sometimes as I'm eating frozen cookie dough or a handful of chips, I think of you and weight watchers.

kathryn (July 19, 2010 at 10:55 AM)  

That is a really cute mug. I think you should hide that mug when you have visitors and then you won't get bugged. Also, i think the presents you give should count for multiple years--so don't worry about us--REALLY don't worry about it! Also, I think the perfect way of making hot chocolate is to heat milk up with chocolate chips and stir. Yum! This makes me a little sad though, because I think Henry might be allergic to dairy and so my hot chocolate days are over (for at least a while).

Mel (July 20, 2010 at 7:03 PM)  

I know what you mean about people using your special coffee mug. I have a Starbucks mug from Japan, and it is my favorite. It is one of those big mugs where you can wrap all your fingers around the handle comfortably. And it is so pretty, and reminds me of when I lived there. I hate it when guests use it. I get really concerned that they might chip or break it, because it isn't like I can just go back to Japan to get another. But I still can't bring myself to say anything. Glad I'm not alone in my mug possessiveness.

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