Six weeks in.

I don't know when Baby Mark went to bed. At one o'clock John said he would hold Mark and read for school. Mark is not awake yet. I am excited to get used to him sleeping so much rather than waking up in a panic.
Does this mean little baby Mark is learning to sleep through the night? I hope so. Mark frequently wakes up throughout the night lately and just wants to be held. As soon as he realizes you are there he falls asleep again. After a few days of this I realize the appeal of having your baby in or next to your bed. I just can't sleep with so much baby grunting. How can someone so small make so much noise in the night time?
I don't want to speak to soon but it seems like the kids are over their colds. We went to church though so maybe it was enough to capture some more germs. Sadly our pictures of Halloween don't really look good, although I did realize I am still baby chubby. I decided to give myself a six week break before starting to work out. Maybe I should have avoided Halloween candy too.
Every day Mark likes to throw up most of what he eats for one meal. I know it is coming because he starts gasping and frantically eating. Shortly after that he seems like he is choking and throws up. Since it isn't as bad as Danielle with her every meal throwing up I haven't thought about it. But maybe at his two month checkup I will ask if throwing up is normal. He is probably just eating too much for his little belly or eating too much over a hidden burp but I have no clue. It doesn't seem like it is painful for him to eat though. I am shocked how much easier it is to have a child who seems like he can tolerate dairy and who doesn't seem to have pain when they are eating. Poor Danielle seemed like she was always in pain. Mark is so cute with his cuddling and tiny little cry. He almost never cries but when he does it is VERY quiet. (of course later today I will regret my words as he suddenly develops lungs). This is my first cuddly baby and it sure is different. He started smiling this week. I love it when that happens.
And now he is awake.

The Blind Spot (November 2, 2009 at 7:06 AM)  

He looks so peaceful. I just want to have his life right now - eat, sleep, be held. That sounds like paradise.

kathryn (November 2, 2009 at 2:36 PM)  

He is so cute!! I love that little smile!

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