Danielle's Family

Sunday thoughts never happened on Sunday. Probably because on Saturday Danielle decided she would wear panties from then on. She loves panties and went on the potty all weekend. She went twice at church. I am thrilled about this but also sad because she doesn't like it when daddy takes her to the potty. Once she couldn't get her panties down in time and had an accident and it was so sad. The whole weekend really I was just obsessed with potty. This Sunday Mark peed on me at church. In my lap. Through his outfit and blanket and my skirt. and a trickle down my leg in to my new shoes. I had just fed him and checked his dry diaper. A generic diaper that we were trying to use up (I used them for a diaper cake before he was born and figured they shouldn't go to waste. It was my attempt to give up my brand snob ways. yet again those ways were reinforced.) and yet another week where I didn't make it through the three hours of church. Danielle also boycotted nursery. She has never done that. She wanted me to stay with her. Really it seems like her personality is drastically different. No more sleeping through the night and taking super long naps. At least she can't defeat our front screen so I don't have to worry constantly that she will run away while I'm going to the bathroom. Privacy is wonderful.

Danielle drew a picture the other day and I asked her what it was. She told me it was her family- mommy and daddy and baby Mark and Austin and Aida and Lucy and Tess. Lucy and Aida also have beds in her room and toys at our house that they share with Danielle. After I asked her she also pointed to where Ed, Maya, Sara and Mark were. They were also part of the mommy drawing. Good thing too, because I was thinking my stamp looked a little larger than the other stamps on the paper.

kathryn (November 20, 2009 at 1:02 PM)  

Wow, congratulations on the potty training!!! I keep having the nagging feeling I should start with Anne, but then I think of all the work involved and I decide to what just a little longer. But that is very exciting for you guys--you will save so much money and eventually time.

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