Tales from the Toy Bin

One of the best toys a girl can have is a dog. The other day Danielle and I washed Austin the dog and she learned a valuable lesson: do not terrorize the dog with the hose. Even if you think it is awesome to get chased by water around the yard, Austin might not think so. Then we bathed him and Danielle was quite the helper. She took the hose on other adventures while I cleaned out the dogs ears but I was glad that I had a dog. Two of Danielle's favorite things came together; The hose and the dog.
I have seen baby Mark cuddle with Austin and pull out clumps of his fur. I have also seen him try to poke out Austin's eye but I stopped that. I remember Danielle taking oreo cookie tops out of Austin's mouth when she was little.
I always wanted a dog when I was little. That dream is probably why we have a dog now. In addition to having allergies one of the reasons we found Taylor a new home is that she didn't seem to like the kids. I've never let my kids be alone with the dog even though I don't think anything would ever happen. You always hear stories about some poor child losing their toes because the parents thought that though. A dog is a wonderful thing for kids to have. Not sure if it's worth the work, but maybe that's just the memory of cleaning out his ears.

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