Greedy Greedy

Here are some things I want for Christmas. You should buy some of them for yourself too because they are FANTASTIC. So fantastic I haven't purchased them yet. sad. My list is ridiculously long. Also I would like lots of things not on the list. The other day we went to someone's house for Thanksgiving and I brought a hostess gift because I saw a commercial on TV about hostess gifts. I guess I am susceptible to consumer suggestion. Sometimes I stop fast forwarding the DVR to see a really exciting commercial.

1. grapefruit countertop cleaner from Williams Sonoma
2. Tablecloths- 70 inch round 90 inch round - 70 by 90 and a matching floor mat. I really like having a tablecloth on the table and I love having options. I don't have any round tablecloths.
3. White frames.
4. Amenity Home floor pillows with orange in them.
5. Mint Meltaways- yum.
6. Nook. So cool. I like Barnes and Noble- they give So many points through Mypoints. I like mypoints. Every year I do most of my online shopping through them and get free gift cards. Love it.
7. Scarf.
8. Greek Key frame.
9. Illume candle in Pineapple Cilantro. they were on sale at Borders in the stores.
10. Amy Butler Rug. Rugs are such a luxury item- Although they also save your carpet which I could use. I love these rugs from Amy butler. Any Rug any size- when are rugs ever on your needs list though? Never.
11. Hartwell Sofa in Black Leather. Let me guess- you weren't planning on spending enough on me to get a sofa. Probably you weren't planning on getting me anything. This is why the sofa is on a list rather than in my home...
12. Pink Laquer tray or figurine of any kind from Jonathan Adler. Or customer designed pillows titled Janae- designing pillows is a great waste of time I think.
13. Yellow Pegboard Panels
14. Stockholm storage products in Orange. Two document boxes- two letter boxes and six magazine files. Or any of them- they are so exciting- I love the container store. I have a crush on it.
15. Japanese Echino Fabric or Japanese ribbon- you can find it on etsy. Or lots of places. I love ALL OF IT.
16. Fabric from I pretty much just love fabric.
17. A nice bracelet. I like Lois Hill jewelry. and I don't have any bracelets. It is hard to find cool bracelets- so I don't have any.
18. Stationery- I have a great love of all paper products.
19. Wall Art or letterpress cards from sweetbeets- they are great.
20. Wall hanging clock from Decoylab in lime.
21. Knobs from Anthropologie- the calico frog knob or Bazaar Aisles Knobs in the Orange Motif. I want 4-8 of both of them. I love the cute knobs at Anthropologie.
22. Dewpoint Blouse. So cute.
23. Fluevog shoes.
24. Lamb Juva Shoes. So hot and so expensive.
25. Toyata Highlander or Honda Pilot. Lovely cars.
26. To sell lots of stuff on Etsy. To have 2 hours a day to sew things.
27. For someone to organize my basement and paint the walls.
28. For a 4 hour nap one day.
29. for tile in the Kitchen rather than the linoleum. It's true.

also there is this great chair here that is white and bright pink. I want it. It costs 350.00. I will probably never have it.

Brooke (December 2, 2009 at 11:08 AM)  

I'm not entirely sure that this is healthy.

mablebrown (December 2, 2009 at 10:15 PM)  

Ok, so I checked all the links and now I want that stuff too! If I can get some vacation time, I'll come give you #27.

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